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Eclipse :/

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Please bear with us as I get used to the new interface.

Also: new members - if an image is declined, DO NOT RESUBMIT IT.

Mod decisions are final, and resubmitting declined images will result in a temporary ban.

I've been seeing this a lot recently and it's getting obnoxious. I don't have time or energy to give everyone a detailed critique especially when it often ends with the artist getting offended and flouncing off in a huff. Please read the group rules before submitting, and don't take rejection of a piece of art as a personal attack.

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Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Log In is running a sale all April where you can get $5 off the regular price of a book cover (and they donate another $5 to ProLiteracy) to help with adult literacy) - and you're automatically entered in a drawing for a free cover! There's a winner for every genre code listed below. Obviously you don't have to pick one of my covers (I'd be flattered, of course) but it's a good deal and a great opportunity. Visit the site & check out what's available!  

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Some examples of my
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I know there's a lot of fans of the 1978 animated bunny epic Watership Down so I thought I'd give a head's up here - I'm selling pages from the book of the film. The binding glue has completely crumbled so the book is beyond repair, but the pages themselves are in terrific shape, with no fading or damage, and printed on heavy paper. The pictures are of actual cels photographed on watercolor backgrounds, not redrawn. They would look great framed as prints, especially with the gift-giving season coming up.

Check out all the ones currently for sale:…
You can also note me if there is a specific scene you would like to request.

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So this is what I've been up to lately: abdominal surgery. Whoopie, yay, right?
It didn't go 100%, the surgeon nicked my small intestine and they had problems with my breathing under anesthesia. I have just a flicker of nightmarish memory of tearing at the breathing mask and trying to say "I need air" and someone telling me to stop touching the mask - it the anesthesia pretty much erases your memory, tho, which is probably for the best because just that bit was freaking terrifying. I ended up having to stay overnight, but it's been a week and I'm doing better now although I'm still extremely fatigued and it hurts to sit up at the desk chair for too long, so I'm trying to take it easy from work.

But it's not all been bad. Before the chop I managed to squeeze in some good family time. My brother & I went to the Catoctin Wildlife Park here, which is a beautiful little place. It just happened to be the first nice day after weeks of heat and humidity, and the animals were almost all visible, even the ones that usually like to hide. We went on the "safari" where they haul you around in an old army surplus troop carrier and stop in different paddocks where you can feed and pet critters like bison, fallow deer, a yak, Watusi cattle (my favorite), a camel, ostriches and rheas, and some very pushy goats. 

Also went to the Montgomery County fair with two of my sisters and my niece and one nephew and one of their little relatives (technically their "niece" but they're the same age - t's complicated). My one sis was thrilled because little Cheyenne wanted to go on the upside rides, and although she was too small for them the rest of us are chickenshit, so next year she'll finally have someone to go on those crazy rides with her. Cheyenne was also in human jukebox mode, as 4 years often do, and was making up songs for the shuttle bus, the rides, the ponies, and everything else she saw. The farm animal barns were closed, which is too bad since I wanted to see the fancy chickens, but otherwise I think we did a smart thing to go early the first day as it wasn't crowded at all, we never had to wait more than one round to get on a ride, and the people running the games were generous - the lady running the fishing game let the kids play several rounds for free and they had their choice of larger prizes. The woman running the pick-up-ducks game had cerebral palsy, like my nephew, and she had a nice chat with my sis and ended up letting him get the big Spongebob toy he wanted, which was sweet of her. It was funny, people kept referring to me as "dad" which I guess is a natural assumption to make (I don't look much at all like my sister). Nope, just the weird uncle. 

Jana and I also went to a cermic-painting thing for charity, I finished moving all my crap into my office/craft room and cleared out my bedroom, and was in a minor car accident (not my fault - the oncoming car threw a full 32 oz soda in a plastic cup out the window and it knocked the fog light out and cracked my bumper - the damn thing was actually lodged in the bumper!). Busy times.
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