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Wolf Scout Cookies

Knock, knock.
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I am this close to winning the prize so you're buying some cookies!
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Mmm, so tasty! I was looking up werewolf stuff here on DA for the tumblr, have you posted this one to it? I'd love to see it there! :D
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I don't think I have :)
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Feel free to post if you'd like! Have an awesome day, :D
Viergacht's avatar
If you'd like :)
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I'll take a box of chocolate chip, please
Deliquesce-Flux's avatar
Absolutely stunning!
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(handing over the money...) Funny!
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COOKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol tho its really good
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I'd buy some. XD
Like the jutting lower fangs. Shades of the Wolfman?
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Yup, in the old movies the werewolves always had jutting lower fangs. It's a bit of a shout out :)
In the remake, Rick Baker kept that little design quirk. Twas awesome.

Though now that I think about it, I believe I heard somewhere that the original Lon Chaney Wolfman didn't even have an upper pair of dentures. Maybe they lost the upper teeth and decided "screw it" lol. Happy accident if that's the case, I like the pronounced lower teeth.
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Wow. I'll have 6!! :D
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I love his bottom fangs!
JoeyLiverwurst's avatar
How much per box?
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very cool, i love how angry he looks!
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