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Werewolf Weds. 6-27
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Published: June 27, 2012
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Werewolf Wednesday speedpaint, a little early. I wanted to use colors besides gray/blue/green for a change, and also do paint a werewolf in sunlight as opposed to moonlight.

Maybe she's a were-fox, maybe just a ginger werewolf. Fun fact: in the olden days, red hair was considered a sure sign someone was a witch or werewolf (there wasn't a lot of distinction back then, since witches could turn into wolves and werewolves got that way by selling their soul to Satan). Several folkloric werewolves are specifically described as being reddish-colored, but you hard ever see that in movies. The only one I can think of off the top of my head is Ginger in "Ginger Snaps", but as her lycanthropy progresses hair hair grows in white, so I don't know if she counts.

Reffed from a photo by :iconmeltys:
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It's very good.  ^^  
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compass-and-keysHobbyist General Artist
It too me way too long to find where this picture was originally from! It's just so gorgeous that I had to locate it and tell its creator what talent they have!
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ViergachtProfessional General Artist
Aw, thanks so much :D
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compass-and-keysHobbyist General Artist
Of course!
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Underrated art being underrated
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Gorgeous, I love the brush strokes!
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ViergachtProfessional General Artist
Thanks! I pretty much just use the soft pastel tool to paint. 
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98RudolphXmasHobbyist Artist
She is a beautiful wolf girl
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PineRainHobbyist General Artist
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MinipokesHobbyist General Artist
This is the first thing in a while that's actually made me gasp. Beautiful.
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Loved all your pictures. Congratz!
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FAB nthng else
would u mind if i use ur art for my novel ??? plzz
i'll give u full credit for it
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The-Last-Dragon-KniHobbyist General Artist
This is beautiful
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mlatimerridleyProfessional Writer
Absolutely beautiful :heart: I like that she could possibly be a were-fox (a kitsune maybe?)... then, or just a ginger werewolf hehe that made me laugh. Very ethereal piece :)
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Meltys-stockHobbyist General Artist
Great job!!!
Thanks for using the stock! :)
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ViergachtProfessional General Artist
It's lovely stock. I actually found it by accident while looking for something else, and just had to use it.
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This is beautiful *o*
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The shape of her eyes and ears lends me to think werefox over werewolf, but the idea of setting the pic in day rather than night is brilliant and not seen often.
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Dusky-Dawn Digital Artist
I'm really loving the warm colors here.
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ErnCerHobbyist Digital Artist
I have to say, this is the most graceful and elegant werewolf transformation I think I've ever seen. It's not grody and visceral, but it's still down to earth and you can see that the body is indeed going through a change that can be felt. The lighting and color scheme make for a warm and eye catching image.
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JustAnAmericanChickStudent General Artist
Red hair and green eyes. XD. Me.
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ArideseiStudent Digital Artist
Beautiful. The colors are very pleasant and warm. Maybe she's changing back from her werewolf form as the sunlight rises?
Somehow she does look more like a werefox, but I think that has more to do with the chest-fluff not continuing throughout. But she' still gorgeous <3

I've always wanted to study folklore from different regions. Just can't think of a career where that would come into good use ;p

I loved Ginger Snaps (I've watched all 3 of the movies, and I preferred the prequel to the other 2.)
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ViergachtProfessional General Artist
Well, it's always fun to just study something for the love of it . . . I'm interested in all kinds of useless topics. :)
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