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Werewolf Lorraine

So Andrew, PDX-Werewolf and I had a brief conversation about adding werewolves to Back to the Future and this is the result, my slightly late Werewolf Wednesday speedpaint: werewolf Lorraine Baines.

This is Werewolf Wednesday 7-25 - these things get sillier and sillier every week I do them.
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have a howling halloween
So I take it this is how Teen Wolf happened? :P
Alonbok77's avatar
Awesome, very well done. Love the lighting from the moon.
8Werewolf-lover8's avatar
Good shading and awsome moon tho
LordWeirdo's avatar
I wonder if this is another result of Doc & Marty's time travel mishaps.
Viergacht's avatar
It seems likely. 
johnnyharadrim's avatar
Amazing! It's so...real! :O
Well, a sexy urban she wolf....a fantastic job. You do superb work. From the lighting to the shadowing and mid tones, everything in you gallery is so detailed and amazing.
TeknicolorTiger's avatar
How did I miss faving this? It's one of my favorite pieces of yours.
Viergacht's avatar
I still find stuff of people's from way back I can't believe I didn't fav. 
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Pretty cool, I love the detail. :) A werewolf universe for BTTF sounds kinda interesting, to be honest. :nod:
DolphinSilverwolf's avatar
But can she chase a car going 88mph?
xarockolipsekittenx's avatar
what ever you do don't pet her! awsomeness
Viergacht's avatar
But she looks fuzzy, how can I resist?
xarockolipsekittenx's avatar
remeber abouts the mouth full of bone crushing teeth oh and those really big claws X3maybe if you hog tied her you could pet her
wolfmarian's avatar
Absolutely brillliant!! Man i wish i had your techniques!

Im trying hard to make my werewolves hair look like your´s, but i dont have a clue, can you give me some little tips?

Your work is like a reference for myself to improve.
Viergacht's avatar
Well, I use Photoshop elements; I make the fur with short strokes of the "pastel medium tip" brush and then smear it with the same brush set at about 93% in different sizes. It's just a lot of little brushstrokes.
Antaria-Nova's avatar
As good as usual. Love the face and shading, not to mention the pose. :clap:
Syzygi's avatar
So gorgeous!
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