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Thylacosmilus atrox

A South American sabertooth-lookalike, Thylacosmilus was in fact a marsupial - at roughly the size of a jaguar, one of the largest marsupial carnivores.
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It look really wonderful!

Thylacosmilus is one of my favourite prehistoric animals. I have read that they were prevalent scavenger.

I was so disappointed to learn they were just big anteaters

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Well we currently think of em as intestine vacuums, sucking the guts out of the corpse.

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So cool looking.  I especially like how you gave it dark fur stripes around & under the eyes to cut down glare as it hunted.
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Splendid! The coloration is nice.
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I finally found the guy that has draw that!!!
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have you done an Andrewsarchus?  I believe that would be an awesome creature to draw.  Or a thylacine?  I know they were around relatively recently, but they are supposed to be extinct.
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I did a drawing of two Andrewsarchus pups but it was more for fun than scientifically accurate - I should redraw it some time. 
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Interesting.  Do you just do mammals or do you do any prehistoric animal?  I might be able to think of one of the lesser known animals that you don't see pictures of that you could draw.
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I sort of tend to do mammals but really I like all sorts of prehistoric critters!
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If humans evolved from these the world be a much more awesome place...
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Dentists would be as gods 

AntFingers's avatar
The toothbrushes would be like scalpels! Actually now I want to draw one...
This is just Great! Would you allow this to be published in a magazine in Switzerland. I wrote a text on Evolution of cats and Thylacosmilidae are mentioned. This one would shine a great light on them.

Thanks in advance,
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You can email me for info. 
Sorry, i might be too stupid to find your email address or a button to press on for email. 
Can you help me how to?
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Sure, it's viergacht at gmail
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Wow, you are one talented person.

Were ther ayes really that low O__O
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Here's a pic of the skull, they really had beady little eyes:…
Ihmislehma's avatar
Woah, that's some really different from these days. Thanks!
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Yeah, they're really nifty.
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An excellent drawing!
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