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My most-stolen image.

This is a local cryptid, sort of like Bigfoot but goatier. Supposedly he was a scientist who experimented on goats, and in an epic instance of karmic backlash somehow his experiments backfired and turned him into a half-goat monstrosity. Understandably unhappy with his situation in life, he's been killing pets and haunting lover's lanes in PG county since the late 70's.

Photoshop Elements, stock photos and a lot of free time.
This was done for the 'fake cryptid' contest over on Didn't win, but that's OK, the winning chop was pretty darn cute.
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Reminds me of a creepypasta of a hiker followed by a satyr in the Rockies. The satyr played tricks on him but was otherwise harmless. It saved his life twice, once by scaring off a young puma, the other by ramming and goring a rake.