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Other colloquial name(s): poison devil, stinkbeast
Genus & species: Mephitis cacodorous
Meaning of: Bad smelling, VERY bad smelling
Ancestral creature: Striped skunk Mephitis mephitis

A highly unusual ambush predator which evolved from the striped skunk. In overall it is badger-like in size and shape, larger and with stronger jaws than the ancestral animal, reflecting a more carnivorous diet. The most striking differences are that the tail has been reduced to a bob and the coat is a patchy camouflage of reds, yellows, browns and creams that shed out to grays, white and buff in the winter. Without the black-and-white stripes and fluffy tail of its ancestor, the seganku hardly resembles a skunk at all . . . Until one gets a whiff of its musky secret weapon.

During the arduous era of mass extinctions, the hungry proto-seganku developed the habit of turning on the animals they had blinded with squirts of bad-smelling secretions and devouring them. Now this has become the creature's main hunting technique.

A single seganku will lurk in the underbrush near a trail, watering hole, or some other area where prey is bound to pass by. Its scent does not give it away, as it is normally faint and almost floral in small concentrations (recall that musk is the base for perfume!). When a victim approaches, the seganku hits it with a deadly accurate noxious spray, usually right in the eyes. It then leaps out to dispatch the incapacitated prey.

A seganku is capable of killing quite large animals with this technique, and eat the carrion over several days at its leisure as even scavengers have trouble bringing themselves to go near prey killed by a seganku.
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you're part of Allocene? oh! Great piece.
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No, this is from my personal headworld but I guess they wanted to show it on the group for inspo?
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What, they did? That's odd, I'll ask about if you'd like.
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That's ok, no worries either way :)
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Wow Love the variety of prehistoric animals and hey can I add you to my friends list.
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How did you did this? I'm a young artist that does have a bit of talent. But how did you get this good? I wish that drew this good, and the background and the coloration of the animal matches your talent! :D
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How many millions of years does this thing live
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Awesome =D Another speculative future animal artist X3

Nice job on this critter. How far into the future does this creature live?
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Thankie. I haven't decided how far into the future, probably between 5-10 my.
SSJGarfield's avatar
Interesting ^__^

I think 5 - 10 million years is about right for this creature. My speculative future world takes place 50 million years from now.

Visit my page so you can see what kind of creatures sprouted from my mind for this future world ^___^
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Though I should be focusing on the creature itself, such as the nifty pattern and interesting method of hunting, all I can think about is that the scientific names should either be italicised or underlined. Curses...
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I realize that. They are in the original mauscript - not sure how to do it on DA properly.
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Put an < i> at the beginning and a < /i> at the end, but without the gap between the brackets.
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