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Sciurumimus albersdoerferi

Sciurumimus albersdoerferi is the first theropod with feathers discovered that isn't closely related to birds. The name means "Squirrel mimic". The fossil is a juvenile, and unlike the huge, meat-eating adults, it fed on insects.
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Fuzzy dinosaur. :D ~<3
bubblekirby's avatar
Shouldn't it have 3 fingers?
Gozer-The-Destroyor's avatar
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That's one cute baby! You've done a good job distinguishing its downy feathers from the flight feathers of modern birds (which I've seen on some reconstructions!) The insects are well realised too.

This picture makes me wonder what the adults would have looked like!
Viergacht's avatar
Yeah, I assume protofeathers would look more like what's on a chick than an adult. I'm no scientist, though, that's just a guess.
True-Leveller's avatar
Oh sh*t now its on. Feathered Megalosauroids? That likely means feathered Allosaurs, Carcharodontosaurids etc.!
commander-salamander's avatar
I really like the light in it's eye.
RavensSongOfLove's avatar
wow, very good and very interesting.
SSJGarfield's avatar
Cute little guy =D
fractalxavier91's avatar
The insects are revolting! Run for your lives!
Viergacht's avatar
No, the goggas are DELICIOUS!
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awesome! so does this mean there is a good chance that something like coelophysis had proto-feathers too?
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Most of these feathered specimens are coming from the fine-grained limestone deposits in China and Germany (and thereabouts) and I don't think we have that here in the US Triassic deposits where Coelophysis was found, but if a megalosaur had feathers it seems very probably Coelophysis did, too.
Pristichampsus's avatar
Perhaps even primitive crocodiles, as some have speculated....
PeteriDish's avatar
that's cool! thanks! =)
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The best illustration of Sciurumimus I´ve seen so far! :) Great job!
Viergacht's avatar
Thanks! I'm surprised I haven't seen more reconstructions of it.
electreel's avatar
Indeed! I´ve seen just a couple of them... It seems that this dino-fever won´t be just as big as the Yutyrannus´one... sadly size matters in these situations.
Viergacht's avatar
But it's such a cute little thing!
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