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Mini Werewolf Plushie

By Viergacht
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Werewolf Wednesday 2-26-14: a miniature stuffed werewolf. 

I based the design pretty much on the American werewolf, which is one of my favorites, and a bit of the one from the old Werewolf tv series (I like those high shoulders). There are some changes I'll probably make but I'm rather happy with how this pattern tested out. It's about as tall as a soda can sitting, which is small as I could make it and still be able to turn the limb pieces (the backing on this good-quality furcloth is a little stiff). Thread-jointed arms and legs so you can pose her quad or biped, whichever you prefer. No tail because it looked stupid in both poses. 
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So Cute! I love him!!
Toledo-the-Horse's avatar
And you say my stuff is cute =P
Toledo-the-Horse's avatar
Hehe! This is adorable, too :)
This is amazing.  I love it.
one day I hope y decide to sell item 
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One day I hope you produce this sort of thing commercially (although how you would scale up production is beyond me), because I would love to be able to support you financially by buying stuff like this :-)
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How can anyone say no to that adorably evil little face?
PenningtonBeast's avatar
Love 'im! It's great that the legs are movable, too.
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Wowow this looks amazing, great job!!
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Gorgeous!  Your plushies are starting to have similar features to your paintings.  I'm really loving it!
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Weird, isn't it? LOL
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This is AWESOME!! REALLY great job on the shoulders / neck part!!

Have you tried using a hemostat to turn your pieces? I've made a few teensy bears before I started my dA account and the hemostat came in really handy - it has a teensy nose and a grip from hell, so if your stitching is solid, the only factor that would determine size is whether the fur bits can fit inside. ;)
Viergacht's avatar
Yep, I love my hemostats :)
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