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Lythronax argestes


Was feeling less like death today, so I did a speedpaint of this critter, which is a new tyrannosaurid from America. 24 ft/8m long, probably weighed 2 tons or so, lived 95-70 million years ago. Favorite food: anything it could swallow. Favorite color: orange. 

Anyways, take it with a grain of salt - I’m not a professional and I’m just working from a couple of photos and having some fun for a few hours on a sick day. 

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Great! But the oral tissue is outdated…
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That's still in contention from what I understand.
That is why I suggest you to analyze it yourself and eventually see what other have to say about it.
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Well yeah, obviously.
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Stunning work! I especially love how his bright blue eye makes him pop against the sandy background. 
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Nicely done with this. The fluff along his back is really well done, it almost looks real. Cool colors too, they go well with the background landscape. I imagine he would blend in very well with his surroundings. That dab of bright blue in the eye is nice as well, really grabs attention.
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Awesome! what did you paint it with?
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Very nice! I LOVE this guy's name! It sounds like a dragon from Skyrim.
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Its name literally means 'gore king'.
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I know! Isn't it fucking metal?
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Really? I think it sounds like a cold pill.
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That too, now that you say that!
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That is awesome!! I love dinosaurs!!
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Great for a quick painting ... or just great period!  Hope you feel better soon.
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Very nice work. :)
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So much new awesomeness in the paleontology world! Love your take on this guy. Need more fluffy tyrannosaurids dammit. Those baby blues really pop amongst all the orange!
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