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I was a Teenage Werewolf

Stay calm and keep painting werewolves.

Anyways, this one's for Andrew, who has great taste in werewolves.
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Once again you've pulled off a fantastic blend of the sentient and bestial. I really, really like the eyes - these are windows to a psyche that's clearly not entirely human. I also like the way the detail fades out and blurs on the upper head, chest and shoulders.

Just out of interest, have you thought of works depicting more character interaction? You've already got an excellent cast and these single portraits are fantastic. This is just a suggestion, of course - as a creature of dark forests and snows who's just endured an Australian summer I haven't done much serious work of late.
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Yeah, character interaction is really hard for me, it's something I need to work on.
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Love the expression, especially the eyes, wow.
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The little touch of colour just on the eyes really sets it off. Something about the composition makes me think film poster or book cover.

One of these days you'll make a not-awesome werewolf picture and I'll die of the shock.
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That sounds like a challenge! XD
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Great werewolf, as always!
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A nice blend. This is how it should look in the movies.
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Very well done as usual.

I always wanted to see that movie, just for the curiosity.
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