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Here's a collection of links to sites outside of DeviantArt where you can find free plushie patterns. There are well over two hundred choices, so you're sure to find something you like.

However, if you can't find exactly what you're looking for, try adapting one of the patterns. For example, a tiger can easily be turned into a lion, an elephant into a woolly mammoth, an elf into a goblin, or combine the upper half of a mermaid with the lower half of a pony to get a centaur.

Note: some pages may need to be translated or require sign-up to view free patterns.

Check out Pattern-Depot for stuffed toy and costume patterns here on DeviantArt.


Unjointed Patchwork Teddy Bear by McCall's
Quilt Fabrics Teddy Bear
Two Easy Beginner's Bears
Wool & Liberty Bear
Night Garden Studios Jointed and Rag Bears
Baby Bows Bear
Scrappy Bear
SupriseDIY Bear
Hug Me (EMS Bear)
Quirky Critters Bear
Four Free Bears from LouBear Mohair
Teddy Bear Keychain
Several free bear patterns
Mascot Bear
Beary Cheap's Patterns (several bears)
Flower Bear
Sweet Pumpkin Teddy
How Joyful bear
Folk Art Teddy Bears
The 3 Bears
Bonny Baby Bear
Goldie the Bear
Boyish Charm bear
Gorgeous Greengrass
Woodland Wonder
Snow White Bear
Olde Lavender
Ludo Bear
Marvelous Mooshi
Festive Fun
Curly Whurly
Practical Enrichment Bear
Itty Bitty Vintage Bears
Kiseg's bear
Bear with bellybutton
Baby Pip Bear
Traditional Teddy Bear
Gingham Bear
Simple Teddy
Ulla's Bear
Mishka Do Bear (Russian)
Upcycled Denim Teddies
Warren the Charity Bear
Felt Teddy with Bells
Small Cute Russian Bear
Freemon the Yankee Doodle Bear

Silver Seams Panda
Poppy Panda
Small Panda
Giant Panda
Big Paws Polar Bear
Beanbag Polar Bear
Realistic Polar Bear on all fours
Two Owls' Corduroy Polar Bear
Gulla'alla Koala


Realistic Fennec Fox
Fox Sock Plushie
Fox in Socks
Fox Finger Puppet
Crystal's Fox
Cookie the Fox Doll
Teddy Fox

Dead Wolf (prop)

Plush Puppy
Stuffed With Love Plushpuppie
Basic Dog - archived
Balloon Dog
Sock Dog
Floppy-eared Dog (scroll down)
Softie Scottie
Jack Russell Terrier
Biscuit the dog
Donald Dachshund
Authentic Vintage Puppy
Olga and Pedro (pugs)
Studio Pup
Bath Robe Puppy
Humphrey the Bonzo Hound
Humphrey the Hound 2
Pudel (poodle)
1-Sock Dog
Mini Belgian Shepherd
Mini Golden Retreiver
Mini Dalmation or Lab
Mini Bull Terrier
George the Puppy (doxie)
Doorstop Dog


Little Kitten
Sock Kitty
Half Past Midnight, a Witch's Cat
My Little Mochi Chibi Kitty
Pointy Kitty
Terrycloth Cat
Felt Mini-cat
Ragdoll Kitten
Simple Sitting Cat
Xmas Cat
Doorstop Beanbag Cat
Cotton Candy Kitty
Little Black Halloween Cat
Kitty Kat Pincushion
Authentic Vintage Kitty
Angel Kitty
Coffee Cat (in Russian)
Tiny Kitty
Realistic Bicolor Cat
Vintage Baby Kitten Softie
Tiny Kittens in a Box
Stripey Patchwork Cat
Calico Kitty
Night Garden Studios Jointed and Rag Kitties
Polka-dot Mom Cat and Kittens
Folded Kitten
Wool Patchwork Cat
Whimsical Cat
Cat in Overalls
Vintage Cat Ears (costume)
Little Blue Feltie Cat
Carefree Cat

FARM ANIMALS (chickens, ducks, ostriches are in BIRDS)

Teddy Pig
Mama Pig and 6 piglets
Wee Wonderfuls pig on wheels
Felt Pig
Piggy Pillow
Small Felt Pig
Count Truffula, Vampire Piggy
Vintage Pig (no instructions)
P-Chan Pig
Pig on Wheels
Chanco Pig
Wild Olive's This Little Piggy
Fleece Farm Friends (chick, pig, cow, mouse)
Quiane Lambs
Fluffy Lamb (scroll down)
Whimsical Sheep


Henry Horse and Zsa-Zsa Zebra Beanbags
Hobby Horse
Trixie the Donkey
Donkey softie
Vintage Donkey Feltie
Vintage Horse Stuffie
Vintage Jointed Horse
Felt Pony
Felt horse ornament
Vintage Felt Pony
Textile Horse (in Russian)
Little Pony
Retro plush Horse (pattern in pieces)
Pet Pony
Leopold the Little Horse
Mid-Century Vintage Felt Horse
Lilly the Pony


Fat Rabbit
Skinny Bunny
Bergie the Jackrabbit
Sitting Baby Rabbit
Folk Art Rabbit
Fluffy Stuffy Bunny
Vintage Rabbit (no instructions)
Vampire Bunny
My Little Mochi Chibi Bunny
Hazelnuts Bunny
Easter Bunny, Honey (in German)
Pink Easter Rabbit
Marshmallow Peep Bunny
Cadbury Chocolate Bunny
Authentic Vintage Bunny
Juggling Snuggling Rabbits
Becky Bunny
Sophia the Bunny
Nutmeg Bunny
Bustle & Sew Easter Bunny
Spring Bunny
Alice in Wonderland's White Rabbit
Baby Bunny
Bunny Speedster
Sugar Bunny
Soft Woolen Bunny
Hungry Bunny
Whimsical Bunny
Lavender Wren's Bunny
Bandana Bunnies
Miss Daisy's Betty Bunny


Batty the Flying Fox
Halloween Bat
Elsie the Bat
Sew Desu Ne Batty
Flying Squirrel
Hedgehog or Porcupine
Hedgehog Pincushion
Teddy Bear style Hedgehog
Craftside's Fleece Hedgehog
Sew-a-Softie's Hedgehog
Felt Ferret
Palm Sized Hamster
Felt Guinea Pig
Little Bit
Little Felt Mouse & house
Jofus & Lally Mice
Felt Cat Toy Mouse
Sewing Star's Stuffed Mouse
Christina Sinclair's Mouse
Christmas Mouse
Mouse Pincushion
Kitschmas Mouse Ornament
Pat the Rat
Racing Snail (and game)
Pick-Me-Up Raccoon
Pippa and Rascal Raccoon dolls
Whimsical Raccoon
Misfit Raccoon


Sock Sloth
Vintage Tiger
Black Panther & Leopard
Felt Kangaroo
Kangaroo Chatelaine
Mr. Moose
Softie Giraffe
Jointed Giraffe
Germaine the Giraffe
Stuffed With Love Rhino
Robert Rhino beanbag
Barack Alpaca
Molly Monkey
Felt Monkey
Pet Monkey
Happy Elephant Family
Charlie the Patchwork Elephant
Holiday-Soon Elephant
Fuzzy Toy Elephant
Baby Elephants
Sock Elephant
Pull-Along Elephants
Bambi-style Deer
Realistic Fawn
Retro Fawn Softie
Patchwork Deer
Fake Taxidermy Deer head


Wacky chicken / Silly Goose / Wild Turkey

Anne Wood's French Hen
A Rooster to Crow About
Barn Door Cock (vintage pattern)
Spring Chickens
Lucy Goosey
Mariska's Duck
Lucky Ducky
Sun Conure
Felt Cat Toy Bird
Whimsy Baby Bluebird
Felt Owls
Linux Penguin
Downeast Thunder Farms felt birds: huge variety.
Stuffed Turkey
Chick-to-Egg Reversible pattern


Stuffed Chameleon
Queensland Gecko
Taggie Croc
Stylized Crocodile (and Rhino)
Little Felt Crocodiles
Playful Stuffed Crocodile
Happy Alligator
Sea Turtle Pincushion
Sea Turtle
Myrtle the Purl Turtle
Party Turtles
Turtle Pajama Bag
Frilly Turtle
Beanbag Frog Prince
Bluebonnet's Beanbag Frog
The Purl Frog
Ferdinand the Frog
Sock Monkey-style Frog
Colured Buttons's Froggie


Tyrannosaurus rex
Hoodie-to-T. rex
Stegosaurus Pull Toy (scroll down)
Baby Dinosaur (stegosaurus)
Simple Stegosaurus
Camelot Fabrics Stegosaurus
Stegosaurus-Sauropod mix Dinosaur
Three Jointed Dinosaurs (in Korean)
Sew-a-Saurus Citipati
Sew-a-Saurus Tyrannosaurus
Sew-a-Saurus Ornithomimid
Sew-a-Saurus Stegosaurus
Sew-a-Saurus Basilosaurus (prehistoric whale)
Green Dragonfly's Apatosaurus
Deno the Dinosaur Pillow
Cotton Print Dino
Craft Train's felt Brontosaurus and Stegosaurus


Ribbon Bugs
Long-Legged Spider
Eric Carle-style Caterpillar
Magnet Cockroach
Bildgewater Bedbug
Ladybug Cushion


A href="…">Squeakers the Otter
Simple Manatee
Manatee Pillow Pet
Sew Desu Ne Dolphin
Casco the Dolphin
Softie Whale
Denim Whale
Sperm Whale
Softie Whale
Zipper Mouthed Whales
Sea Turtle Pincushion
Sea Turtle
Stuffed Fish
Fish-to-Sushi Reversible Plushie
Love Koi
Felt Goldfish
Little Fishie
Felt Cat Toy Goldfish
Colured Buttons's Pirhana
Sasaha Seahorse
Serene Seahorse
Seahorse Pillow
Mr. Seahorse
Make Film Play's Seahorse Softie
Easy Stuffed Shark
Friendly Shark
Kiwa Hirsuta Lobster
Casey the Crab
Giant Crab
Cute Octopus
Oopsie the Octopus
Sigmund Octopus
Giant Squid Pillow
Cuddlefish Cuttlefish


Matrices Anthropomorphic (Furry) Plushie
Nekomimi (cat-eared person)
Frankenstein Monster (scroll down)
Son of Frankenstein
Skelly Men
Dia de los Muertos Monster
Sock Skeleton Couple
Mummy and Skeleton dolls
Cherub Skeleton Sock Monkey
Count Truffula, the Vampire Piggy
Phang the Vampire
Heidi's Zombie plushie
Classic Zombie
Monster Tooth Pillow
DIY Monsters
Fleece Beanbag Monster
Pretty Little Monsters
One-Eye Monster
Crazy Doodle Monster
Kawaii Yeti
Loch Ness Monster
Dragon Hatchling
Xmas Elf
Elf Family (scroll down)
Funny Fairy Doll
Fred the Shoulder Dragon
Beanbag Dragon
Baby Dragon


Unicorn Pony
Pudgy Unicorn
Button-Jointed Unicorn
Art Gallery Fabric Unicorn
Paloma's Unicorn
Where Wishes Come From Unicorn
Felt With Love's Unicorn Softie


The Modest Mermaid
Red Ted Art's Felt Mermaid
Mermaid and Merman
Mini Mermaid
Baby Mer
Soft Stuffed Mermaid


Cars: Lightning McQueen
Futurama: Brain Slug
Dr. Who: Adipose
Adventure Time: Lady Rainicorn
Adventure Time: Jake
Adventure Time: Gunter
Minecraft: Creeper
LOTR: Hobbit sock doll
Toy Story 2: Bullseye
Pokemon: Ivysaur
Pokemon: Baby Umbreon
Linux: Penguin
Angry Bird
Calvin & Hobbes: Hobbes
DIY My Little Pony
Homestuck: Crabdad
The Hunger Games / Pusheen: Katniss Pusheen
Despicable Me: Minion
Simon's Cat
Finding Nemo: Nemo
Nintendo: Yoshi
Little Big Planet: Sackboy
Frozen: Snow Girl (genderflipped version of Olaf)
Big Hero 6: Baymax
Star Wars: Maz Kanata

OTHER (vehicles, food, etc)

Summer Travelers (can be made into multiple critters)
Generic Animal Pattern 1
Generic Animal Pattern 2
Generic Animal Pattern 3

Fire Truck
Rocket and Astronaut
Blast-Off Rocket Ship
Felt Truck
Car Pillow
Fleece Car
Felt Sailboat
Felt Toy Truck
Soft Landing Airplane

Mr. Roboto
Rainbow Sunshine Plushie
My Little Mushroom
Toadstool Cottage
Gingerbread Man
Gingerbread House
Chibi Cupcakes
Felt Cake
Jack O'Lantern pincushion
Bruce the Banana
Felt Eggplant (also links for carrot, corn, bananas and grape bunch)
Stacking Xmas tree beanbags
Modular Star
Felt Noah's Ark


Several Public Domain doll patterns
Nuno-Runo Simple Felt Doll
Nuno-Runo Basic Doll
Nuno-Runo Lifesize Baby Doll
Nuno-Runo Tall Boy
Gingermelon Dolls
Baby Bows
Basic Ragdoll pattern
Bendi Armature dolls
Mr. Horny Werewolf Werewolf doll
Absolute Sweet Cindy
Adorable Sweet Boy
Basic Waldorf doll
Santa, Mrs. Claus and Elves
Wildart dolls
8 inch Baby Doll
Doll Chamber doll
Vintage Baseball-head doll
Superhero Dolls (Thor, Cap't America, Spider-Man, etc.)
Personalized Photoprint Doll
Indian Girl with Foxes
Little Ninja Boy


How to Replicate a Stuffed Toy (fabric draping)
Simple Pattern Drafting
Make a 3-D Plush from a 2-D drawing
How to make a Stuffed Animal from a drawing
Rhino Trophy Head (making a pattern)
Make a plush Spiral Horn (unicorns, narwhal)
Basic instructions for a Pillow Pet style toy
Turn Embroidery Patterns into Plushies
Thread Jointing
Button Jointing for Beginners
3 Ways to Add a Tongue to Your Softie
Developing a Pattern from Sketch to 3d
Hundreds of links to free plushie patterns, so go wild.

:iconpattern-depot: also has many free patterns here on DA!

Continually updated, so keep checking back. Please let me know if you discover a dead link.
Last updated: 11-5-18
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cinnamonsketches's avatar

Hobby horse link put a virus on my computer

PlutoX23's avatar

Does anybody have any pterodatcyl patterns?

KittensRcute4231's avatar
basic dog link is dead
Viergacht's avatar
Thanks! I've found it archived on pinterest, let me know if you need help reaching the pattern. 
Floryone-XDD's avatar
Wow!! keep up the good work :D
shibblesgiggles01's avatar
there have been some new free plush patterns on cholyknights website

they post new free patterns every month
Viergacht's avatar
Nice! They have some very cute stuff.
mariram333's avatar
some of the links are dead...
Viergacht's avatar
If you let me know which ones, I'll try to find a new link or remove them :)
GossamerAdopts's avatar
Hi, thanks for compiling this amazing list!
I found this page with a few free vintage patterns for dolls and one pony, I think it's not here yet?…
I also found this free pattern by famed 1930s doll maker Edith Flack Ackley:
Also, these links don't work anymore:
WildArts Doll
Dollies Without Borders
Peasan Girl Doorstop
Steiner Doll
Night Garden Doll
The WildArt dolls link, however, I found available and working on Archive:…
A friend of mine owns quite a few vintage patterns in PDF format that she would be happy to share, the oldest dating back to 1914. What would be the easiest way to upload them somewhere so I can link them here? Would Google Drive work?
Viergacht's avatar
Oh nice, thanks for the head's up on the bad links and the patterns! I'll add them right off :)
As far as I can tell, yes, google drive is probably the best place to link to.
GossamerAdopts's avatar
Okay, great!
First off, here are a few more patterns from the internet:
A pattern/tutorial for a Japanese "bunka" style doll:…
A pattern for a Japanese "osarukko" style doll (scroll down):…
This one that's simply called "manikin" and I think is supposed to resemble an old porcelain doll:…
And now, for my friend's patterns... I hope the links work:
Annie + several outfits:…
Twinky from the 60s + several outfits and wigs:…
Victorian/Edwardian style boys Teddy and Patrick:…
Ragdoll with eyes that open and close:…
Doll in a rain coat:…
Big doll with pigtails:…
Peasant/dirndl doll:…
World War II nurse:…
Little Miss Muffet + spider:…
Little Women dolls + several outfits and trunks:…
French fisher girl in traditional style dress:…
Holly Hobbie:…
1930s baby doll by Edith Flack Ackley:…
Dolls in colonial/Georgian dress:…
My friend calls this one the Big Head Doll:…
A sock doll:…
Six cute diverse dolls:…
The aforementioned authentic Edwardian doll, from 1914:…
Booklet on rag doll making from the 20s or 30s:… (WARNING: USES THE N WORD, BLACKFACE LOOKING DOLLS, GOLLIWOGS, AND OTHER RACIST STEREOTYPES - not in an insulting context, just as a product of its time)
Sequel to said booklet:… (SAME WARNING AS ABOVE)
Again, I hope they work... and you find them useful!
GossamerAdopts's avatar
I forgot this: While we're on the topic of problematic language, the "Twinky" pattern uses the slur "gypsy" for Romani. It's okay if you don't want to use the patterns that use problematic language, but if you do, would a short warning behind the link be okay? I don't want someone to stumble over a slur by doing something as harmless as looking for a nice doll sewing pattern to use.
Rockyracc00n's avatar
the first two wolf patterns dont work!
Viergacht's avatar
Thanks for letting me know! It looks like she closed the site and moved to a blog. 
Rockyracc00n's avatar
have a great day!
CottonCandyFurret's avatar
The first t rex link was trashed :L
Viergacht's avatar
Thanks for alerting me! The original file is gone but there's a copy still up at pinterest:…
RainbowChu3's avatar
The Mad Hatter and Alice one wont work for me.
Viergacht's avatar
Thanks, I'll try to find an alternate site :)
The-Dancing-Dragon's avatar

Hey I found a free toothless Pdf if you want to add it-…
Viergacht's avatar
Thanks! It's actually on her gallery here, as well :)
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