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A portrait of Alexis, the main character in my friend Andrew\'s story \"The Librarian\", which was recently published in \"Wolf-Girls: Dark Tales of Teeth, Claws and Lycogyny".

Wolf-Girls: [link]
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I think that's really epic. I really like the feral look on her.

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Sweet, very cool.
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holy crap! that's creepy..I love it.
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Can't stop loving yer werewolves...
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I'm honoured that you would draw my conflicted little Quebecois librarian! Thank you!
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that is just awesome on so many different levels
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Very good. 10/10 Please more female werewolves.
Lonemtnwolf's avatar
Thought I recognized your work - very cool :D
PenningtonBeast's avatar
Great job with the detailing on the face!
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"I sez RAR and eats your face!" "RAR!" *NOM* :D

Nice work, I likte the eyes and the lighting giving that ghostly sheen to the fur.
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I love the eyes and the sense of depth in this. She seems almost like she's popping right out at you.
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"Lycogyny". Wow. Now there's a word. And I'm especially loving the backlighting on this!
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That is one of my new favorite words :D
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Amazing detail I absolutely love it!!!
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this is very good :D
bloody-magpies's avatar
So, I'm guessing this is a Lycan? :heart:
Viergacht's avatar
Well, she's a werewolf.
bloody-magpies's avatar
Ohh. Well, great job! I love it.
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