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Aelurodon ferox

Despite the name - 'aelurodon' means cat-toothed - this was an early canid, which roamed the southwestern United States about 13 million years ago. It was roughly the size of a large wolf, the same weight but shorter and stockier, with powerful teeth set in blunt jaws that merged with no break into a small braincase. Fossils exhibit slight sexual dimorphism so they may have hunted in packs, at least during the warm season, possibly going off in pairs or alone to hunt small game in the winter. I've given it the basic wolf/coyote coloration; also note the clean white teeth and unscarred muzzle, indicating this is a young individual.
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Amazingly well done ! :nod:

Prehistoric Canine art is extremelly rare even at internet; ı think this group is overshadowed by prehistoric Felines