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Captain Anna and Black Widow Elsa

things happen after you saw Captain America - The Winter Soldier.
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now I want an age of ultron fanart. elsa as pietro and anna as wanda
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THAT'S A GREAT IDEA!!! but I see better the switched roles!! Anna as Pietro, and Elsa as Wanda!! I'm gonna draw it!!! THANK YOU *__* <3
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Did you ever draw that? That sounds like a great idea.

(Another good one would be Anna as Professor X and Elsa as Magneto. After all, Erik did injure Charles and feels guilty about it.)

Love this, btw.
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unfortunately I didn't! those are all super cool ideas, I wish I had the time to draw everything that comes in my mind!!!
thank you so much ^_^ 
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hope to see it soon 
KunikoFlowerCactus's avatar
Very good =) but elsa...dat ass though XD
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I like to think that this is Elsa and Anna going to Comic-Con forever.

(Also, thank you for drawing Elsa's ass that way. Sorry.)
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one more comment because I'm being funny, *looks at Elsas lower hath* :icondatassplz:
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I love how Anna is made Cap because she has the classic American girl look, freckles and red hair. Elsa was always a Russian type really.
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the adaptation of caps costume is particularly well done.
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Kristoff as the Winter Soldier, perhaps?

Could fit in with the Cap/Bucky friendship element and plus Kristoff has a winter theme going too.
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Elsa.... :icondatassplz:

:iconbadassplz: this is awesome~
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Kristoff as... ah.... Agent 13

Sven the reindeer as, um, Falcon (give him some wings, it'd be cute)

Olaf as ... Nick Fury

Hans as Bucky... no wait...

that little weasely guy as Robert Redford...
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Frozen + Captain America - Amazing!)
Frozen fans you're best!))

Elsa so sexy)).
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Where's Olaf??? 
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Disney and Marvel sure make a great team.
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This is so awesome! *o*
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