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Postapocalypse 5 -The secret Sanctuary“Harlekim! You have to ... don't you understand ... the way ... what. ... NEVER ... know ... you can ... NOT AWAY, Father, NO! Why did you? MY life ... I loved her ... dead. "Voices chased the eternal youth, Harlekim, through visions, through ancient times.He struggled with himself.They were evil spiritswho hacked at him. There was a path in the ashes of this world, a leg in the dust of the invisible.He was lying on the floor of a room.Hours, days, maybe even longer ago, he had seen his home burn.They dragged him again and again to lost places."WHAT ?!" His voice was low, hoarse. He cleared his throat, it choked him.How long should he wander through this confusion?His body was getting tired.The ancient lamp with the flickering light turned.,Is anyone here?'It took him a few moments to take a deep breath.Then something caught him.Harlekim trembled, and his eyes shone white. He screamed, tensed up, he gritted his teeth.His fist hit the wall and rubble crumbled onto the floor.Silence again.He got up.The traces of the last time disappeared.With a clear look, he whispered: “The subway ... The little bird. Larika? "Memories.Harlekim adjusted his hood.Here were test tubes, technology.The air was old.It was an ancient laboratorya science is not apparent to him. The monitor of a computer covered in dust was smashed, a sight of transience all around.'Everything turns to dust.'Harlekim looked for explanations for what was going through.Where was he seen on the whole?Why had he been wandering around for so long?Questions caught his imagination.So many hidden feelings.He did not dare to feel them.There was something in him. It hurt too much.But there was also the glowing gate that he avoided.“Bizarre beings in nutrient fluids. Are they all dead? "His eyes were watering. The air was dry here, it smelled of chemicals.A being looked at him.'Harlekim!'A voice in his head. He winced.All strength in here came from this being.He approached the magnificent glass case.'Is this your palace? Hm?'Harlekim wiped the dust away at one point.Eye contact.The young looking man sank in the expanse behind the gaze of this being.But the vastness was overwhelming and frightening.He stumbled.Something gentle held him tight, hugged him."Just calm!'He was getting back on track.'It's finally time! I've been waiting for you, Harlekim. "The boy grabbed his head. The voice was right within him.He opened the vessel, the being floated out."There's a door there."The creature moved at head height next to Harlekim and looked silently into his heart.It sang in a soft voice, barely audible to the ear.Thoughts were like tender touches to what came to his mind.Fears and darkness from his past that he no longer wanted to remember,had always been part of him.Like an ugly and huge spider that kept staring, it waited mercilessly for the strike.Harlekim had fled from it for so long, wandering through a lonely labyrinth of dream-like confusions of a hard world.But now the boy gained hope, felt safe.They left the room through a heavy red metal door.An abyss.Harlekim was startled, fell to the ground behind him.A dark, hollow dream opened up in front of the two of them.It was not clear which sizes were involved here.'The ground is invisible. You can go on it, eternal youthful - one. ‘'OK.'He stepped forward.Luminous spheres of different sizes floated around, glowed pale, looked as if they were about to say something.Harlekim felt that they were connected.A few moments passed.They suddenly shone, exposing the sight in front of them.It was an oasis on many floating, connected islands, strange,but seductive and lovely.A world had become visible that lay within the devastated world above.The creature watched the young wanderer, examined his ranks.'Come over!'They toured this place.Harlekim was always surprised by something new and smiled.“This is my 'grove' an 'ark'.Look at it! What do you say, Harlekim? "He didn't know where to look. There was something everywhere. A living space for many.'It is wonderful!'Luminous wafts of mist drifted around.'There is still a prepared cradle, my ark. Eat from the fruits, drink from the springs! Keep the taste in your mind, my child! ‘The eternal youth did what he was allowed to do, he felt free.After a while, Harlekim asked:"Where are the residents?""They will come!" Replied the being.Waterfalls, lights, stars and the soft colors resembled the vastness of never-ending.'This is my creation, HIS dream, a final refuge. I instructed everyoneto help me. It was a miracle to design this. I was so grateful. But time and its pull took all away. Only me and this arc stayed. I finished it. "The being shone, it moved with every word as if it were dancing.They were walking through a small forest.“Last refuge? Before the final destruction, right? "Harlekim looked inquiringly.“Yes, HE, … instructed me to complete this ark for the end of the world. "Harlekim felt power. So there was a way out.Harlekim's heart began to live again, for a while"Thanks for coming. I thought you wouldn't understand in your heart, but there is more in you than ever before! "'What do you mean?' The eternally youthful stopped.'As a Primordial Being, I am close to the light. But the time has not yet come. You have to endure in trust. Your path wants to tell you something else. Be careful! It's dangerous in this world above us, for all of you. "Harlekim raised his eyebrows."I am sorry,but for the time being, I have to get you out of here. ""Please, wait a moment …" But Harlekim disappeared, the being paused, looked inward, contemplated his work.The lights went pale again.Then it floated away.Harlekim stood on the threshold of the red metal door again, almost as if this had never happened here. But a seed was now placed in his heart. No one could take it away from him. He had hidden this tour in the subconscious.The eternal youth opened the door and now, instead of going to the ark, stepped on in a corridor.Was an exit near?He hoped so.To be continued!
Postapocalypse 4 - Burning ParadisePost-apocalypse 4 - Burning ParadiseShe had flown away as a little bird, recognized him, touched him deeply, had been familiar with him in the past few days.He soon decided to climb a tower after choosing an unknown fate, but first he had to meet Larika again and persuade her to leave this dead world with him.But what if it was all just an illusion, an out of control desire?He had been wandering in corridors under the ruined city for some time.Predators, monsters, wild waves in his mind had met him, but he kept searching, ever further ... but dreamed of giving up in silence, of ramming his sword into the ground, sitting next to it, just turning to dust?His eyes could vaguely see his surroundings. His senses were flexiblethe perception trained.But they showed impulsive moods the further he went down here.They distorted reality and caused fear.Was it really just images of the subconscious?There were more questions than answers in this devastated world.Even when new life sprouts, Harlekim wondered,the eternally youthful one, how the apocalypse could have come?Who, what was he himself in these tragic circumstances?He had been researching the purpose of his derailed life for a long time.The world was crying and he heard that.Days of uninterrupted wandering underground had made Harlekim weary.His will had grown weak.Escape should never be the driving force of a life.Even if everything had turned its back on this world, there was still something to be done here.He didn't think he deserved a break, he was afraid not to move again afterwards.His mouth was dry, his head was rustling, he was getting hungry.He was strong to accept hardship, but he was still human.The eternally youthful was not picky.Fruits, mushrooms, the contents of old tins, an animal to hunt.A campfire and someone to take a meal together, engage in conversation of the eternal winds and colors, coming closer to a gentle and passionate woman with a strong heart and agitated mind,wild and restless like him - that's what he longed for.But he would have just eaten a rat if they hadn't avoided him.He also knew that raw rats tasted terrible.'There must be stairs, steps to the surface. But nothing.'Where had he got into here?Did these rails lead into eternal nothing?Suddenly, the ground shook.... Harlekim stopped and listened....'Something is happening!' Then a glaring light blinded him.It was everywhere.Then he realized that it was a subway that was charging up there like a mad, raging monster.Unstoppable.Harlekim had to evade.He pressed himself against the wallkept looking into the light of the train.He felt something, winced.Then the train suddenly jumped off the rails.It needed the full width of the narrow tunnel, and its kinetic force made it approach at high speed.Harlekim's instinct for survival filled his blood with 'electricity'.But why didn't he do anything?"I have to be here ..."His thoughts dissolved in the glow of the beam.The noise ceased, the trembling stopped.That's how he felt.Suddenly, sat in a forest by the ocean.He looked into the waves.The sun rose, life awoke around him.This sunlight here was mild and gentle.He sat near his nest. His children slowly woke uphis wife snuggled up against him.He had returned to the days of his existence as a 'bird' in the woods.The eternal youth felt an intimate warmth in the heart, and no pain touched him.Was this his home, paradise lost?The song of countless other birds was a morning greeting.A choir put a lovely layer on the soft light.Vibrations merged into one 'voice' in the space of all senses.A distant noise scratched the door of that moment.,NO! This door stays locked forever! ‘The waves were beautiful. Songs of untouched childhood were all that was there.This feeling flattered Harlekim, who smiled at the beautiful seawater in the forest of the bird's nests.But it kept scratching the door.The sun expanded.Flames piled up.The sun was approaching.'Where is my family? My wife, my kids - WHERE THE FUCK ?! ‘They were gone.The door to this 'room' slammed open, then closed again."Wherever I go ... Whatever I do ... Let this sun carry me away, BURN! It's too late anyway. It was always too late for everyone because that moment would have come, no matter what one had ever done about it. "The ocean was steaming.The forest became barren.There,before he gave up, someone touched his shoulder. He looked back.A person made of light."Father? I hardly recognize you. "The person put his forefinger over his mouth and pointed out a small bird fluttering excitedly near him. He chirped as if he were calling Harlekim, it was an urgent warning,a call to awakening. All the other birds tried to flee. Some of them caught fire and turned to ashes and dust.Harlekim appeared as if from deep water, as if he had drowned but not died.He was standing next to the rails again, the derailed subway was unspeakably loud."It is too late!"There was no visible way to evade.Laughter rang out from everywhere.The little bird reappeared and fluttered past him. Harlekim looked after him.'Larika!'It was the young woman he had rescued from the slave hunters a few days earlier.At that time, she had turned into a little bird and flew away. THERE! She showed him something and immediately disappeared again.There was a small indentation on the wall. A door led away from here, it opened due to the air pressure that was created. There was a room behind it.Harlekim sprinted there, jumped just quick enough through, rolled through the open door into the room beyond.The train howled and roared skid through the subway, smoking and destroyed, the rear section directly in front of it coming to a standstill.The exit was locked. It smelled like 'hell', smoke came into the room, Harlekim coughed, tears in his eyes.The screeching, rumbling,The wreck sounded like a dying dragon after a hard fight.His steely body deforms in the heat.Harlekim slammed the door and sank down.He sat there.Larika the little bird had left him again.Time passed.Complete silence.Harlekim fell asleepwas torn out again by a disturbing dream.He heard his heart beating fast, blood pumping into a circuit for an indefinite period of time.He just didn't age, but violence or a crash like this could kill him. Something had saved him.Was such a 'luck' part of his non aging youth?...Something was bubbling softly in this room.An ancient lamp hung from the ceiling with a flickering light bulb.Surreal situation ...Harlequin fell asleep deeply. End of Post-Apocalypse Episode 4
Postapocalypse 3 - Shadow of the Ruin CityThe time of the winds and the wandering beings had come over the northern land in twilight.In the dry branches, leaves, in the rubble all around, in the inconspicuous areas, one could hear the life of the "backside" of this reality, which one never saw consciously, it had many answers ready.Unfortunately, this zone was very thin, hardly existent.Harlekim, the young wanderer, smelled something familiar in the swell of the air, a pinch of home.He searched for people of his past, want to find back home, and he wanted to climb the highest towers to reach for that what was beyond this devastated world.Why was he here?He didn't know if he had ever been in this area.Harlekim fixed a point in front of him. 'Was there a face? It called me. Maybe ... a memory that will materialize as a new event? ‘He wandered on.A bird, like a butterfly, fluttered through the area, as his thoughts and feelings were superimposed with the developing spirit of the world, the game between soul and what it was experiencing took place involuntarily.Much was hidden in Harlekim's heart.The youthful-looking man approached a threshold.He looked down at a wide plain, it spread out. There was a ruined city there. A legacy of bygone days.And so …In the semi-dark, the wind formed patterns in the fog.It was once a metropolis here.Yes, there must have been a splinter of what had broken in his hands a long time ago, but now it was missing.The sky was covered with fields of leaden cloud.Beings sang, danced, were innocent, saw countless lives, regardless of the time, in the colorful expanses outside in the collective of worlds called 'Neverending'. Her gaze spanned many ages.Their voices were the atmosphere that spoke everywhere and softly moved the heart.That is where the young wanderer longed.But he had forgotten the way, had been cast out ...,What happened?'For long years, he has wandered through a life full of adventurous dramas in the exile of a lost paradise.The ruined city ...He had to be careful.Searchers hunted about in the paths, gases, in the ruins.Cities were like “spare parts stores” for the people in the wastelands.Sometimes there was violence.But more than that, the scattered people feared each other, were strangers to each other.Harlekim moved skillfully between the damaged and broken buildings.Technologies stood there in silencethey could no longer be understood.Some things were still standing - including huge buildings.A bird of prey circled nearby.In this city, Harlekim saw the lower parts of huge towers, as they could be found in some parts of the world.They pushed through the clouds.The adventurer's path led to the stairs of a subway station.It was damp here.Roots and growths dug their way through walls.Mosquitoes buzzed around, there were insects on the ground.They were afraid of the young - looking man.The spirit of nature had already planned its resurrection before the great destruction, had been torn into the abyss by the flames, the floods, from where it had been for decades,rose again with all his might. Harlekim heard loud voices coming from the metro.Aggression and suffering.He suddenly saw two armed people. A sturdy man and a tall woman with a fiery look. Harlekim recognized her aura, hard and loveless.They had a prisoner - in chains.He could see through the mist:"She is in danger, suffers so much, wants ... to be free and is bound like hopelessness itself." The lonesome adventurer felt the pain of what was in the heart of the girl.Tears, suppressed soul blood.He didn't allow himself any obvious feelings. Not here! Not now!It was already a war.He listened from a distance, down here in the dark:'It's still a few kilometers to the arena. We will break your will, for us, you will strike down everyone who is not up to you. And we know what you can do. Otherwise, you can humbly be used as a pleasure slave.The people of Ragana will subdue your personality. Do you prefer that ?! No? Then go on! "The tall armed woman bent over the seated, athletic, slim-looking girl, tormented her with threats and ridicule.The girl had slumped.Harlekim immediately placed an arrow on the bow and aimed at the tall woman.He did not hesitate, was angry, even trembled with anger. This fury struck the girl.'That's enough!' He snorted.Then he shot the arrow down.It brushed the face of this woman.'Damn it!' Snapped the young warrior,ducked behind a fallen concrete pillar that lay at the top of a long flight of stairs down to the subway station, where the two slave hunters were with their prisoners.The two hunters took cover behind rubble.'What was that, brother ?!' The Slayer was angry, loud and grim at the same time.Your brother was calm.The turquoise haired young man Harlekim planned his attack.For the time being, they no longer tormented the young girl.'That was the last time, you two bastards,' he hissed angrily.Suddenly, a completely gray bird of prey with red eyes descended on Harlekim. He attacked.The youth fought with his sword.Again and again the bird attacked.,What the fuck. Leave me alone!''Interesting fight. Let's see how the bird kills this guy!' the tall female hunter said.The struggling boy suspected what was going on here.Serpent vultures were rare, fierce comrades in arms."You have a telepathic connection."When the vulture was farther away, Harlekim raised an arrow and shot it and again.He purposely did not shoot it down.The bird then departed.The boy reached into his pocket, was well covered, and took out a flute. With it, he played a beautiful, penetrating melody. She was sad, filled the environment.Harlekim sought the bird in the invisible world.When he saw its aura, he responded to him with every note, established a connection with him.He stroked the animal's spirit.He made an effort. 'Heryl, what about you ?!' the hunter scolded, because his companion only hung on him with a 'thread'.Harlekim was still playing the flute, eyes closed to physical space,opened to the spiritual realm, where he began to control Heryl the bird of prey."That's ... I'll get it! Come on, call the bird back. The boy confused him with this terrible music!" hissed the Slayer.She ran towards Harlekim with a machete, who was sitting with closed eyes at his place in defense playing the flute. Tears flowed down his face. The melody, and its power, had overwhelmed even him.Just as the slayer was about to strike, the bird struck her face and clung to itHarlekim looked through the eyes of the bird for a moment.The angry Slayer shrieked, raged, grunted, grabbed the bird, tried to pull it away from her.She kicked him.The machete was on the floor.The slayer's brother struggled in a panic to direct the bird away from his sister, but it didn't work.Then he sprinted to her and wanted to help.He had a pistol in his hand, but he didn't want to hurt or kill his bird.'KILL HIM, DAMN!'Harlekim quickly went to the prisoner, who was unguarded but weakened by the chains."Where is the key?", the youthful looking, wanted to know in a hurry."I don't know."Their eyes met only briefly in the hustle and bustle. Harlekim saw something familiar in her.The slave hunter had grabbed the bird with his powerful arms.His sister immediately grabbed the pistol and shot the bird.,WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! NO!But her face was full of scratches and blood.Then she turned and aimed at Harlekim.She shot."We don't have time. I'll help you." Said Harlekim to the young woman.She saw more in him than just a strange savior, but said nothing about it.The injured Slayer aimed precisely at the girl.'No, you won't be happy!'Suddenly, her own brother struck a blow with the machete, and she fell hurt to the ground.She looked at him blankly.'Be glad you're still alive, sister. You killed Heryl. ‘Then the hunter just walked away.At a distance they stopped two young looking people.Now they broke the silence.,I am so thankful to you!'Another shot was fired at the back of the subway station.The hunters had treated them badly, injured them and humiliated them. The chains blocked her life force.Much had happened."Do we maybe know each other?" His heart danced in his chest, his eyes wide open.How long had he not heard friendly words, touched someone gently, looked into lovely eyes?How long has it been?'Please free me from the chains! Then I'll answer you. ‘Harlekim's sword smashed the dark metal with its thin but sharp blade.After a few moments, she smiled with renewed strength and looked playful and teasing into Harlekim's face."Larika, my name is. You are ... Harlekim. It was a long time ago?" the expression on her face indicated that she was repressing the emotional wounds,by remembering something that was associated with great joy.,From where do you know my name? Say, where we once ...? ‘'She looked him seriously in the eye and nodded briefly."I'm just like you, 'eternal youthful one'! We know each other, yes, we've ... seen a lot."She stroked across his face.He kissed her hand but didn't dare to do more. He was shy after all the lonely time.With her mild expression, she was able to make him happy for a short time.Suddenly:,We'll meet again.'Then she turned into a little bird and fluttered away, disintegrating."Wait! PLEASE! ” He called out of his heart but still too softly, already too late, the time had not yet come.The eternally youthful sat on the floor and was exhausted, confused, and yet tenderly touched.'Larika!'
Times of Light and Darkness - Bill, Vamps, Livina'The end is here. Monsters rule the city, the world around is probably burned up.'Bill sounded like a news anchor.He was driving his Toyota down a wide street.With his left hand he straightened a four centimeter long white powdery line, threw the old credit card,which he had used as a tool on the floor.He sniffed the stuff with a rolled fifty. 'Fuck stuff!'Bill spat out the window.But the window wasn't open.'Shit!'He laughed briefly, stuck out his tongue and looked at himself in the mirror.'I am still beautiful. I'm doing it for Livina, I'm sorry Father. 'With a cigarette in his mouth, he accelerated and looked out at the straight street.Then he drove: towards the setting sun.His pupils were two black plates.The city was huge, Bill was a speck of dust in it. But he had something to do. His mobile.'Yes?'Serious look.'I'm almost there, why?'Quiet.'' ... ! Okay ... ' 'Crap, damn shit, I hate that vampire. He has her on a dog leash. ‘'What is now?!'He stared at his smartphone.His gaze was even more grim.'A PHOTO!' The drugs alone kept him upright.He got faster.As fast as his old car could. 'Why did she go to them ?! Well Now it is too late. Livina couldn't know. She did not believe. I would have shown to her ... how.‘He was silent for a moment.'THESE MONSTERS!'Bill punched the window.His knuckles were red, but he felt no pain.The 'stairway-drug' was too strong to really feel anything.He had suppressed everything.He had become a master atto push reality out of itself and fill the void with delusion.But he wasn't crazy.Unfortunately, it was true.He got out, left the key in the car, a parking light stayed on.He rang the doorbell at a large house where a few cars were already parked in front of it.His car was like the mangy mutt of the elegant and clean vehicles.When he was brought into the parlor with a bag, he reached inside for a short moment.There sat Livina, his wife, on the lap of his boss.When the bill saw:'Get down, bitch!'She looked briefly at Bill, he nodded to her, then she looked at the floor, left the room, cried.Bill ran down an invisible tear.His thoughts were far away, in another place, in another reality.'So, my boy, do you have MY balls with you? ‘Your wife had them before in, ha, ha ... it doesn't matter.'A 'little' party among pale men and young women was going on.Bill just ignored it.'Do you want to party with us today, Billy Boy? You owe that to HER, isn't it so?'Laughed.'No sir, thank you!' His boss looked in Bill's bag and rummaged around in it.Bill stared at the man with a smile as he held a smelly rubber boot in his hands.'What is that, damn it?! Are you kidding me?! Are you funny today? ‘Then happier:'But it's nice and heavy. He's sure to kick all of us in the ass, ha, ha! ‘Bill just nodded. The house was beautifully decorated.Everything was full of cold elegance, arrogance, sacrilege.Embryos in glasses, frozen people, art made of bones and blood ...What these men were up to was disgusting. THIS was the world of tomorrow.Bill didn't want that.It was sin and ...DEATHBill's wife Livina was already driving the Toyota on the road, crying, just away from there.In the rearview mirror, like an inferno after a thundering noise, she saw the house in which she had just been, which had been shattered and flames were blazing'Bill, I'm so sorry, and I'm grateful to you at the same time. It was hell.Wherever you are now, I hope you find something better than me. You loved me and I brought you ... well. I will never forget it and ... I fear that is not enough. Not only that, but I will follow the example that you set for me just a few weeks ago. With that, I can give something back to what you did for me. 'With shining eyes, a fate drove towards a cleansed conscience.But she had to give everything to go there, to turn back.
Vienna as tourist
Prinz Eugen, der edle Ritter by MasterTeska
To Victory by MasterTeska
Angel by MasterTeska
Schoenbrunn Palace by MasterTeska
Vienna von Wienerinnen
innagetyoursoul_ending2020 by AliceGothic
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Earrings 'Vienna' by SprinklesGirl
Earrings 'Vienna' by SprinklesGirl
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Riev A Walk Trough Fog And Shades by Buvium
Through DReams and Faith by Buvium
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hi folks...
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Hab diese Gruppe gegründet da ich noch keine
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der Kunst rundum und aus Wien gefunden habe.

Es ist jeder herzlich eingeladen dieser Gruppe beizutreten
der entweder aus Wien ist oder sich zu Wien verbunden fühlt.

vienna a -rt -ustria -bstrakt...

würd mich freun über besonders jedes Mitglied
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