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Mature  |  Published: October 3, 2012
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Super obsessive fan?

Is this a legit bio?
Hells naw.


Love you!

Wanring, because it's full of probable bullshit.
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Shadow-Yoshi-ArtHobbyist General Artist
God, this thing fuggin made me laugh so hard I couldn't breathe (and was hitting my kitchen table with my fist).
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Mistress-KiraHobbyist General Artist
This is beautiful
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this is the most beautiful bio I've EVER SEEN!!! XD
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SitiMeowMeowHobbyist General Artist
If I'm not mistaken, Cry's birthday should be on 11th June 1989. :3
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LunashygabyHobbyist General Artist
O GAWHD A JOURNAL ABOUT CRY OWO *instantly faves it*
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:iconsupguyplz: yup this is so legit XD :iconsupguyplz:
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VienamarieHobbyist Writer
Extremely, yo. cx
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June 11, 1989 is his birthday. Memory serves correct.
I'm gonna try. And attempt. Maybe. Make a lifesized Cry.
Keywords : try, attempt, maybe.
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I think he was born at June 11 1989 ? Tell me if I wrong , okay?
GaliCry's avatar
Your right.
usalienpotter's avatar
Thanks for telling me ^^
GaliCry's avatar
No prob bro. :hug:
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MaruCienHobbyist Traditional Artist
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datviperfangsHobbyist Digital Artist
:D :iconsupguyplz: :iconsupguywootplz: :iconpervplz:
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Whetsit-TuyaStudent General Artist
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affee10Student Digital Artist
I love this! but I'm pretty sure his birthday is June 9, so its coming up! Love the song too . c:
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:o I recognise that song. It's very similar to a song in this one cartoon I watch... Where it's her Mom's birthday... I refuse to name that cartoon... Too embarrassed that I like it. . . But it sounds very similar to that song. Great Bio by the way! I laughed my feathers off! Now they're all over the floor! :iconsupguyplz: :D
Vienamarie's avatar
VienamarieHobbyist Writer
That's exactly what I ripped it off of! :D

Anyways, I'm glad you liked it! Sorry about your feathers, I'll get the dust pan!
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Phineas & Ferb!
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fireheart885Student Digital Artist
I had the best dream once. I was blindfolded and strapped to a chair. The blindfold was taken off, and there was a guy sitting in a chair right in front of me. Just kinda sitting there. He held out his hand, and said, Hello, i'm cry. I seriously almost screamed and since my arms were free, I grabbed his hand and shook it. He didn't return it, he instead held my hand a kissed it. I did scream that time. Thing is, he looked like Anthony from Smosh with glasses.

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VienamarieHobbyist Writer
I like your dreams. The most vivid dream I've ever had involved eating a baked potato.
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datviperfangsHobbyist Digital Artist
wuthefuck :iconpervplz: ok best dream of cry i had. i was sitting at home watching some shit like dora (i dont know) and i was also eating a bagel made of ponies (also dont know) and then my phone rings so i pick it up and it says: hi im cry. im at your door love. i screamed like someone was gonna kill me i opened the door and then he kissed me. well, it was more like he put his mask in my mouth but i still enjoyed it. and then i woke up because my dog was jumping on me

(ok none of this really happened but i wish it did because i love :iconcryaotic:
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