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Pan—seen here pretending to know how use a sword—is a main character a book of mine. Don’t ask where she got the dragon, I still have no clue!

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Close-up: Pan - Faux Poster

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Pan—vista aqui fingindo que sabe usar uma espada—é uma personagem principal de um livro meu. Não pergunte onde ela arranjou o dragão, ainda não tenho idéia!

[GIF parcial com o processo]

Close-up: Pan - Faux Poster

Intuos4 | PS CS6
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Where did she get the dragon? What? You've never heard of Dragons R Us?
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Reminds me on Got.. :D Really nice work!
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Where the fuck may i read this book? Sounds awesome!
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I love this so much. Get the feeling I'd love the character too - is the book available yet? I'd love to know more.
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I'm happy to hear that! I'm currently writing this book, it grows and changes by the day. I'm hoping to have something concrete by the end of the year, but I'm writing it in portuguese; it'll take me additional time to translate it and get it revised.

The book tells the story of a young woman who awakes without any memories of who she is or why she'd be in a grave in the center of a dead grove, under the watch of a hostile stranger. She winds up in the impressive city of Riful, stubbornly clutching to her unusual sword and clothes—the only links to her past—despite the threat of imminent hunger looming over a nameless and friendless criminal like her. Petty thief, errand girl, watcher, city guard courrier, she takes many roles and names, learning new and old skills in an attempt to survive long enough to figure out her identity and what went wrong—all while dodging the unknown party who pushed her into this situation.

I keep a number of artworks, sketches and art wips related to this story which I don't dare to post on DA there:…
And stuff related to the world here (two other stories take place in Ilmaedrhas):…
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That sounds like a really cool story! Definitely going to follow you on Tumblr now. Keep up the great work! Writing a novel is no easy task (I'm currently in the first-drafting stage for  my own novel), but this is a story that needs to be written! I'd wait for the English translation on that one. ^_^
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Absolutely beautiful!!! ^___^ I love her character design; and the background is so powerful! 

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I love the art you do for your book and the dragon in the background is the best and also the details of the fire in it's mouth and in the ground do a really good contrast. I LOVE IT
she looks a litle like Mauve are they related?
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Oh, I missed this comment! Thanks, and I don't know, maybe they are, maybe they aren't... That's a possibility, they inhabit the same continent of the same world, though are from different times. But while Pan's story is more about figuring out who you are, friendship and this sort of thing Mauve's story is about, uh... one big f*ck up. ;x
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I really loved it ^^ Colors and everything else.
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Thanks! It seems I'm still in love with grays and toned down colors, eh? I am a dummy! 
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Ahaha xD Well, I like that, it seems mystical and all that. Your drawings always have that "magic"
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This is awesome! Love seeing other peoples characters coming to life! Will you be doing more work with this story?
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Undoubtedly! It's my pet project, even if I don't have the time I need to work on it it has not been forgotten! I have some scattered artworks on this world here:…
I ought to paint more on this now I have the required skill, hehe.
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Nice, yeah I know how it can be with finding the time, I've been developing my own stories for the last while, but it hasn't been until recently that I've actually tried bringing them to life. Unfortunately I don't quite have a required skill yet :) But I am committing most of my holiday time to working on improving it. Well I'll certainly check back to see hows it going with your work time to time.
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