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So deviantART rolled out this whole Llama Badge thing a couple of weeks ago.  I've now received several, mostly from people I've never heard of, who never commented or +fav'd my work.  Apparently, each deviant can give a Llama Badge to each other deviant, at most once.  Furthermore, this requires confirming one's site password.  That's a lot of pressure to think twice before awarding a Llama Badge.

And I don't even know what they're supposed to mean.

Okay, I guess it's a good thing.  But how good is it?  If they cost nothing to give, are they worth anything?  By what criteria should I decide whether to give a Llama Badge?

And then people started trading Llama Badges for other dA commodities, notably Points.  And then dA came out with this Points-for-Llamas market thingy, further complicating the matter.  I don't know if that makes Llamas more valuable or just cheapens them by taking artistic merit out of the equation.  But then, I wasn't sure if artistic merit was even part of it to begin with.

Of course, the deviantART Help & Support area has no FAQ entries regarding Llama Badges.

The whole point of this journal is to answer anyone who might be wondering to themselves, "why hasn't ~vidthekid given me a llama?"  (Yes, I'm narcissistic like that.)  Well I'm sure many of my watchers and watchees are deserving.  But until I get, in my mind, a very clear idea of what it really means to give a Llama Badge, I won't be giving any.  Because without that clear idea, I really can't decide whom to give a Llama Badge, and perhaps more crucially, whom not to give one.  I feel guilty leaving people out without a good reason, and if I just give Llama badges to everyone, then clearly they have no meaning after all.  And then, what's the point?
Reinder Featured By Owner May 4, 2010
For me I just give them to show my appreciation, especially to people I like whose work doesn't appeal to me enough to want to fave or watch them. It's a no-strings-attached way to touch base, a bit like giving a comic a rating of Five on Drunkduck.

I didn't know about the horse-trading with Llamas and now that I do, I don't care about it.
lyc Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2010
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Submitted on
April 13, 2010