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Yin Yang Yong Double
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Published: April 6, 2007
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I once saw a person's blog avatar which had the yin yang icon, but with the two components separated into their own, perpendicular planes. The components each rotated in their planes, in a way that they touched but did not occupy the same space. I thought to myself, "I can one-up that."

So I made a 3-component yin-yang-"yong" and set the components on three perpendicular planes. However, this arrangement creates a singularity at the origin; a 2-dimensional yin-yang-yong won't fit properly on 3 perpendicular planes. So I re-designed the components to fit.

Then I noticed that the system was a bit out of balance. It looked cool enough, but the asymmetry was bugging me. Finally, I realized I could double the entire thing by creating a copy and inverting it in all three dimensions, and still, no two components would occupy the same space! The system still has an overall nonzero vector of rotation -- another form of asymmetry -- but there's nothing I can do about that with this planar arrangement.

Edit: Apparently "yong" actually means something. I only chose the word for the third component because it sounds good after the words "yin" and "yang".

Edit 2: Apparently it is no longer necessary to click "download" to see the full size and frame rate.
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fractalyst|Hobbyist Digital Artist
awesome animation! :squee:
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So definitely it's a triple yin-yang. Love the idea that resemble 3 axis rotation in space.
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Looks like a screensaver for Windows XP. Really well done.

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RaggedyStarEdited |Hobbyist Digital Artist
Zen Fidget Spinner

(This is awesome, by the way!)
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HenriqueColini|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Really trippy! I Love those kinds of "contraptions", I wish it was possible to recreate it in real life
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selrachco|Student Photographer
I got up at 4:28am in Poland to see this!!! It wa worth it! :)
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DKFDenial|Hobbyist Filmographer
Clap Heart Nod Heart Clap 
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ptrgags|Hobbyist General Artist
This is really calming to watch. Great job!
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zerodecoole|Student Filmographer
whoa dude

that's pretty rad
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PowerMiner64|Student General Artist
But can you make a 4-component version?
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here you go:
Yin, Yang and Co. (v0.2) GIF by ntdninja
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Mertlikatze|Hobbyist Filmographer
This is trippy as fuck.
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LazyDiaperedDragon|Hobbyist General Artist
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coolkatart1|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Omg so coooooool
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Wynet|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Love it dude, is so engineerly well done, obviously it has it's cons and pros like anything, but this is also the type of art that I truly enjoy!    :D
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Will the little dead girl be prepared upon delivery, or will I have to cook it myself? Will she at least be dried out ahead of time? I dont want to have to hang her and bleed her out myself, that takes too long. And I dont want the meat to be over-salted, either. I hate salt, it masks the flavor.
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SpiritBoxscape|Student Digital Artist
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LazyDiaperedDragon|Hobbyist General Artist
You know the 'little ded girl' thing is bull, right?
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JonnyDark|Professional Traditional Artist
There's genius in this.
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soy-urchin|Hobbyist Digital Artist
i like this
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fitget spienor
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