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I work in a variety of styles, media, and techniques. My last 4 deviations aren't likely to give you the whole picture.

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These are a few of my favorite things. That reminds me: I haven't watched The Sound Of Music in a while...

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Window with Curtains
Nice blackout curtains for someone who works at night. I think the track "Daysleeper" by REM might be appropriate.
Hairband Globe
I have a tendency to pick up and play around with random objects sometimes. Occasionally, these objects end up in interesting arrangements.

Hairband Globe
I have a tendency to pick up and play around with random objects sometimes. Occasionally, these objects end up in interesting arrangements.

Cross your eyes to view in 3D.
Retro6K ROM Cells
I'm designing a retro-style video display system that has 6144 bytes of video RAM and employs a few tricks common in early-80s consumer electronics. It builds a 256×144 pixel screen (16:9 with square pixels or 4:3 with oblong pixels) using a 32×18 array of cells which are 8×8 pixels each. Each cell on the screen is one of 256 available cell prototypes, which may contain up to four colors; these colors can be selected independently for each screen cell, from a software-selected palette of 32 colors. Those 32 colors are selected from 256 fixed, hardware-defined colors.

Although software is free to provide its own prototype cells by writing to video memory, software size can be reduced by having a ROM in the system containing default prototype cells useful for general purposes. What we see here is the contents of that ROM chip.

The first 100 cells are normal text characters. For plain text, assign the cell colors like this: desired background color, background color, background color, foreground color. For bold text: background, background, foreground, foreground. For text with shadow: background, shadow, shadow, foreground. For bold text with shadow: background, shadow, foreground, foreground. Software can use these cells in more creative ways, potentially.

The next 28 cells are for drawing large letters two columns wide and three rows tall, with smoothed edges. Color assignment would be background, intermediate, intermediate, foreground, where the intermediate colors are visually between the foreground and background colors. Several characters from the next block of cell prototypes are required for this purpose as well, though their color assignments will consist of only the desired foreground and background colors in arrangements which vary depending on the cell being used.

The next 48 cells are for drawing various partial blocks and patterns. Then there's a cell for squares of various sizes or outlined/nested squares, and a cell for circles of various sizes or outlined/nested circles.

The last 78 cells are line-drawing and box-drawing elements, with some support for boxes filled with color.
Seven Segments Animation 1852
I had an idea for a wristwatch with only a single-digit seven-segment display, and it would trace out the digits of the time by lighting up only a couple of segments at a time, in the appropriate order to approximate the drawing of the digit by hand. Although designing the logic circuits or microprocessor code for such a watch is a bigger project than I wanted to tackle tonight, I did manage to whip up an animation showing a countdown and an implication of something happening after the countdown reaches zero. So, enjoy that.


Maggie David Haynes
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I'm the piece of life's jigsaw puzzle that you can't seem to find the right place for.

reluctant adult • roadgeek • nudist • amateur programmer & artist in many digital media • professional driver • wusband of KingCobra582 • not neuro-typical


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Thank you for the :+fav: of Parivartana-madhye :) Guess you would appreciate my Chaotic series of fractal articles (<- click) if you have a little theoretical interest ;)

Regarding deep zooms in the Mandelbrot set, if you check out my deviation Cauliflowerfort and click the link under "Artist's Comments", from page 4 you can follow the entire zoom sequence in 28 steps :wow:

In this journal you have some links to cool fractal animations I stumbled over at YouTube :wow:

.. and from the middle of the nineties there is a fantastic TV program about fractals, Colors of Infinity by Arthur Clarke :) Really beautiful soundtracks :aww:
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