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RP Stamp by vidramidra RP Stamp by vidramidra
Thank you very much for all the feedback you still provide me but please, for God's sake, stop coming after me to ask: if I want to RP with you/want to join your RP forum/how much I RP/etc...

Personally, I don't give a damn about these things. This stamp was made out of fun and boredom and I never expected it to get so much attention. I only RP with very, VERY close friends, and I RP when I want to, not on command. Stop coming after me. I DON'T want to RP with you and I DON'T want to check out your new RP forum/thread/site.

Thanks for understanding

Those who know me.. know this. Role playing keeps me alive. No matter how shitty I feel - you can count on me for a good RP. It always helps me to forget all the bad things around me. Makes me creative, makes me laugh, makes me happy. That's why I love to RP.

Didn't changed too much on the base cuz I wanted to keep it simple. Why to make it complicated? RP keeps me alive. Sssssimple. Eh?

Base: [link]
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February 23, 2009
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