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The Docks

By Vidom
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Please watch full size for details, since I tried to use render noise as additional detail.
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Wow, you really hit it with this scene and title! Where do you find the "render noise" button? :D
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Stupid noise is embedded in most renderings :crying:
Just leave it alone sometimes and see if it can be of value :D
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Yes, that's what I do! Sometimes it works and other times welllll....I suppose I could turn up the calcs settings but my computer is already pretty slow to render most combos.

The new reciprocals make only a very small difference in the amount of noise! :D
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A lot of Mandelbulb3D images have a "city-like" feel, but this one captures the spirit of a vast metropolis better than most. Simply amazing.
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Incredibile profondita' e dettaglio! E questa volta concordo anche sul titolo!
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No problem! Out of curiosity, did you read my mind or did you you use the recipe I put in the comments of [link] ? What formulas did you use?
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I started working on these parameters once I've read of this combination on DA or FractalForum, I forgot where. I forgot who was the artist inspiring me too :D but I'm going to search for him and let you know.
Indeed it could be you, but I remember a different name... could it be?
I'll do some search and let you know :-)
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Do you remember when you saw that combination? If it was a few days ago, there is a great probability that it was me ;)
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Research done :-)
I first used this kind of parameters when I made this one: [link]
inspired by the works by MarkJayBee: [link]
because in one of his works he indicated the use of SierpHilbert+_reciprocalX2 as general parameters, which I tried to explore.
My params are _Folding2+SierpHilbert+_reciprocalX2.
Is that close to what you used too?
I would like to be inspired by your works, but the quality of your renderings is too high for me to follow :D
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Very interesting! Mark and I inspire each other so I'm not surprised. To be honest when I did my "Fab X1200" [link] I did not remember that Mark had already used that combination, maybe it was in my subconscious! What is sure is that I knew for a long time that SierpHilbert was a potentially very rich formula, and that adding _reciprocalX (or _reciprocalX2) was always something to try with rich formulas! I even wonder if Mark was originally inspired by my first usage of the _reciprocal function that you can see here [link] It was back in January 2011 and reading the comments confirms it! Almost one year ago, that's really a long time in the area of 3D fractals ;)

The special touch I added to Fab X1200 was the usage of the "Inside" rendering.

Further research shows that I already was using the SierpHilbert and _Reciprocal combination in August 2011: [link]

Keep up with the good work, and let's share our best findings! I always find it far more interesting to exchange ideas rather than the parameters themselves.
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This is very interesting... (a little complicate too, ha ha).
For months I only used variations of the AmazingBox+OctahedronIFS binomial, my favorite parameters for their richness and easiness of rendering, only lately I started to widen my horizons in parameter's world.
Is the inside rendering a feature coming with newest releases of Mb3D? I really never heard of it :-) I still use the v.1.73
Thanks for your time and the explanations! :thumbsup:
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E' sorprendentemente simile a.... [link] :o ;)
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E' vero :o
A parte che la qualità di quel render è eccezionale ed impossibile da ottenere per me :D
Spero che quei parametri non siano stati postati da qualche parte, non vorrei che qualcuno pensasse che li ho rubati :-)
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Bello! Qui ti ci vogliono le riflessioni però... :)

Ho scoperto una nuova tecnica di rendering pazzesca ma ancora non si può applicare in generale, vedrai ;)
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Scoperto? O inventato? :D
Wow! Can't wait!
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inventato, :D racchiude il frattale dentro una bolla così se attivi le riflessioni guardando il cielo vedi il frattale specchiato, fighissimo!!! :D
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Sembra interessante!
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Excellent. I love the structure.
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