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Splendide mendax

Fractal made with Mandelbulb3D.
Full-size view is recommended. 
The title refers to a little trick I tried, using another of my fractals as color-map. The ambient is quite regular with smooth curved walls, actually. The complications that you see are only a painted illusion.
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Excellent :) maybe a strange chapel somewhere far far away
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Great light, reflections and colours.
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ooh have you ever seen the marvel thor movies? this reminds me of their depiction of asgard. very nice symmetrical composition that kinda circles around and both surrounds and towers over you. also the bronze and gold colors give me a grandiose 'godly' feel. very cool! 
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Ahh! I never watched those movies.
But I googled for Asgard and wow!, it's a beautiful place! :-D
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Thank you! :meow:
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CREATIVE!! :wow:
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fascinating use of color and space
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Strangely this reminds me of something out of Dead Space architecture in the central structure but the rest is unique and fascinating to try and follow the pattern inside each section :D
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I never heard of Dead Space :D
It reminds me of Myst instead, because it's something I know :-)
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Oh now that you mention Myst I definitely see some similarity. I miss that game lol I haven't played it in years :D
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Same here! But it's still an example of immersive game for me :-)
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I feel like some crazy shit's gonna happen soon..
Vidom's avatar
I share that feeling, actually :D
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Thank you so much, Marije :-)
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Blow-kiss by poisen2014you're very welcome Vince
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