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Single fractal shape, painted with lights and fog.
Made with MB3D.
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Magnifico!!!! Very Dystopic, ala "Blade Runner" or "Priest"...............:nod:
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Love the sense of scale, love the combo of fractal and overpaint.
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wow - LOVE it !! :clap: Like a splitting hotel of lava dreams - superb, reminds me a scene from stargate when the space ship inserts itself on the pyramid marking arrival of the alien gods :)
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Awww thanks, I'm glad that you like it! :aww:
Oh yes, no one yet talked about that starship :D I remember it! 
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A Masterpiece, and full of inspiration - Congratulations!
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Gorgeous work! Powerful, dramatic colours and an interesting city-like design. This really gives the feeling that soon something dramatic is going to happen.
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Thank you!
Maybe I felt the geopolitical situation we're currently living... :D 
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OMG you literally nailed this one! Yous et perfect apocalyptic atmosphere! Love it, one of your best!

PS: Can I have parameters in note, pretty please? ;)
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Thank you :-)

I'm sorry but I don't give away my parameters. For hard cases of copyright issues they're my best and last line of defense.
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I understand that! But still, can I at least know the formulas you used in there? I find this very awesomely structured
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koch_cube, _invcylindrical, SierpHilbert(Repeat from here), _reciprocalX3 in alternate mode; outside render:-)
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Thanks a lot man! Will sure try out. Your works are truly inspirational and impressive!
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(Meanwhile, in the Apartament Building F57, 87th floor, apartament 392...) "damn everlasting orange glow, i'm trying to do some sleep here! >.<"
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