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Because I feel blue


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Made with Mandelbulb3D.
No editing except contrast/luminosity and signing.

Full view recommended.
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© 2014 - 2021 Vidom
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If that doesn't deserve a quartz badge, nothing does!

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Splendid work Vidom !!!

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It rained three days and three nights. All the cars were swept away. People stayed at home because they were afraid to drown. Not a single human being on the street.
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Thank you so much, Renate.
It looks like a phishing website, which is ever worse than stealing artworks. I recommend caution when visiting their website, and don't give them any info. For example, they talk about them in this journal:…

Given the suspicious nature of that website, i put on hold my DMCA infringement notification letter to not give them my email address.
An attorney should initiate a criminal investigation about them, grrrr!   Police 
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I have just discovered your gallery, and I am blown away by it. How you get the metallic and reflections with MB3D, I do not know. My own efforts are rather more modest, but these are an inspiration to keep trying new stuff. If you ever decide to put a tutorial together on how you do this, sign me up as customer number 1. Astonishing!
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Thank you so much for visiting; I'm glad you like my places!

About tutorials: I thought about them dozens of times and even started writing some, but always stopped for many reasons.
In this moment of my life I have no energies nor inspiration for doing that. I could only try to share some tips, one day, even if I'm sure someone talked about them already. I hardly know more than others, of this software.
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Well, I admire the sense of space and light in your images, and your mastery of metallic textures and of reflections is the best I have seen - and I have looked at hundreds, possibly thousands, of MB3D images in various collections. If you feel like passing on any tips about how, for example, you made "Because I feel blue", I am all ears! Whatever the cause of your loss of energy and inspiration, I look forward to them being restored. Be lucky!
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So sophisticated and draws you into these worlds. Love your vision
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Thanks a lot :-)
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it's amazing to see your evolution through time, page after page, from the first stuff to these masterpieces. Truly inspiring.
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It's been quite a voyage, indeed.
Kind of sad that it stopped for many reasons, but it will restart one day; mostly thanks to comments like yours :)
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Well, hope you get on with your stuff, it's great!
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Its a beauty.. Amazing. Congratulations for creating this.. :)
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Thanks to you for liking it :meow:
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You are one of the best artist in fractals, my friend.. I like most of your work. Fantastic enviroment to be.. Keep doing such wonderful things :)
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Thank you so much :-)
Sorry if so late in replying, but I very much appreciate it :-)
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