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Bonk Choy - Plants vs Zombies 2 by EdSculpt
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Goblins and Gnomes Snapshot by Riafairyface
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Anomalies on Steam! by MKSchmidt
WaveCrash!!: Sensei Jones Hype by LilMissSunBear
WaveCrash!!: Sensei Jones Regular Attack by LilMissSunBear
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Custom Hero! by CatBecker
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Cassie Cage by CammyWolfgirlSamus
Hi gals and guys!!!!  Good morning everyone!

I would like to ask you for a FAVOR, before submiting a deviation,
would you mind asking THAT simple question?


                  No             ->             Please! submit it to the FAN ART folder !!!!!!

                  Yes            ->             Great! submit it to Finished works!!!!!!!    (or concepts,or...)

Really EASY!!!!!! Isn't it ? ; D

This group was founded some years ago, and since them I haven't declined any deviation for not being submited to its corresponding folder. Instead of this, I've accedted them first and moved then to the proper place.

As I'm being kind compared to many other groups in deviantArt, can you please be kind too and put your deviations on the right folder please?

Thanks a lot!!!!
and have a good day!!!!
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Welcome to Videogames Meet Art!

Let me introduce myself first:

I'm Demented and I've been working on the industry since late 90s. The first 11 years on Ubisoft (this is not a secret... it's on my resume :) ) and now I'm driving my own independent game studio CoderChild.

Stop! Enough personal introduction.

Our Motivation
Do you know videogames can be art too? Probably yes.
This doesn't mean all videogames are art, although they are composed of many artistic features.

Games like Heavy Rain, Aquaria and Gish can be considered by themselves as masterpieces. Every one tries to push the videogame standards one step further, and in their case, they achieve it through the artisic field.

I would like to create a mean to promote these projects as art, specially the ones coming from the independent game scene.

In the other hand, this group has been created to meet videogame developer enthusiasts from both the professional and amateur worlds in one single place. I wish this group become a platform to introduce people into the professional videogame world. In the other hand, it should be good if professionals can share their works here to let us know how they're done! Obviously, this is not always possible due to company or studio agreements, but hey!, I've seen some people showing professional artwork in their portfolios, so why not to put it here also?!?

As dA is promoting art we can also promote it in the videogame form! There are lots of fields in videogame industry which expose artistic features, from just sketches, concept arts, to visual fx, models, levels ... If you're doing something related to videogames chances that you can share it here are high!

Promote Yourself
We want to promote your proyect, so feel free to write a description of something you want to talk about the project you've already finished, and we will post it here!

Submissions or what those galleries are waiting for:

-Finished works: Anything that appears in YOUR finished videogame with the final quality. Characters, Levels, Ingame Action... as long as they can be presented in an appealing manner, they will be welcomed!
-Fan art: Everyone love fan arts! Specially if they're related to videogames : )
-Concept arts: of Characters, Levels, Cinematics... Show us what your videogame will look like!
-Works In progress: You can show here the progress of your work and see it's evolution in time.
-Modding or Customizations: Of elements of already existant videogames, for instance a new model for this game, my own level of this other ...
-Misc: From tutorials to logos, User Interfaces, Visual FX.

Please take into account when submiting that sometimes it's difficult to realize something is related to a videogame (for instance a concept art) so ensure there is something in the artwork that will clarify this. For instance, you can write this into the description of the deviation, or add a comment into the deviation submission....

If there is no clue about if something is related to the purpose of the group it will be unfortunately rejected.

You can submit up to 3 works per week.

ĦĦĦImportant!!!: We only accept art from our members! and we only feature art from our members!

What can be shown here:

- Anything that complies with dA policies.
- Please don't post anything that doesn't belong to you.
- Mature content. NOP! Keep it reading please : )

The idea is that yes, if they're based on videogame you can, but until I don't find a proper way to manage it, it's safer to say no. I wanted to make a 18+ subfolder in every folder, but as this is probably reserved only for premium members or supergroups, I perfer to stay this way.

Latest notes:

- Please be respectful with everyone, as you'll want everyone being respectful with you... Failing to do so, will end banning you from the group.







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debNise Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
expired submission :(
Diesukee Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello! I'm Rebecca and i'm italian. I usually draws rainbow six siege and hotline miami fan arts. I'm actually in a graphic, multimedia and gaming school, but i prefer to draw some artworks or something else. I have also a page on facebook, Ying's art corner, where i post my siege related draws. Hope you'll like my art!
Adasse01 Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi! My name is Nixol nice to meet them, i  hope we could make good friends in there and yeah onte more thing, i`m making a videogame and a manga if someone want to read what i have what it have to do is send mme a message and i'll share you my history ^^.
Ruspa84 Featured By Owner May 31, 2016
Demoniaca: Everlasting Night 果てしなき夜の始まり
Hi, I’m Aki. Forgive my spam but I'm trying to save my indie developing team. We have a good manga game project but we have trouble with visibility. If you can’t contribute at least share our campaign, it’s very important for us! DEMONIACA is a pixel art action platformer that combines Castlevania's aesthetic with classic Fighting Game combat mechanics, like "the King of Fighters". In fact it is the first prototype of Kofvania. Check out here:…

There is also a CONTEST, the best Fanart wins the GAME ARTIST PACK (50€).  Share your Fanart on Twitter mentioning @akipainter or putting the hashtag #Demoniaca. Otherwise send it to aki (at) The contest ends in a week (Jun 7).…
DementedWorld Featured By Owner Edited Jun 14, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry for being so late. I'm currently super busy with the approval process of my latest game.

Although the project has been already kick started (Congrats!!!)

I'm gonna send a small message, hoping it reaches some people: )
DementedWorld Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my! Only 10 minutes left!
My apologies for being so late : \
JoseCalderon Featured By Owner May 22, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you very much for accepting my affiliation request, I really appreciate it! Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1] 
ApofisRama Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I've sent a pair a submissions for you to decide to include them on the group or not, could you please check and accept or reject them? I sent the first one ten days ago.
DementedWorld Featured By Owner Edited Jan 3, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist

As I've told you by note, as I'm a lonely developer    :_(   , I'm really busy developing my current game.

I'll try to review the deviantions sooner.
My apologies for the delay to anyone involved.
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