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Mark and Checker were outside the Explorer Hall. "God, this place's design keeps changing! First, it looked like a colosseum, then it looked like a log cabin, and now it looks like a wooden hut! When are they gonna decide on a final design?" Mark thought out loud. "Huh. I never noticed that before." Checker said.

Mark noticed Teresa near the side of the Hall, sleeping against a wall, next to a cart of stones that look like spools of yarn. "Ah, there she is." Checker said, pointing to Teresa. Mark walked up and tapped Teresa on the shoulder. She woke up with a jolt, and then just looked at Mark. "Oh hey guys. Thought that you were Cassidy for a bit. He's always playing pranks on us." Teresa says. "Yeah, do we know how you feel." Mark said, rolling his eyes.

"So, you two are here to bring the spool stone to Chantelle, right?" Teresa asked. "Yep! We already read the errand board, so we know all of the details." Checker said. "Alright then. Well, here's the cart." Teresa said. "Yeah, we'll take that." Mark says as he got in front of the cart, and grabbed the handles. "Say, what is a good price for this?" Checker asked as she climbed atop of the cart. "I'd say about 10 stars, but try to haggle a bit more." Teresa said, smirking. "Alright, got it!" Checker said. She sat atop all of the spool stone. "Now, away we go!" Checker said, pointing forward. Mark slowly pushed the cart away.

Mark and Checker pass an alleyway, and Chess walks out of it. "Hey guys. What'cha doing?" Chess asks. Checker turns around. "Oh, hi Chess! We're just doing the new errand!" Checker replies. Chess walked around the cart, and sees Mark. "Ah ha ha ha ha! You look like your suffering! Do you need help?" Chess said, smirking. "Yes, asshole!" Mark says, angrily. Chess gets in front of the cart, next to Mark, and helps him push the cart to the Wear and Flair.

Mark, Checker, and Chess arrived at the Wear and Flair. "So, what exactly are you doing?" Chess asks. "We're gonna be haggling a price for all this spool stone." Mark replied. "Ah, I see. I can help. I am a very good negotiator, as I have to haggle prices about illegal drugs in my line of work." Chess says, bragging. "Oh, okay! Thanks, Chess!" Checker says as she climbs off the cart.

Chantelle walks out of the door of the Wear and Flair. "Ah, Bonjour mon amie. Now, give me that." Chantelle says, shuffling over to the cart. Chess blocks the way. "Let's see the money first." Chess says, smirking. "*grumble* Fine, piqûre têtu." Chantelle says, handing Chess a handful of star coins. Chess counts them. "Not enough. That's only 10." Chess says. "Quoi?! Who do you think you are?!" Chantelle asks, outraged. "The head of the mafia." Chess said as he pulled out his cigar from his cape, lit the end, and took a puff of it. "Non! I am only paying 10,you bâtard!" Chantelle says, angrily. Chess holds his light near the cart. "Ah ah ah! 10 more, or I may have to get rid of all of this myself." Chess said, waggling his index finger. Chantelle stepped back. "Argh! Fine!" Chantelle says angrily as she hands Chess 10 more star coins. "Well, we'll be taking our leave." Chess says as he walks off, and Mark and Checker follow. "I'm calling the Garde Royale." Chantelle says. Chess smirked, and then sticks his middle finger to Chantelle.

"Aww, I wanted to do it!" Checker says. Chess facepalms. "Alright, fine. Well, I'm coming in with you guys, so you don't mess it up." Chess says as he turns around, and the gang walks back into the store.

As they enter, Chantelle had only just started unloading the cart when she notices them. "What is it now, 
vous piqûres?!" Chantelle says angrily. Mark pulls out the star coins. "I'm sorry miss, but my friend here is a bit... Delusional." Mark says. "Hey!" Chess says as he hits Mark in the helmet. "Anyways, we were gonna give you a discount. Would that be okay with you?" Mark asks. Chantelle calms down. "Well, at least one of you has a brain, dieu merci." Chantelle says.

"So, how much should we give back to be on good terms with you?" Mark asks. "Give me back my 10." Chantelle says. "I'm sorry, but we have to make a profit for our guild. Would only giving back 5 be fine?" Mark asks, putting his hands together. "Ugh, fine, 
marchandeur." Chantelle says. Mark hands Chantelle 5 star coins, and then turns around. "Pleasure doing business with you." Mark says to Chantelle. Chantelle mumbles something under her breath, and the team leaves, and heads to the Explorer's Hall.

Mark,Checker, and Chess get back to the Explorer's Hall. "We did it!" Checker says to Teresa. "Nic. So, how much extra did you haggle?" Teresa asks. "5 extra." Mark replies. "It would have been 10 more, but these two cut the price." Chess sqys, pointing to himself while Checker gives her the stars. "Oh, it's you. Now I can see how they got this done." Teresa said. Then, she took out a star coin, flicked it to Mark, and Mark caught it. "We'll be going now." Mark says as he and Checker walk off. "I kinda gotta get going to. See ya, bitch." Chess says as he walks away. "Alright then! Hope to you work with you all again!" Teresa says.
This is Team ActRaiser's run of Errand 12. I might do this errand for team Exodeus, but I might not.

EDIT: Changed a little part near the end with the negotiations, because originally, only Chess was doing the negotiations, but the admin cailas-moon told me that an official team member had to be doing the work, not just the NPC.

Errand Info:
Client: Teresa
Errand: #12
Date Issued: November 13, 2014
Date Due: November 18, 2014

Team ActRaiser:…
Team Exodeus: Season1-Errand12-Team Exodeus (Late)
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Also, great job on this ^^