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Deviatart artist ninpeachlover (icon removed on their request) says, " I do not want to sound harsh on you guys but please do not put drawings of Bowsette, Booette or anything else transformation in that group. We have a rule that forbids OC's in this group and we only accept only official characters. So I just put this warning for you to understand and that's all I have to say. "
:iconlightdemoncodeh: says " yes Bowsette and Booette are original characters \ Fan characters, as of now. BUT If Nintnedo if for whatever reason(s) decide to include Bowsette or Booette as an official game character that shows up in a released videogame than the group will accept that character as the official version. would like to state also that transformations of official female game characters is fine as long as it is not cartoony inflation, or flattening and is not Mature content.

Beginning October 1/2018 there will be no moderation for accepts or denials Friday through Sunday.
You can still send stuff in on those days. If send it in on Thursday it may not get voted on till Monday.


Scary Art Jam starting NOW.

You choose the character to draw, I  will give you the costume for you to draw on October 15th.
Let's shoot for 31 entries.

Accepting ideas for costumes.

Costume Ideas:

- Angel
- Clown
- School Uniform
- Sexy Genie
- Stewardess
- Witch

1):iconnanako87: Rottytops costume Clown
2):iconcharreddragonchi: Saria costume Angel
3):iconalilali: Rosalina costume Stewardess
4):iconchristopia1984: Pauline costume school uniform
5):iconthat-one-guy-again: Elesa costume Sexy Genie
6)deviantart artist ninpeachlover Zelda costume Magical Girl
7):icongreedydeviant: Futaba Sakura costume Witch
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Group Info

Your ONE STOP for everything Official Video Game female related!
No Original Characters or Fan Characters. MMO NPC's okay.
If u want nudity go to :icongamegirlsgonewild:
Any official game any official video game female. Video game females, Video game girls, Video game ladies, Video game ladys, Video game women,Video game heroines, effeminate, fecund, feminine, womanish, womanly.
Founded 8 Years ago
Aug 30, 2010


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4,136 Members
4,133 Watchers
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We'll affiliate with anyone if it's related to video game girls. Others, I make no promises.

Welcome to good clean fun!

You're joining to the group means you agree to these rules…

If you wondering where all the other groups went please check the gallery folders.

No spam or advertisements or commissions announcements or asking for commissions on this group anywhere, if it's about a contest, note us. NO GUARANTEE THAT WE WILL PROMOTE IT. - Instant block from ALL of my groups if rule broken -

Gallery Folders

Kaileena by black-m
Ada Wong Wallpaper by lucyferrier
Yuffie through all FF7s by SuzumiSakuma
Chun Li by HidaKuma
Featured 2
5k Rosalina close up by killedbycreatures
Helena by Danielle-chan
45 Alyssa Zaidelle by Technician67
Lulu's Firaga at YOU by Grandwing
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SonicBOOM:: Rouge the Bat by Vivynx
rosalina_ by Susanita172356
A Gift For You by 3Dogz
Classic Daisy's Summer dress by PrincessDaisyRocks10
A24 I have to ask YOU now... by Ask-Lorulean-Hilda
Chun-Li by elee0228
Determined to Win by dnxpunk
Amy In Sonic Boom by Domestic-hedgehog
Zeena by p-debardelaben
Mafia Rouge by EmperorZheng
Samus - Justin Bailey by polarityplus
F6 One Game Girl
Final Fantasy VI - Terra by alexsanlyra
Ashley by lalalalanesart
Shantae by Phobos-Romulus
Morrigan fanart 2 by xa-xa-xa
F7 One Game Girl
Melly Monday 3 by EmilXOM
Shantae! by IVOanimations
Ayra - Fire Emblem by Gakenzi
F8 One Game Girl
Rinoa Heartilly by Endless-Fantasy-Art
CE | Summer Blaze by Diamond-waterfalls
Ahri in red. Commission. by Taiss14
Shuten Douji. Commission. by Taiss14
More than 1 Game Girl full color
Commission: Workshop by Razorkun
Mario Princesses (SPEEDPAINT) by Platyloid
Aqua and Kairi by ladypixelheart
Beachgirl Lightning, by RaikoART by Antsstyle
More Than 1 Game Girl 2
Roller Derby Princesses by kiwii-ness
Marie and Ms. Fortune Chibis by Bloodedskull19
The girls by Diamond-waterfalls
Welcome to Smash Bros, Daisy!!! by PinkStripes94
GIF Animations Preview animated
[DAZ3D] Kirisame Marisa v0.1 by Dzonatan
Cosplay by REAL humans
Reona Izumi - Cidney Aurum by Nlghtmal2e
Project 2013 calender
June 2013 Calendar Entry by zakilliet
Not colored Line Art
Ivy vs Taki by vf02ss
Hall of Fame
Goron Likes Cake by vampiricnights
Jams 2012
Princess Peach Dressed up as a Sasquach or a Yetti by Blaknite
Jams 2013
VideoGameGirls Secret Santa by ssvineman
Jams 2014
Kameo Lineart by ssvineman
Jams 2015
Lurking in the Dark by FurkanHolmes
Jams 2016
SSJ - Little Dead Girl Elizabeth by NaonBlake







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