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Welcome to good clean fun!

Welcome to VideoGameGirls club
If You're joining to the group, you have to follow these rules below. If you read it, it's means you agree to these rules

:nod: What we accept in this group: :nod:

:heart: Any Video game girl

:heart: Any traditional/digital drawings regardless of quality (Just make sure to post each of them in the right folder)

:heart: Romantic couples - Whether female x male (Submit to "Drawings with Male Characters"), or female x female

:heart: Ecchi drawings ONLY if placed in the NSFW folder

:heart: Crossovers between game characters

:heart: Photography - Crafts and cosplay, NO GRAPHIC IMAGES

:heart: Positive, SFW clubs as affiliates - As their members can submit art here, but can too join us to submit much more

:heart: Love towards the games

:police:What we do not accept: :police:

:flame: Stolen art - Including, but not limited to, screenshots, renders, bases, and recolors; art must to be made by you, unless an artist grants you permission to repost a commission

:flame: Excessive violence, blood, and gore

:flame: Lolicon, pedophilia, or sexualization of minors

:flame: Derogatory fetishes - Vore, inflation, feet, quicksand, tickling, bondage, masks, toilet humor, etc.

:flame: Hentai and hentai game characters - Including explicit sexual relations, genitals in display, futanari and masturbation

:flame: Genderbends - From boy to girl, or vice versa (We will only accept the official like the Fire Emblem avatars and the Shepard from Mars Effect)

:flame: Solo male/Pokémon (gijinkas included) art

:flame: Hate art - murder, sexism, racism, homophobia, etc.

:nod: Follow the list of rules (Subject to change at any time) and be kind and respectful to all of the members. Moreover, please understand that depending on the severity, any case of offense could result in a warning or a ban. =(

Violations include, but not limited to:
:bulletred: Bashing/Non-constructive criticism
:bulletred: Trolling
:bulletred: Chain messages
:bulletred: Spamming in general
:bulletred: Putting the drawings in the wrong folder repeatedly
:bulletred: Submitting random deviations (Results in instaban)
:bulletred: Breaking the do-nots above
I hope you like the changes

If you wondering where all the other groups went please check the gallery folders.

No spam or advertisements or commissions announcements or asking for commissions on this group anywhere, if it's about a contest, note us. NO GUARANTEE THAT WE WILL PROMOTE IT. - Instant block from ALL of my groups if rule broken -

Group Info

Your ONE STOP for everything Official Video Game female related!
No Original Characters or Fan Characters. MMO NPC's okay.

Any official game any official video game female. Video game females, Video game girls, Video game ladies, Video game ladys, Video game women,Video game heroines, effeminate, fecund, feminine, womanish, womanly.
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4,658 Members
4,563 Watchers
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Kaileena by black-m
Ada Wong Wallpaper by lucyferrier
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Samus - Justin Bailey by polarityplus
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Final Fantasy VI - Terra by alexsanlyra
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Morrigan fanart 2 by xa-xa-xa
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Concept Art Princess Peach -Dead Meme lol- by Icy-Bunnii
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Kiriko Overwatch 2 by NIRASATAN
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Corrupted Princesses ideas by gatula
*Festival in Tokyo* by PrincessDaisy2000
Legacy of the World Warriors by MikeOnHighway61
Chun-Li vs Tifa - 13 (FINAL) by AaronKyle98
More Than 1 Game Girl 2
Quick Slice by CaptainQuack64
sal out and penny (commission) by bruleebaby
[FANART] Soul hackers 2 Ringo and Figue by Alex-KZG
5th Anniversary by CloudDG
GIF Animations Preview animated
[DAZ3D] Kirisame Marisa v0.1 by Dzonatan
Cosplay by REAL humans
Tifa Lockhart (5) by Koyuki by Nlghtmal2e
Project 2013 calender
June 2013 Calendar Entry by zakilliet
Not colored Line Art
A day off by Ellisis
Hall of Fame
Goron Likes Cake by vampiricnights
Jams 2012
Princess Peach Dressed up as a Sasquach or a Yetti by Blaknite
Jams 2013
VideoGameGirls Secret Santa by ssvineman
Jams 2014
Kameo Lineart by ssvineman
Jams 2015
Art Jam:  Daisyfire by Stolen-Dreamer
Jams 2016
SSJ - Little Dead Girl Elizabeth by NaonBlake
Feauture folder 9
Inktober 2022 - Day 02: Cream the Rabbit by AsteriskDatBoi
Morning Tea by CloudDG
Art with male characters
mona's dream man by bruleebaby
Artjam Promo art
Game-related OCs
Yinna, At Your Service (Sonic Cafe art style) by AsteriskDatBoi
…that we only accept characters originating from video games. It doesn’t matter if characters from comics or motion pictures appear in video games, they MUST have their first appearances in games. That is the point of our group.
Thank you for understanding.
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We'll affiliate with anyone if it's related to video game girls. Others, I make no promises.


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