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School girl streaptease - Marin kitagawa by LifeisaFiction
School girl - Marin erocosplay by LifeisaFiction
Orihime Inoue - Erocosplay by LifeisaFiction
Orihime inoue lingerie by LifeisaFiction
Progress Photos
Hwoarang Chaps Mk 02 WIP 02 by StealthNinja5
Hwoarang Chaps Mk 02 WIP 01 by StealthNinja5
Asami Sato (Avatar Korra) by BelkerCRFT
Asami Sato (Avatar Korra) by BelkerCRFT
Does not have folder yet.
Rizzy as Shenhe from Genshin Impact by ronaldoichi
Tamamo no Mae Cosplay by a4th
Jinx - Arcane - by Evenink_cosplay by eveninkcosplay
Latex Harley Quinn ~ by Evenink_cosplay by eveninkcosplay
I'm Not Gonna Lose Yah Know (Leo from Tekken) by Heatray2009
Stretching by sarifromwonderland
I Want To Know (Heroine from Amnesia) by Heatray2009
Kuroh from K Return of Kings by Heatray2009
Ashe from Overwatch cosplay by eveninkcosplay
More pics of my Ashe from Overwatch by eveninkcosplay
Ashe by mercurygin
Deadlock rebels Ashe by mercurygin
Velvet - Odin Sphere Cosplay by Sora-yaoi
Nemissa (2022) Selfie 1 by emiaicos
Ulala 2 (June 2020) by emiaicos
Nemissa (2022) 1 by emiaicos
Arc System Works
Ky Kiske by AlecVolkovCos
Ragna VS Noel by sarifromwonderland
Jin from Blazblue 2 by Heatray2009
Jin from Blazblue by Heatray2009
Pinup: Nina Williams 01 by AbsoluteraZr
Concept: Nina Williams by AbsoluteraZr
Concept: Ivy by AbsoluteraZr
Sailor Moon Kitana Mortal Kombat by arthurbladegensaku
Who wants a Nuka Cola ? Fallout Cosplay by Dragunova-Cosplay
Vault Dweller - Fallout Cosplay by Dragunova-Cosplay
High Elf Altmer - The Elder Scrolls Online Cosplay by Dragunova-Cosplay
The Unbelievable GwenPool in The DOOM (Clean Vers) by R0M0-4
Mage Hawke Dragon Age cosplay by DrosselTira
Mei Overwatch by MilenaHime
Chun Li - Street Fighter cosplay by MilenaHime
Capcom 2
V-DAY Chun-Li and Ryu by Alluring-Angel
D.Va by elara-dark
Eidos Interactive
Caves by AValentinexx
Ragnarok M - Shadow Chaser Cosplay by splgum
Prepare to fight by yume-chan05
Sypha Belnades Castlevania cosplay by DrosselTira
Reaver on Reaver by Layen
Majesco Ent.
BloodRayne by MariannaInsomnia
Companion Cube #0109 by Prateek-Mathur
Josie Rizal by Sunymao
Soha - Treasure Hunter | Blade and Soul by dovananh27031993
Nihon Falcom
meeting point: I know you'll come, Toshi by SebastianaMonamour
Fire Emblem - Tharja cosplay by DariaAmbrosia
Star Guardian Ahri by MilenaHime
Rising Star
Bad Girl 1 (Dec 2019) by emiaicos
Red Dead Redemption :: John Marston I by PumkinPortfolio
Bayonetta (swimsuit) by Daelyth
SNK Playmore
Leona 1 by emiaicos
Chloe Frazer cosplay: Cosplay Photo Fest 5 by pohutukosplay
Square Enix
Final Fantasy Jecht Cosplay at Otakon by GamerZone18
Square Enix 2
Berserk Crimson Behelit Egg of the King by LuisMonterieArt
Concept: Helena [ DOA ] by AbsoluteraZr
Ezio Auditore de Firenze by Ainaven
Crystal Maiden Dota 2 Cosplay by RinokoCosplay
Warner Bros.
It's a Sony A by AbsoluteraZr
Touhou Project: Rin Kaenbyou (Orin) by Marusera-Yumeart
Hey there, good lookin'! / Zane Flynt Cosplay by BlinksCosCave
Devious Folder


Cosplay Lara Croft by LizkaNovi Cosplay Lara Croft :iconlizkanovi:LizkaNovi 52 7 Venti Genshin Impact - modern casual cosplay by Lifyen Venti Genshin Impact - modern casual cosplay :iconlifyen:Lifyen 12 2 Now I really want to play King of Fighters by FandomFoodie Now I really want to play King of Fighters :iconfandomfoodie:FandomFoodie 36 3 Meow is my new battle cry by FandomFoodie Meow is my new battle cry :iconfandomfoodie:FandomFoodie 32 1 Become the Mask... by FandomFoodie Become the Mask... :iconfandomfoodie:FandomFoodie 9 2 Shock by FandomFoodie Shock :iconfandomfoodie:FandomFoodie 12 0 Mecha Cammie by FandomFoodie Mecha Cammie :iconfandomfoodie:FandomFoodie 42 11 Ready to grab you... with her foot. by FandomFoodie Ready to grab you... with her foot. :iconfandomfoodie:FandomFoodie 13 2 KNEEEEEEL! by FandomFoodie KNEEEEEEL! :iconfandomfoodie:FandomFoodie 39 3 Lady Dimitrescu 3 by EzysummersCosplay Lady Dimitrescu 3 :iconezysummerscosplay:EzysummersCosplay 152 7 Panam Palmer by EzysummersCosplay Panam Palmer :iconezysummerscosplay:EzysummersCosplay 213 12 Lady Dimitrescu by EzysummersCosplay Lady Dimitrescu :iconezysummerscosplay:EzysummersCosplay 941 70 Panam Palmer 7 by EzysummersCosplay Panam Palmer 7 :iconezysummerscosplay:EzysummersCosplay 282 7 Panam Palmer 6 by EzysummersCosplay Panam Palmer 6 :iconezysummerscosplay:EzysummersCosplay 153 4 Ciri + Yenna by NatalieCartman Ciri + Yenna :iconnataliecartman:NatalieCartman 59 5 Senua - Hellblade by ilLoGiG Senua - Hellblade :iconillogig:ilLoGiG 11 0


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Hey everyone. This group for all those cosplayers that have cosplay of video game characters.

1) Please place all photos in the correct folder. All folders are tilted the publisher of the games. (I'm still working on making more folders at the moment) For Example: Prop folder is meant for props only, no full cosplay photos in it. Photos will be removed and you will have to resubmit your photos if placed in the wrong folder.

2) If your cosplaying as something that wasn't originally a game, like an anime, Vocaloid, etc. Please send me a link of some sort indicating that there is a game out for it. Because if there isn't I will take it down.

3)All non members can submit 2 pictures a week while members can submit as many as they want.







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For cosplayers that love to cosplay video games of all sorts. Computer, Gameboy, Xbox, etc., you name it.
Founded 14 Years ago
Jun 11, 2008


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Fan Club

4,572 Members
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Hello all,

Many of you might be aware of a piece of legislation currently in the process of being passed in the EU, Article 13. It's been designed to protect copyright, however its design is causing a lot of concern in the artistic community - especially those of us who make a living off art.

I'm going to keep watch to see how this situation develops, but it strikes me that uploading content of other peoples' characters (ie., the backbone of what I do here) may become very difficult if this legislation goes through. Further than that, finding customers in the first place may become very difficult.

Furthermore, some people are saying that Article 13 will bring about the end of social media. I'm not sure how that can be - it sounds incredibly drastic, but I'd rather prepare for the worst case scenario than get caught unawares. So with that in mind, I'm thinking about finding an alternative way to stay in touch and conduct business.

Is anybody interested in making email contact? Essentially it could be like a newsletter service but with some tweaks.

If that sounds like something you would like to do, email me on thecharacterconsultancy - at - At this point I'm just starting to pull together ideas for what an email-based service like this will look like, so I'm open for suggestions. Just to get you started:

- Would you be happy to be part of a mass mailing list / would you prefer to be contacted 1:1 only?
- Would you want to see new content, and would you rather have it emailed directly to you or linked to you?
- How often would you consider it acceptable to be contacted?
- Would you want to take part in group discussions, just get the new content I make, or neither (ie., make contact with me initially only and only contact me or others when you want to be contacted)?

Whatever happens with Article 13, there will be a way around it. If it goes through it'll be rough for a lot of people, but a little preparation like this should help us all to weather it.

To help spread the word, I have written a tweet. Please reblog this tweet and spread the word.

P.S: Is anyone reading this a writer or artist who works on a commission basis? It might be worth us getting in touch so that we can stay in contact with one another. Let me now what you think.
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