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Neko!ItalyxReader Beauty and the Beast: Part One
Tales as old as time
True as they can be
Barely even friends
Then somebody bends

(Reader) awoke from a sleep blacker than ink, her head still throbbing in spite of rest. It was another brain squeeze headache, where every ridge in (Reader)’s brain felt pressed against her skull. The pounding continued behind her eyes all down the back of her neck, which was stiffened by the constant agony. Not once did (Reader) need a thermometer to know she was running another fever. What was her temperature today? 99.5? 100? It hardly mattered to her anymore. Fevers and brain squeeze headaches came and went as they pleased, alongside static jolts from her hips to her ankles and dull fires surrounding her joints. From day to day, (Reader) never knew what to expect, and in spite of her doctor’s promises, the acyclovir did nothing to help.
“This will decrease the time of your outbreaks. Take it for ten days. We can keep you on it every day if the herpes doesn
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Neko!ItalyxReader Beauty and the Beast: Prologue
In the beginning, the witch’s curse did not seem so bad.
“May you have the fate of a kitten.”
Having been scored by Feliciano’s flirtatious ways, the witch wanted to seek revenge, making him feel the pain he inflicted on her heart. Whether it was through miscommunication or an abrupt change in mentality, the witch was shattered when Feliciano, whom she saw as her boyfriend, was going out with other women. Others had warned her of Feliciano’s inability to commit—that he could string together hypnotic sentences of praise and make sweet love driven by the thrill of the moment. Romantic enticements from him could never be taken at face value, and any time he broke a woman’s heart, she was always to blame for believing him in the first place.
“You knew what you were getting into when you first went out with him.”
“You should have been smart enough to know better.”
“Why did you think you would be any different?
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RomanoxSick!Reader Winter Wonderland: Part Six
When it snows, ain’t it thrillin’
Though your nose gets a-chillin’
We’ll frolic and play, the eskimo way
Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Pain becomes the new normal if one lives with it for an extended period of time. Bargaining and pleading with the universe transitions into numbed acceptance, wherein possibilities of life and love drift away and fade into the framework of what could have been. Existence continues, but with nothing more than the journey of A to B. Sunrise to sunset. Waking to sleeping. Sleeping to waking. Breakfast to dinner. Hour by hour until the end of the workday. One survives but cannot thrive as hope and vitality are scattered to the winds, frittered away by pain with no resolve. That was the norm (Reader) had known for far too long, living at the bane of her mother and unmanaged chronic illness. Traditions like watching It’s a Wonderful Life were sometimes her only reason to continue—the point B in a day where point A w
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CanadaxReader You'll Be In My Heart (Songfic)
Come stop your crying, it will be all right
Just take my hand, hold it tight
I will protect you from all around you
I will be here, don’t you cry.

“It’s not fair,” (Reader) sobbed, “It’s not fucking fair! How can they reject my application over this?”
“I don’t know,” Matthew sighed, “I don’t know how my own government could do such a thing. With our healthcare being so affordable, I don’t see why this should be a problem.”
Slinking onto the living room couch, (Reader) cried into her palms, letting the rejection letter slip to the floor. In spite of her boyfriend, Matthew Williams, being the human personification of Canada, she was still rejected in her application for Canadian citizenship. The grounds? Excessive demand on health services, or “Demand of health and social services cost would likely exceed average Canadian per capita health services…over a period of five consecutive year
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Mature content
RomanoxSick!Reader: Leather and Lace Bonus Lemon :iconvideodreams:VideoDreams 2 0
RomanoxSick!Reader Winter Wonderland: Part Five
In the meadow we can build a snowman
And pretend that he’s a circus clown
We’ll have lots of fun with Mr. Snowman
Until the other kiddies come around

“(Reader), I don’t know how you do it,” (Dadname) commented from his living room chair, “You always know how to arrange the Christmas lights on the tree. It seems like you get better and better each year.”
“She sure does,” (Broname) said, “It’s because she knows how to really get the lights into the tree.”
“Well, yeah,” (Reader) replied, “You have to do that to really light up the Christmas tree. If you don’t, you’re going to get unevenly twisted lights and it’s going to be aesthetically unpleasing. Too many lights in some places and not enough in others, and then the ornaments won’t get a proper glow. The Christmas tree needs to have rhythm in its design, and it all starts with the lights.”
È vero<
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RomanoxSick!Reader Winter Wonderland: Part Four
In the meadow we can build a snowman
And pretend that he is Parson Brown
He’ll say “Are you married?” We’ll say “no man
But you can do the job when you’re in town.”

The Christmas rush was usually one of Romano’s favorite parts of the year, taking the holiday as a chance to show a side others rarely saw. Those who knew him were befuddled as his crankiness disappeared, replaced instead with the joy of an eight-year-old child. Sweets were baked in the apartment almost every single day. Over dinner, special prayers were said in honor of Santa Madonna and the advent wreath cast an incandescent glow. Feliciano’s apartment was adorned in decorations, ranging from sparkling Christmas lights to a series of Nativity displays made in Naples. Presents were carefully picked out for each of Romano’s loved ones (even if it was only a select few), and he even went out of his way to help friends who were stumped with gift giving. Almost
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RomanoxSick!Reader Winter Wonderland: Part Three
Sleigh Bells Ring, are you listening
In the lane, snow is glistening
A beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight
Walking in a Winter Wonderland

(Reader)’s first opportunity to tell Romano came far earlier than she anticipated. Opting to leave his car in the hospital garage, Romano walked (Reader) to the city’s train side market, insisting he take her there for lunch to cheer her up. Every day since Thanksgiving, (Reader) had been talking about the train side market, reminiscing about a tradition her family called called “The City Christmas Tour.” Each December, (Reader) and her family visited multiple locations to celebrate the season. Christmas light shows in Macy’s, alongside a giant electronic puppet display of A Christmas Carol. Bustling Christmas Markets taking place at City Hall, famous for the German and Ukrainian immigrants who sold handcrafted items brought from home. Each trip would close with a run through the market, (Reader) and her f
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RomanoxSick!Reader Winter Wonderland: Part Two
Love knows no season, love knows no clime
Romance can blossom any old time
Here in the open, we’re walking and hoping together.

One of the few times a doctor’s office could appear somewhat cheery was around the holiday season.The deadened air was enlivened by glistening snowflakes, alongside miniature Christmas trees and golden menorahs. Metallic baubles caught both the hospital fluorescent lights and select rays of winter sun, radiating an air of hope for the patients seeking answers. Even the grumpiest of people couldn’t help smiling amidst their glow, especially Romano, whose temper seemed to dissipate as the holidays grew closer. Feliciano always said Christmas was Romano’s favorite holiday, and that a lot of his temper seemed to be quelled by rejoicing in the birth of baby Jesus. A hand squeeze in Doctor Rizzo’s office told (Reader) that this year’s joy ran far beyond holiday traditions and familial celebrations. Doctor Rizzo was needed t
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RomanoxSick!Reader Winter Wonderland: Part One
Over the ground lies a mantel of white
A heaven of diamonds shine down through the night
Two hearts are thrilling in spite of the chill in the weather

If there was one thing Romano admired about (Reader), it was her ability to metamorphose pain into strength, using it to build foundations for a brighter future. His admiration of this attribute only grew when, together, they transformed a trauma-clouded miscommunication into a mutual understand and closeness neither of them had known before. Their fight over accidental ableism following The Balance Clinic almost tore them apart, but since the day they made amends, (Reader) and Romano were almost inseparable. Time that wasn’t calling or texting (Reader) was spent driving her to an extravagant date or taking her back to his apartment for cuddles, lovemaking, and homemade Italian dinners. At every moment they could see each other, Romano and (Reader) were together, especially if it involved holiday rituals with (Reader)’
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RomanoxSick!Reader Leather and Lace (7)
Lovers forever
Face to face
My city your mountain
Stay with me, stay

No sooner had they awoken from their nap than Romano and (Reader) found themselves back in their apartment preparing themselves pappardelle arrabbiata. (Reader) had insisted she try her hand at making something simple for dinner, and Romano only agreed because he was so exhausted. There were not enough naps in the world to help him overcome the fatigue of nearly losing her, and anyone else preparing food was always welcome. Throughout (Reader)’s time at the stove, Romano wrapped his arms around her waist, insisting he was only there to “make sure she didn’t Americanize the pasta when he wasn’t looking.” Any other time, (Reader) would have been annoyed, but that day (Reader) allowed herself to laugh and kiss him on the cheek. Neither of them could bring themselves to say it, but they knew the real reason Romano was there.
Per favore, non lasciarmi, tesoro. Tu sei il mio cu
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Mature content
RomanoxSick!Reader Leather and Lace (6.5) :iconvideodreams:VideoDreams 5 1
RomanoxSick!Reader Leather and Lace (6)
Lovers forever
Face to face
My city, your mountain
Stay with me stay
CONTENT ADVISORY: Brief mention of coerced sex, suggested pregnancy

Standing in front of the bathroom mirror, (Reader) laid out her makeup supplies and prepared herself for battle. Telling Romano about her ex boyfriends was not going to be easy, and (Reader) wanted to be fully decorated in her warpaint before he arrived. Naked3 stood at the ready atop the bathroom counter, its virgin shades of glowing pink waiting for the first swipe of the palette’s brush. (Reader)’s signature eyeliner stood at attention, alongside a thick pink tube of mascara and eyebrow pencil. Several tubes of primer were neatly laid out with brushes and sponges…and the infamous Orgasm that started the downward spiral. Swipe by swipe, brush by brush, (Reader) pulled herself away from the face of a ‘sick person’, characterized by swollen eyelids and a wan overtone to her skin. Confidence rushed be
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RomanoxSick!Reader: Leather and Lace(5)
Sometimes I’m a strong one
Sometimes, cold and scared
And sometimes, I cry

CONTENT ADVISORY: Suggested pregnancy
The dreamless yet panicked sleep that plagued (Reader) the night before was replaced by ten hours of midnight blue slumber. Around Mabel, Camila, and Georgina, (Reader) knew she had nothing to fear nor anything to perform for obtaining acceptance through ableism. All of them accepted her exactly as she was, and never once called her “disgusting” or blamed her for health problems beyond her control. Mabel may have sometimes pushed (Reader) especially hard in taking care of her needs, but she always made a point of dispelling abled lies whenever (Reader) started to panic.
“It’s not your fault, (Reader). There’s nothing any of us could have done to “deserve” being sick. It’s just a lie that ableds tell to deny the idea that they could become sick too.The only thing you deserve is good healthcare, doctors who li
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RomanoxSick!Reader: Leather and Lace(4)
You in the moonlight
With your sleepy eyes
Could you ever love someone like me?
CONTENT ADVISORY: Brief mention of suicidal ideations, suggested pregnancy

Several hours after (Reader)’s attack ended, she wore a pair of Mabel’s sweatpants while mopping the bedroom floor.
“I wish you had told me you threw up on yourself before you came over,” Mabel said, curled underneath the covers.
Obsessive compulsive disorder caused Mabel to be incredibly nervous around vomit. The smallest particle would send her over the edge, and (Reader) did her best to scrub the floor in compensation. Still feeling woozy, (Reader) wished she could have been resting beside Mabel underneath the covers for a daytime slumber party. Nevertheless, making sure one of her best friends—especially another member of the chronic illness community—felt safe if her own home was critical. Having felt unsafe from ableism so many times, (Reader) would have done anything to
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RomanoxSick!Reader: Leather and Lace(3)
Lovers forever
Face to face

Grumbling awake, Romano sighed, thinking he was going to wake up alone again. Two months of sharing a bed should have taught Romano that (Reader) would always get up first, and she would never wait for him underneath the sheets. Fear had a knack for overriding logic, and Romano was no exception, especially in the morning. In the limbo between wakefulness and sleep, anything could happen, and Romano always feared awaking to find everyone he loved was either an illusion or that they abandoned him. Nights full of terrors and violent warping memories left Romano grouchy and exhausted, not from a lack of sleep, but from using all of his energy to repress tears. Reaching out, Romano prayed with what little strength he had that his tesoro (treasure/darling) would be on the other side of the bed, waiting to cuddle and say everything was all right. To Romano’s surprise, his prayer was answered, but it came with the price of strange crumbs througho
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Gelato RomanoxReader
  Today was a day like any other. Just you, your boyfriend and his rainbow of language. Nothing could be better and nothing could make you feel the same. You were fresh out of college and a writer, your boyfriend was your college sweetheart. He had a business degree but worked part-time at a pizza joint in town. Just the average day in Southern Italy you guess.
  Looking up from your yellow thick and wide notebook, you looked over to Lovino who was rummaging through the freezer. He turned to you with that scowl that you somehow grew to love.
  “Ragazza…we’re out of gelato.” He complained as he came over to you. He sat next to you on the soft white love seat. You rolled your eyes and he pretended to sigh and lay his head on your lap. Giggling you brushed some of his auburn hair out of his face.
  “And?” you asked playfully as he furrowed his eyebrows.
  “And it’s hot out. And I want some damn
:iconspicecat7:SpiceCat7 292 91
Lost in Italy|RomanoxReader
RomanoxReader - Lost in Italy
You knew you were absent headed, were curious and got lost easily but did you ever listen to your gut? It was a rhetorical question but I'll answer anyways. The answer is no, you never listened to your gut and alway ended up in trouble. Today was no exception, the only difference was that you did it in a completely unknown place. I should explain, well in very simple words you were lost… lost in Italy. The only thing you knew was that you were in Siena, nothing else. You might be asking yourself if she's so absent minded why didn't she just get a tour group or something of the like, well I did! But I lost them as well, ugh, let me just start from the beginning.
My friend [f/n] had decided to move to Italy after finishing her degree on architecture, it was one her life-long dreams. She moved to Siena, which is in Tuscany, Italy by the way. This summer she invited me to stay over at her place so I could tour Italy to my hearts content, I ,of co
:iconminathewerewolf:MinatheWerewolf 99 56
Romano x Reader - Smile
Romano x Reader: Smile
Lovino scowled and waited as you playfully smiled at him, twirling the stem of your favorite flower he had given to you. You lightly sniffed the flower, breathing in its sweet scent.
"Thanks, Lovi~!", you sang, giggling happily, causing his cheeks to turn light pink on the surface of his authentic olive skin.
"N-No problem...", he murmured, looking away to hide his blush. "It's not l-like I like you so much or anything like that..."
"Right.", you said, smiling brightly. Ah, he was too cute. You lightly patted his head(and pulled it away quickly before he could swat it) then walked away, the beautiful fully-bloomed flower on your hand, leaving Lovino all alone. As you left, Lovino still stood there, blushing cutely, a small smile now creeping on his lips as he watched you walk away. Then, when you were finally out of his sight, he groaned in frustration and ran his hand through his messy hair.
"Why won't you still a
:iconakainamida1:AkaiNamida1 182 37
S.ItalyxReader - A Peaceful Day
The Rule of a Gentleman # 186
Play with her fingers, she loves the way your hand touches hers.
I was in bed with {Name}, I woke up a bit earlier than normal; I didn’t feel like getting out of bed so I just lied down next to her and watched her sleep. She looked so beautiful, her hair sprawled out all over the pillow, her mouth open slightly, snoring quietly.
I couldn’t tear my eyes way from the sight before me. She looked so fragile, delicate it was like as if I were to touch her she would break – a porcelain doll. An idea suddenly popped into my head, I quietly got out of bed and walked over to the closet and started to look for a few things.
I had to move a few things in the closet to find them, my box of makers. I looked over my shoulder and saw that {Name} was still fast asleep. I quickly padded over to the bed and got on cautiously, not to disturb {Name}.
Opening the box, I took a few out and placed them on the bed. I delicately took {Name’s} hand in
:iconthisissumbullman:Thisissumbullman 85 8
EnglandxReader - Until Then
The rule of a Gentleman # 12
Play with her hair when she’s laying on your chest
He couldn’t believe how lucky he was to have you in his life. He couldn’t believe how you would do anything to see him, anything for him; even if it meant going through hell and back. He doesn’t even understand why you go through what you so and do so much for him- just for him. There are days when he comes home from work and he literally looks for anything to start a fight in order to get rid of his work related stress, anger and aggravation; and you stand there and let him yell and scream at you knowing it’s not you he’s angry with, when these fights are said and done you smile and ask if he’d like any dinner you cooked. Of course it puzzles him greatly, how you could stand there and through it all and listen unfazed, and never attempt to fight or argue back.
In his own opinion you’re angel – his own angel. He doesn’t feel like he d
:iconthisissumbullman:Thisissumbullman 140 23
Our Story (Romano x Reader part 3)
"Daddy, can you tell me something?" Giovanni asked, sitting on the floor of the living room.
"Sure, Vanni. What do you want to know?" Lovino answered.
"Why do you love mama so much?"
"Well, Giovanni, I love your mother because she's the most wonderful woman on earth. And she loves me too, for some reason."
"No, not like that, I mean why? How did you and mama meet?"
"I knew this question would come someday! We finally get to tell Giovanni and Lucia the story of our beautiful love!" you cheered from the kitchen.
"Lucia's asleep. Besides, I don't think she'd be interested."
"Mama, can I get my sandwich now?" Giovanni asked.
"Your sandwich was finished a while ago."
Giovanni ran to the kitchen, grabbed the sandwich, and sat back down in the living room in front of his father. Oh, your four-year old was so cute!
"So what was your question, Vanni?" Lovino asked.
"How did you and mama meet?"
Lovino cleared his throat.
"I'm going to tell you the story, okay?"
Giovanni nodded and took a bite fr
:iconnatural-causes3141:Natural-Causes3141 46 12
It'll be Okay (Romano x Reader pt. 2)
Lovino woke up in the middle of the night again. He looked beside him at your sleeping form, wanting to do something, whether it be kiss you, cuddle with you, brush the hair away from your face.
But he couldn't because you were freaking insane. 
Last time he tried cuddling you, you kicked him away and sent him to the kitchen to get you some chocolate milk. 
He couldn't tell if you were PMSing or sick. You had been acting like this for a while, it probably wasn't your monthly. Maybe you had a personality disorder you'd never told him about.
It wasn't just that, you didn't want to go anywhere. You didn't want to take Giovanni to the park because of the smokers that made you cough a fit. The movies were really loud and made your head hurt. You were hungry ALL THE TIME. And for weird stuff, too. It even weirded Giovanni out.
It was pretty boring for all three of you with you being like this.
Can you remember ever having any fun
’cause when it’s all said and done i alw
:iconnatural-causes3141:Natural-Causes3141 30 5
But I'm Happy (Romano x Reader)
"Oh God!!!" you screamed in pain. "Where on earth is Lovino?!"
"________! _________! I'm coming!" Lovino shouted as he ran to the hospital, soaking wet. The thunder clapped as he turned a corner.
He crashed into someone. "Move it, you bastard, I have places to be!"
The bastard and the other bastards he was with wouldn't let him. "These places aren't so important that you can't take the time to fucking apologize."
"Listen, I'm really busy so just move out of the damn way!"
Sorry I couldn't be there, I was tied to a rocking chair
"No no no no no. I don't think I'm done here yet. Grab the guy, you two." he ordered the other guys as they closed their umbrellas, getting all three of soaking wet as well.
"What, no, let me the hell go already!" Lovino struggled.
The guy who was apparently very easily offended punched him in the face. "You better fucking think about what comes out of your mouth next time, boy!"
"Stop, please, I've got a kid on the way!" Lovino begged.
They threw Lovino to the
:iconnatural-causes3141:Natural-Causes3141 144 34
handsome lovi by Rikupi handsome lovi :iconrikupi:Rikupi 89 59 blushing lovi by Rikupi blushing lovi :iconrikupi:Rikupi 119 30
Mature content
Fem!Reader x Fem!Spain - Showers? :iconxxpandapride:XxPandapride 117 28
Russia Caipirinha by Star--Tracer Russia Caipirinha :iconstar--tracer:Star--Tracer 284 43 Nekotalia: Germany! Germany! Let's Play! by Star--Tracer Nekotalia: Germany! Germany! Let's Play! :iconstar--tracer:Star--Tracer 1,886 208 Hug Therapy by Star--Tracer Hug Therapy :iconstar--tracer:Star--Tracer 2,042 290
England x Reader x Iggycat Meow Meow Meow
You loved your boyfriend Arthur Kirkland, but there was always someone or rather something, getting in the way.
The tea loving furball takes all of your attention away from Arthur. You shower little Iggycat with so much love an affection that it seems like the cat is your lover. He always got you with those big emerald orb, bushy eyebrows and sweet meow that melts your heart every single time. You always petted him and kissed his little nose more times then you ever kissed Arthur.
It was finally getting personal. Arthur could not lose to a...a cat! So one day he had enough. You were out shopping with your friends and it was the perfect chance to get a chat with a cat.
Iggycat was licking his paws and rubbing his cute whiskers until he was rudely picked up by the Brit with similar eyes and eyebrows.
"Now look here, Iggycat." Arthur said with a low growl. "Stay away from (Name). She is MY girlfriend and not yours."
"Meow.: Iggycat replied with a huff. It almost looked like he stu
:icongermanblackrabbit:GermanBlackRabbit 84 12
Where's Your God Now? by ladylunatick Where's Your God Now? :iconladylunatick:ladylunatick 142 39



Old heartbreak is stinging at a time where I'm dealing with too much death. Two deaths of people close to me, as well as nearly dying last week. Any messages of support would be great right now.
That awkward moment when you see images of Nyo!SpainxRomano, and you're simultaneously laughing and cringing for several reasons.
1. You and Nyo!Spain both love wearing hair flowers and are hardly ever seen without them.
2. You and Nyo!Spain are hardly seen in any type of picture without a huge smile and a silly pose.
3. You had the exact same type of hair as Nyo!Spain before your started straightening and dying it.
Tales as old as time
True as they can be
Barely even friends
Then somebody bends

(Reader) awoke from a sleep blacker than ink, her head still throbbing in spite of rest. It was another brain squeeze headache, where every ridge in (Reader)’s brain felt pressed against her skull. The pounding continued behind her eyes all down the back of her neck, which was stiffened by the constant agony. Not once did (Reader) need a thermometer to know she was running another fever. What was her temperature today? 99.5? 100? It hardly mattered to her anymore. Fevers and brain squeeze headaches came and went as they pleased, alongside static jolts from her hips to her ankles and dull fires surrounding her joints. From day to day, (Reader) never knew what to expect, and in spite of her doctor’s promises, the acyclovir did nothing to help.

“This will decrease the time of your outbreaks. Take it for ten days. We can keep you on it every day if the herpes doesn’t get better.”

When will it get better, doctor? It’s been almost a year.

In spite of her cell phone’s urgent ringing, (Reader) moved slowly, trying to decide if she needed her cane. It was a question she would have to answer quickly, considering she only got called at night if an animal was in danger. Step by step, she moved from her bed to her dresser, finally deciding she could move cane-free if she took her non-narcotic cocktail: 600mg of aleve, 1400mg of tylenol. 500mg of straight naproxen would be the next step if neither medication helped.

“Hello?” (Reader) said into her phone, hardly bothering to check caller I.D.

“Hey, (Reader),” Heracles started, “Ludwig and I found a kitten in the alley our business dinner. Do you think you could come to the shelter tonight to get him registered for the cat rooms?”

“What? But why? Can’t this wait until tomorrow?”

It hardly seemed rational to open the cat rooms after hours for a single kitten.

“This kitten’s special. He needs our help in a way most kittens don’t.”

“It’s another cursed kitten, isn’t it?”

Rustling of hair came through the speaker as Heracles nodded.

“All right, I’ll come in…but we really have to do something about this. We can’t keep taking in every cat and kitten cursed by witches, you know. We’re not equipped to help them, and it’s not like we can ask your bosses for help.”

“I understand. We’ll take care of that tomorrow. For now, we just have to keep the little one safe.”

“Right. Just give me half an hour or so. I was asleep when you called.”

“I figured you would be. Take your time. Don’t worry about rushing for Ludwig.”

(Reader) tried her best to head Heracles’ words, but she knew Ludwig wanted nothing more than to see her gone. Military training played a huge role in how he wanted to run the shelter, including elimination of anything deemed inefficient. The fluctuations of (Reader)’s herpes deemed her unreliable in Ludwig’s eyes, with unexpected absences, careless mistakes attributed to brain fog, and daily naps in the cat room. Any one of those offenses would have been enough for him to throw out an employee, but all three left him enraged and impatient with (Reader) at the end of each work day. Already feeling hellish from her brain squeeze headache, the last thing (Reader) wanted to do was see Ludwig in any capacity. For the sake of Heracles and the cats though, (Reader) pushed through her pain and prepared herself to leave for the shelter.

“That bad of a night?” Heracles asked the moment (Reader) arrived. Smeared eyeliner and lipstick were more than enough to give away her exhaustion.

“Another brain squeeze headache.”

“It seems strange to me that you’re still sick like this. Most people with herpes don’t have pain like this after the first few outbreaks…or even just the first one.”

“Heracles, I know your theories about it being something else, but I don’t want to talk about it right now, okay? Just take me back to the inspection room so I can meet this cursed kitten.”

“All right…but you have to talk about it at some point, (Reader). I don’t know how much longer I can hold off Ludwig, and I don’t know how much longer you can live like this. If it’s something else, it could get really bad.”

Any energy (Reader) could have used on sarcasm disappeared, instead going into preparing herself for the sight of a cursed kitten. It was hardly anything new to (Reader) and Heracles. Since a brigade of witches moved to town, more cursed kittens arrived at the shelter each day. Most of them offered no insight into their identities or what it was that earned the curse in the first place. Some of them came to the shelter in grotesque shape, with added fleas and ticks to further worsen their punishment. Heracles and (Reader) especially hated when such occurred because it put every living being in the shelter at risk. Lyme disease. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Anaplasmosis. Encephalitis. Poorly understood infectious diseases that could be fatal if left untreated. Several kittens had died from them in the past year, and infected cases grew each day. It was of no help that (Reader)’s hometown was infamous for its high number of ticks, but the witches adding them to curses sent the problem out of control.

“He’s not carrying any insects or parasites,” Ludwig said through the kitten’s wiggly inspection. “so that’s a relief, but he’s too heavy at six kilos.

Between the otoscope and the cat thermometer, the kitten was desperate to find safety away from Ludwig’s grasp, etching bloody lines across his skin. Ludwig yelped as the kitten sprang to the floor and made a whimpering beeline towards the door.


“So that’s your name, huh?” (Reader) said as she picked up the scampering kitten, “Feliciano. That’s a pretty name for a…”

“…boy,” Heracles replied.

“A pretty name for a pretty little boy.”

With arm supporting his back legs and another underneath his front paws, (Reader) carried Feliciano around the room, talking silly little nonsense phrases. How he was such a pretty little kitty and so adorably soft, and oh! Those precious little toe beans! So pink and pearly and smooth and too cute not to touch! Heracles watched in wonder as Feliciano spread apart his front toes for (Reader) to tickle and squeeze them. Until he met (Reader), Heracles never knew anyone who could make a cat feel safe when their toes were being touched. Cursed or not, cats rarely let any human play with their toes for fear of being defenseless in case of an attack. Watching in awe, Heracles tried to understand what it was about (Reader) that allowed cats to be so vulnerable around her.

“If you think this is something special,” Ludwig grunted, “you’re wrong. Feliciano would be like this with any girl.”

“Mmm-mmm,” Heracles said, shaking his head, “You don’t understand cats, Ludwig. Cats don’t open up to people easily, especially when they’ve been cursed. The cursed ones often get more scared because they’ve been cursed. It takes patience and kindness to gain a cat’s trust…and (Reader) can do it faster than anyone else I know.”

“Can one of you get me a chair?” (Reader) asked, “I’m starting to get too sore to stand.”

Heracles stoically obliged and (Reader) pulled Feliciano close to her chest while she winced, burning tears running down her face. Had (Reader) not been in so much pain, Feliciano would have loved being so close to her bosoms. A woman’s pillowy softness against his body always left Feliciano enthralled, longing to taste, touch, tickle, and tease every surface of her skin. In spite of the reputation Feliciano had as a casanova, however, he was an empathetic person who took on others’ emotions as his own. The thrill was not from how many women he could conquer, but how many emotions they could share together. Whether a woman felt joy or sorrow, Feliciano sensed it in his own body too, giving him a desire to elate every woman he found beautiful. Even as a cursed cat, that attribute of Feliciano remained unchanged, causing him to desperately lick (Reader)’s fingers amidst her pain.

No, no, no, bella. Don’t cry. Please don’t cry. Your face is far too beautiful for tears. Please let me help you. Let me make you better.

Amidst his licking, Feliciano found himself frustrated by a lack of words. Everything he tried to say came out in chirps and mews, hardly able to bear the message he wanted to give (Reader). Feliciano may have been able to have close contact with women when they were sad, but there was nothing he could say to make them feel better. The fate of a kitten was to remain voiceless alongside humans, going purely on faith that they could share any emotions. Only once before had Feliciano felt so helpless in comforting a woman, and that was when he broke the witch’s heart. No matter how many times he said he was sorry, it was never enough to quell her rage.

“Do you even know what you’re sorry for?”

“No, but I know I’m sorry because you’re hurting and I don’t like it when you’re hurting and can’t you let me make it better for you, bella?”

“You’ll never be able to make it better because you’ll never understand. Men can’t understand at all. There’s only one way you’d be able to understand how it feels and why it hurts so much when you go from woman to woman! May you have the fate of a kitten!”

I don’t even know what I can do anymore. I wasn’t enough to make women happy as a man and I’m not enough to make them happy as a kitten. I still ended up in a cardboard box cold and alone even though so many people came by to pet me. I don’t want to be alone, being alone is the worst thing in the world. I have to make this bella happy so I’m not alone anymore, but I don’t know how to do it! I don’t know how to…wait…what’s this…she’s sad…but she’s…smiling?

“Aww, thank you for the kisses,” (Reader) said. The pain in her joints may not have abated, but the touch of a sandpaper tongue always brought a smile to her face. If that were not enough, Feliciano’s purr sent healing vibrations across her body, allowing her to relax into a state where pain was tolerable and life was not an ongoing hell.

“Can you watch Feliciano while we get a cage set up for him?” Heracles asked, “He seems to be really comfortable with you.”

“Of course I’d be happy to watch little Feli Belly.”

Feliciano was about to object to the nickname when (Reader) started tickling his tummy, causing him to wrap all four paws around her hand and chew on her fingers. Between each tickle, he tittered and chirped—the closest he could get to laughter in cat language. As a human, Feliciano was extremely ticklish; one wiggling finger pointed in his direction was more than enough to make him giggle. If anyone got a hold of Feliciano, he would laugh until his cheeks were scarlet and streaked with saltwater. Women would then be pulled into his arms to either be tickled in return or covered in kisses, eventually leading to something further. In his little kitten body, Feliciano found himself completely at (Reader)’s mercy, only able to chew and chirp while her fingers skittered across his skin. Frustrated that he could not return the affection as a man, Feliciano continued pulling on (Reader)’s hand with his paws.

“Feli Belly, are you trying to hold my hand?”

Hold it and so much more, bella.

The ticklish playing and petting continued between (Reader) and Feliciano while Heracles set up a cage and Ludwig filed the necessary paperwork. Rocking Feliciano as though he were her child, (Reader) found herself laughing alongside Feliciano’s chirps. Cats always made (Reader) smile, but rarely had any of them made her laugh as much as the little brown tabby in her arms. Cursed cats always wanted extra affection, and (Reader) could relate them to easily, feeling as though she had been cursed with “weird herpes” by her infector. Not once had Heracles explained that cursed cats had previously been humans, only that they had upset a witch and had to remain intact if possible. Most of the cursed cats wanted affection and reassurance they could still be loved, especially if they came to the shelter covered in fleas and ticks. Feliciano stood out from them in that he did not have the same level of shyness. Even if he had been fearful of the examination, not once had he been afraid of physical affection from a human. Not that (Reader) could blame Feliciano if he had been afraid of humans, having a similar fear after getting so sick from herpes.

Oh Feli Belly, I’m so glad you’re not afraid of me…you’re the only boy I know who isn’t afraid of me or disgusted by me right now. I know you’re just a cat and not a human, but it seems like boys of all kinds are repulsed by me now that I’m sick. Heracles isn’t, but he doesn’t count because he’s like my big brother. All the other boys though treat me like I’m garbage once they know…maybe you won’t because you’re cursed too. Heracles thinks it’s just some miraculous gift that I can reach the cursed cats, but it’s not…I understand them because I’m cursed too…and whether or not we did something that deserves being punished…What could a cute little kitty like you have done to deserve a curse anyway?

Blissfully ignorant that Feliciano had once been human, (Reader) started kissing his head, thinking nothing more than she would with any other cat. Not once had she noticed the left side of Feliciano’s head had a small curl, which could have easily been mistaken for a whisker. Purrs and chirps from Feliciano turned into an unexpected shriek when (Reader) accidentally pressed her lips against his curl. Afraid of her discovering what the curl did to his body, Feliciano thrashed away from (Reader)’s arms, leaping to the floor and hunching over in a corner. (Reader) shrieked upon seeing him bolt, unsure of what she did to upset him so much. Feeling like a failure at her job and in life, (Reader) fell from her chair onto her knees, pitifully weeping with what little energy she had left. Once Feliciano had calmed his reaction to his curl being touched, he ran back over to (Reader) and gently bit down on her thumb.

No, no, no, no, no, bella, not again. Please don’t cry. It’s even worse now because I’ve seen you smile and your smile is so pretty and you make me so happy when you smile and oh please don’t be sad. I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I don’t want you to be sad!

“Feli, what are you…” (Reader) sniffled as Feliciano tried to drag her thumb. Releasing her weight, she let him guide her hand back into her lap, where he eventually rested with her fingers in his front paws. (Reader) tried to move her hand, but Feliciano quickly snatched it back and held it over his heart. A faint blush painted (Reader)’s cheeks as she felt Feliciano’s heartbeat alongside his deep purr beneath her fingertips.

“I’m sorry I scared you earlier…I’m not sure what it was I did…I just feel like I can’t do anything right anymore…everything I do just seems like it’s wrong and a waste of time…”

Blinking back further tears, (Reader) took no notice as Feliciano shook his head

Bella, you’re okay. You’re not doing anything wrong at all…I just didn’t want you to see the naked stand up. I’m sorry I made you cry.

Lacking the words to express his feelings, all Feliciano could do was resume licking (Reader)’s fingers.

“Thank you,” (Reader) whispered, stroking Feliciano’s right ear. Feliciano continued running his sandpaper tongue over (Reader)’s skin, determined to wash away all of the pain that caused her to cry. Neither (Reader) nor Feliciano was sure of how much time had passed, but both of them eventually fell asleep, their curses draining the last of their energy. Heracles was about to grab Feliciano for his cage in the cat room, but changed his mind after seeing him curled up in (Reader)’s lap.

“Fifteen minutes,” Heracles whispered, “Fifteen minutes.”

Neither Feliciano nor (Reader) realized they had taken the first steps needed to break free from their curses. (Reader) in her openness with a boy for the first time since she became sick. Feliciano in giving (Reader) affection she had been denied since receiving the herpes diagnosis.  
Very excited to start Neko!ItalyxReader Beauty and the Beast. It's an idea I've had in my head since April, and getting it down on paper has been really helpful through anaphylaxis recuperation. Stay tuned to see what happens with our mysteriously ill (Reader) and a cursed Neko!Feliciano.
Likely going to break from RomanoxSick!Reader for the month of August. I've put in almost 200,000 words and need to step back to keep my head clear. Don't worry, the series is far from over. Part of my August break will include studying Italian so I can rely less on a translator and really help a reader understand what it's like to experience different languages with hearing loss.


No journal entries yet.


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Chiara Lewes***
United States
I'm a proud Hetalian and outspoken spoonie with a desire to increase disability representation via Reader Inserts. Currently have chronic ear infections, hearing loss in my right ear, Vestibular Migraines*, anaphylactic allergies, depression, PTSD, ovarian cysts, hidradenitis suppurativa with subsequent arthritis, and EDNOS. All illnesses and instances of ableism in my xReader stories are taken straight from life.

My stories may not always say Sick!Reader in the title, but (Reader) will always have a chronic illness of some sort**. For all our illnesses affect our lives, we're more than the sad and/or inspiration porn caricatures seen in abled-driven stories. We are your classmates, teachers, friends, family, coworkers, lovers, bosses, employees, and so much more. Our lives are rich and colorful, even when we're taught they should be melancholy. We are everywhere and anywhere, and we will be seen.

I encourage everybody who reads my stories to add onto them with their own experiences and vantage points. Send me a Note if you plan to do so and give credit to me for the original plot and Hidekaz Himaruya for Hetalia itself.

*The pathophysiology of VM and Ménière's is poorly understood and the diagnostic criteria for both illnesses has significant overlap. The criteria used when I was first diagnosed in 2007 is now outdated. Unresponsiveness to Antivert was diagnostic material for VM in 2007, but it's since been discovered that not all cases of Ménière's are treated effectively with it. With the new criteria for the diagnostic process and my long standing history of infections, it is more likely that I have Ménière's instead of VM, but an ENT has yet to confirm. Read the RomanoXSick!Reader series for more information.

**100 points to the first person who figures out what (Reader) has in Wrong Impression.

***Hetalia fanfiction pen name.


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