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Chase faded days with eyes that cannot see

3d studio max / photoshop
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Hey, I used your artwork in my videos which is made for listening music.
I wrote original link(here) on video details, but if you are annoyed with this, please mail me on .
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GAWD YES! With this new-ish style you're creating, I can't say anything else. I really like these new renders that you're turning out. Unless I'm plain stupid and forgot in my last month of non-da-ment, You've been adding new elements to your stuff. I'm noticing the meshy texture and the fading clouds in this piece, especially. Keep it up!!!
Your work has the capacity to make people think: 'Why SHOULDN'T I give it a favourite instantly?'. Excellent.
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really love the colors, and how the clouds fade.
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hello this is so very very cool & i love your work so keep up the great work ill be looking forward to seeing more so bye for now & keep :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D.....bye
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I love the pieces you make, the colors are so pimp and you photoshop pretty dang well +fave
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This piece makes me want to be faithful.
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This is great. Loving it.
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Hawt colours as always bro :D Keep it up!!
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chaotic composition but the lovely choice of colors made this piece for me :)
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beatifull...!! ;)
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WOW. very classy. I love the background. NYC!!!
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nice render mate, looks like the 'soul' of the render is coming out lol
goodjob ;)
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really cool loving it also the colours are great even the render!
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I love it - although I dont like that white stuff :/ cheers anyway mate!
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wow ummm..... wow love the colors and im really diggin the thing that looks like a wire-frame with the glow
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Espicially like the typography :)
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super detail and great colors and good depth.
beautiful :)
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i own photoshop and studio max but I'm not this good. Any points/tips on getting better?
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