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I believe it's all inside you
All the answers
Strip it down and see the light come
Through the crowd
I believe it takes a moment
just to know it
listen to the wind

Let go of the fear
Let go of everything
Let go of it's realm
Love will find you

1600x1200 under download button
© 2006 - 2021 videa
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kazucowboy's avatar
It's Cool and light !!!!
colgatiN's avatar
I Loved this @@ Fav+
VirtualRabbit's avatar
man this is nice. keep up the good work. do you have a site i can have a look at
woraz's avatar
what a wonderful work it is.. :clap:
Key-Knight's avatar
amzing, i'm speechless
Snivets's avatar
Love all your stuff! I wish there was a tutorial on how to do these'd be titled "How to kick ass"
sam4grafix's avatar
absolute colorZ
FascionViktem5k's avatar
wow this is just so amazing... i could seriously just stare at it for hours... *feels inferior* i bow to your great artistic talents!! :worship:
Dale-DCX's avatar
Beautiful colors, exactly what I wanted for my new background.
eit's avatar
im not sure..but gues that those renders were
in the beginning airplains...ami right?
Frnak's avatar
wow, nice colors :)
Anjilasaurus's avatar
Wow, absolutely beautiful. I simply adore the colors and sleekness of it all. :heart:
RednaN's avatar
beautiful matching colors, same for the render. nice one!
aarora's avatar
Nice job, the blur gives it a good look.
TheSohnly's avatar
its very pink. good job.
3PIVI's avatar
man you have so gotta post how u make those renders..fkjing another awesome piece
difusion's avatar
beautiful colors
F3rg's avatar
great :) good colour's and thier blend
Brandonc1's avatar
even your simple rendrs are gret dude. like always the colors are great. and the postwork is just perfect for the peice. great work dude.
bryan-suharly's avatar
hey...i used this kinda accidentally as a preview for a literary work of mine, its at [link] if you absolutely hate it, i will take it down immediately.
Lamarcus's avatar
It's so smooth and lithe, and soft...the hurts my eyes out of joy.
H4k's avatar
magic colors
VahagByurat's avatar
I like the motion in this
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