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Hello everybody!
At December 15 DA administration deleted five more of my works. At this time I absolutely do not understand the reasons for such action. These pictures were in my gallery for nearly a year bothered anyone before.
As a result, I did overcome my laziness and has made an update on my Imagefap gallery. Now you can find there every deleted from DA and many other images.

Instructions to find my gallery on the IF here:…

Happy viewing and a Merry Christmas!

P.S. One more option:
This link works via redirect so DA does not block it. Don't be afraid and allow your browser redirect you to imagefap:…
Hello! I apologize to everyone, but no new requests for the summer time. I just can not promise their execution within a reasonable time. Do not worry, all the requests I have accepted will be executed in turn.

Also, I can not promise regular updates during the summer months. It is also likely some time I will be in an area with no normal internet and will be out of connection.
Once again I apologize.
Hello! Wink/Razz  I posted pictures too hot for DA on imagefap (I apologize for this "file dump", but I still have not found a better option).

To see these pictures find on imagefap user VictorZulu or copy and past in your browser following link www*imagefap*com/profile/VictorZulu replacing * symbol by dot (.) (unfortunately, DA does not allow to give direct links to this type sites).

New galleries will be added as they become available.
Have a nice day and pleasant viewing. :happybounce: 
Shit! They delete my art again.Rage  And after all that these idiots want me to pay them money! No, I disagree! 
I apologize to all visitors and watchers - DA suddenly found some of my drawings too hot and deleted. I have to revise my plans for future work.