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Complete Pre-Breath of the Wild Timeline

By VictorV111
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Here are the rules of Canonicity:
1. Breath of the Wild + The Champions' Ballad DLC
2. Creating a Champion
3. Age of Calamity

That means: If information contradicts each other between these sources, the source with the lowest number takes precedent.

Example: "When did Link, the Hero of the Wild first draw the Master Sword before the Calamity?"
"1. Breath of the Wild + The Champions' Ballad DLC: No real answer, but Mipha saw Link without the sword as a child and then with it, when he returned to Zora's Domain as a young man. Also, he has it on his back, when Zelda gives him her blessings upon his appointment as her Bodyguard."
"2. Creating a Champion: Creating a Champion: At the age of twelve or thirteen."
"3. Age of Calamity: After the Champions had all ready been given their blue Champion Garb."

So, 1 and 2 contradict number 3, so Link got it at the age of twelve or thirteen and then saw Mipha a few years later with it.
This WILL be updated with information from Breath of the Wild, however I need to read through the Japanese translations.
There are some mistranslations in the game such as the Japanese line:
"This (Dark Beast Ganon's) form was born from his obsessive refusal to give up on reincarnation."

This was translated to:

"He (Ganon) has given up on reincarnation and assumed his pure, enraged form."

Also, Link's mission log is written in first person and provides more character expression. He states the reason for going through everything to save Hyrule: Link wants to see Zelda smile again.
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