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The Dark Crystal Reading Collection by victortky The Dark Crystal Reading Collection :iconvictortky:victortky 18 27 Deviantart 16th Birthday Victortky by victortky Deviantart 16th Birthday Victortky :iconvictortky:victortky 28 10
TFAV The Expansion Wars Timeline
The Expansion Wars Timeline
Important note: What follows is archived records taken from declassified files from the Seraphim Archives (and recovered Decepticon Datatracks) regarding the Expansion wars. Due to the fact that countless engagements have been fought during The Expansion Wars between the Decepticons and the Seraphims during this period of time, only the major conflicts were listed here, along with a few important missions that contributed to the main conflict. As many classified missions still remain sealed by order of the Seraphim High Council, this timeline is by no means complete, and such an instance would be the period in the Expansion Wars known as "The Shadow War".
However, what follows is the most comprehensive timeline of the Expansion Wars to date.
[Somewhere between 4 – 3.7 Million Years before EOE] – Resources for the Decepticon war machine begin to run low. A certain starship resource, Unobtainium, is in extremely short supply and hence Megatron plot
:iconvictortky:victortky 21 6
MECHA MUSUME ASUNA DESKTOP by victortky MECHA MUSUME ASUNA DESKTOP :iconvictortky:victortky 56 20 MASS EFFECT SAGA COLLECTION by victortky MASS EFFECT SAGA COLLECTION :iconvictortky:victortky 72 115 MASS EFFECT 3 COLLECTOR'S EDITION by victortky MASS EFFECT 3 COLLECTOR'S EDITION :iconvictortky:victortky 26 14
TFAV Drab05 RP Seeking Answers
"That's right. That is what a soldier is all about, yes they go to war, yes they have to end people's lives for the greater good, but is it really for peace or is it a political reason these people need to die? I was told by an old general a while ago that he would rather live in a world without the need for generals, soldiers, or wars."
– Victor Keys, when talking to James McAlister about the dangers that await humanity in the inevitable upcoming war and about his scar that defines him as one of the McAlisters.
Planet Earth_
1340 Hours_
20 June_
Year 2009 A.D._
Talamone, Italy_
Residence of Matthew Chagon_
One year ago_
(The events of this Roleplay takes place after TFAV Russian Roulette [Parts 1, 2 and 3] and before TFAV Aftermath.)
~Talamone, a small Italian town in Italy, One year ago~
~ The silver-white Lamborigini Reventon sped through the streets of Italy; leaving a maelstrom of dust and air currents in its wake. ~
Victor: [comlink] Ah yes...I have having a meeting
:iconvictortky:victortky 69 75
Transformers AlterVerse Drabble 04: Operation Rescue Eagle One Prelude
(Note: The drabbles take place in a series of time frames after TFAV Chapter Arraignment and Answers and before the TFAV Chapter named Rescue Prez)
"President Whitemore has been captured by Russian Forces. Use of him and cabinet as hostages and leverage is inevitable. Revise Request: Send all Autobot Alliance as well as FSOF, NEST and GI JOE Strike Teams to retreive High Priority Target. This is of utmost importance. Failure is not an option."
- Autobot Alliance Pulsewave Communiqué to all Autobot Alliance and Allied forces, 2 days before the launch of Operation Rescue Eagle One.

Planet Earth_
2000 Hours_
16 December_
Year 2010 A.D._
Somewhere in the Middle East_
Location [[CLASSIFIED]]_
G.I. J.O.E. (Global Integrated Joint Operations Entity) The Pit_
2 days ago_
Hawk - 'I want reports now! We have to have all our plans in order."
Duke: All the Joes were prepped and ready, but unfortunately we cannot s
:iconvictortky:victortky 178 61
TFAV Timeline Ancient Era
Transformers AlterVerse Timeline
Important Note: Measured in Earth Years, this is a rough guide to many crucial events involving the Cybertronians, the Nebulans, the Seraphims and the Quintessons, that happened before and during the Great War, eventually leading to the events on Earth which involved humanity. These events stretch over a vast amount of time. Please do take notice that most of the events mentioned here occurred at the same time as the Great War of Cybertron and beyond.
As information about the ancient times has been scattered and inconclusive, most details in this Timeline have been gathered from the Covenant of Primus (in the possession of Alpha Trion) and the history records of Vector Sigma. Additional details will be added soon to explain the events between the time gaps between the major events.
Ancient Era:
[Approx. 15 Billion Years BCE (Before Common Era)] – The Universe was created. The Forces of Darkness and Light exist in perfect equilibrium. Until
:iconvictortky:victortky 62 50
TFAV Drab 03 RP Purgatory Hell
1030 Hours_
20 December_
Year 2010 A.D._
An Unknown Location_
Section 56 Headquarters_
4 Months later_
(4 months after the events of TFAV Prescue Prez 01, 02 and 03)
~Undisclosed Location, Section 56 Headquarters~
~Mark McAlister watched impassively as the captured offline Decepticons (which are crankcase,Spyglass, Spectro, Viewfinder, Drag Strip, Blot, Skullcruncher, Misfire, Quake, Growl, Powerpunch, Axer, Mechamaster, Nitrodrive, Dirtbag, Skyjack, and Hydradread) were moved into the Section 56 facility through large trucks~
General Robert Hallo (beside Mark McAlister): "poring over the tablet PDA system" ...and that's about it. These were all the Decepticons we have managed to capture with the mindlocker devices. Quite an impressive batch, I must say.
General Lazarus: It's hard to state the potential we humans could learn from those Decepticons, imagine what secrets we could discover by taking them apart...the wealth of information from them is practically endless.
Mark - "Taking th
:iconvictortky:victortky 21 92
Discord Dialtone Prime Profile
Name: Discord/Dialtone Prime
Allegiance: Decepticon (posing as Autobot)
Function: Infiltration and Sabotage/Espionage (Decepticon Spy)
Sub-group: Counter-Intelligence
Alternate Modes: Bulldozer and Cybertronian Tank (similar to Turmoil)
Motto: "You are already dead." (as Dialtone Prime: "I am everywhere, and nowhere.")
Profile: If you have bet your energon that Dialtone Prime has been loyal to the Autobot Cause, you would have already lost your secret to the Decepticon known as Discord. Possessing the ability to alter her exterior design, size and appearance like Punch/Counterpunch, Rosana/Flipsides and Ruination/Longarm Prime, Discord acts as the Decepticons' deep undercover agents behind enemy lines during the Great War. Due to the fact she has a similar protoform mould like Ruination, she was modified and upgraded with the alteration feature to infiltrate the Autobot ranks. Collected, sinister and utterly loyal to Megatron, Discord is a born analyst and strategist at her spar
:iconvictortky:victortky 12 93
TF Profile: Razorsnip
Name: Razorsnip
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Underwater Assault Trooper
Sub-group: Seacon
Alternate Modes: Cybertronian Shark like tri-phibian vehicle (hovercraft, seacraft, submarine) Earth Shark
Motto:  "tick-tock, beat the clock...under the oceans and beyond!"
Profile: Razorsnip, like her brother sky-byte, is an unrelenting hunter among the Seacons. Although she's not as ruthless like the other Seacons, she can be considered an aggressive and brutal fighter in the water at times.  Calm, quite level-headed and analytical in battle, and being serious whenever necessary, Razorsnip distinguishes herself as an exceptionally competent fighter in the Decepticon's sea assault force.  Much like her alternate mode as a shark, she's dangerously efficient in searching for prey to destroy when given an order. But the main thing is that, unlike the other Seacons, she was able to control her animalistic instincts and not succumb to them like Overbite or Snaptrap.&
:iconvictortky:victortky 13 51
TF Profile: Warhead
Name: Warhead
Faction/Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Demolitions and Sabotage
Subgroup: Shockblitzers (Decepticon Heavy Squad)
Alternate Mode: Cybertronian Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck/Tank Hybrid
Motto: "United we stand as Decepticons, together we thrive as Decepticons!"
Profile: Like his sister Eclipse [See Eclipse Profile], the Cybertronian known as Warhead had always looked up to Nova Prime ever since he was born from the Well of Allspark. Because of his admiration of Nova Prime, he aspired to join the military in order to serve Cybertron and the Cybertronians. (Another sparkling was born the same cycle as him, and became his spark sister Eclipse) However, that was not to be the case as he was crudely rejected by the Cybertron Military Academy on the grounds that his trigger-happy nature and temper made him unsuitable for service. Wandering the streets of Cybertron like a outcast, he resorted to a life of transgressions to survive in the streets until he was forced by A
:iconvictortky:victortky 15 57
TF Profile: Eclipse
Name: Eclipse
Faction/Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Infiltration
Subgroup: Shockblitzers (Female Cybertronian)
Alternate Mode: Cybertronian Helicopter/Earth Apache Helicopter
Motto:"Compassion is your greatest strength…but if it breaks you will be without defense"
Profile: Ever since she emerged from the Well of Allspark, Eclipse has been known to embrace the teaching of various Cybertronians, especially the primes. As a sparkling (another sparkling was born on the same cycle as her, and he became Warhead. [See Warhead's profile) , she admired Nova Prime greatly, and considered him the epitome of a leader as she was fascinated by his ideals of expanding Cybertron's culture and technology to other worlds through conquest. She also believed in Nova Prime's ideals of expansion and influencing the course of cosmic events, as well as the fact that cybertronians should be above the other forms of life. This led her to join the cybertronian military through the cybertronian ninja corp
:iconvictortky:victortky 11 79
TF Profile: Warbandit
Name: Warbandit
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Tactician/Air and Ground Commando
Sub-group: Triple Changer
Alternate Modes: Cybertronian Tank/Helicopter (resembles medabot warbandit and a cross of the designs of armada Cyclonus for Helicopter form, and Demolisher for the Cybertronian Tank form)
Motto:  "You just lost the game, Autobot slagheap."
Profile: Originally from the badlands of Cybertron, Warbandit has more or less been a thug all his life, skimming off whenever he could and milking the benefits from whoever he could find, until he was arrested by Autobot Security Forces and put to work in the mines. He, like all the other lowly miners, loathed the dangerous and underpaid working conditions in the mines and smelting pools, and was even angered by the fact the corrupt Autobots are hoarding energon and automating the energon mines and putting them out of jobs.
Warbandit was among the first to witness the cybetronian that killed the senate sentry, who will eventually b
:iconvictortky:victortky 11 25
01. Welcome fellow Starcraft fan, to the Koprulu Sector! How did you get into StarCraft?
02. What's your reaction when you heard the announcement of StarCraft 2?
03. Hell's it's about time! What happened when you finally got your StarCraft 2 set?
04. What's your first impression of Jim/James Raynor when he appeared?
05. Draw the Hyperion shooting across the galaxy!
06. What do you love to do aboard the Hyperion?
07. If you are a crew member, what will be your specialty and why?
08. Who is your favourite character aboard the Hyperion?
09. Why is he/she your favourite character?
10. Draw Tychus Findlay doing something awesome!
11. How do you feel about Matt Horner, raynor's second in command?
12. How do you feel about Dr. Ariel Hanson, the doctor you later picked up?
13. How do you feel about Ego Stetmann, the scientific engineer?
14. And Rory Swann, your ever reliable engineer?
15. Okay, enough about the crew. What's your favourite mission of all the missions in StarCraft 2 and why?
:iconvictortky:victortky 44 66



1. Please read the description and artist's comments before you fav or comment. Much appreciated.

2. Please comment before you fav. Much appreciated.

Here are the pieces of artwork, photographs and writings that I have posted on Deviantart since the day I joined this community. :dance: :dance:


Section One:
Artwork-wise, I can say that most of them are either collobrations or requests done by my friends on DA and at schools and conventions, based on the description and concepts I have created for them. Due to the fact that I am still a novice artist myself, I am unable to draw anything decent for some time. Currently, I am learning to draw better, so if there are any of my own work, it would be either sketches or rough works. Inked pieces or clean pieces may take more time, as drawing is not really my cup of tea. (or slice of cake, or...whatever)


Section Two:
Writing-wise, I am a avid reader of all genres of books and novels, as well as magazines and newspapers. I rarely write stuff on my life, unless it involves important moments in my life and various other matters I am not at liberty to disclose. I enjoy any kind of book, as long as they interest me and provides twists and turns at any moment. My personal favourites include Science Fiction, Fantasy, Thriller, Mystery, Supernatural and perhaps a bit of Romance at times. (I can't believe I typed Romance)

Sometimes I write entire stories, while other times I write some Unrelated drabbles, by which I mean shorts. Connected, unconnected, whatever I feel at that moment, whenever I write it down at will. Some of these would mostly focus on the characters OCs I created in my mind and traces their lives through my imagination. Others will include scenes of my persona interacting with others and my life, among others.

Please note that I have a habit of making my characters too Mary Sue, which I need to kick, so don't be surprised if I created something too overpowered. It would be scaled down and rewritten in time after I have finished up on my life and schoolwork. I promise to catch up on my typing and works whenever time is available to me.

Until then, please understand my problems and assist me whenever needed. A reminder to my watchers and friends (even my visitors), innovative comments as well as constructive criticisms are welcome. Compliments are appreciated, but fawning is undesired. Thank you for your cooperation.


Section Three:
Photography-wise, I am a wanna-be photographer, which means I take pictures either on impulse and at the moment, or seemingly at random. I also take pictures of cosplayers at Cosfests and Cosplay (anime) conventions, as well as gaming fairs and conventions whenever I have a chance to attend them with my friends and family members. About random photographs, I will post them up whatever and whenever I want, so don't be surprised. Other than that, it is mostly routine photography stuff.

About anime photos, you can request for any anime character or convention photo and I will check my collection to see whether I have any relevant photos before posting them up. Oh, and please give this notice to me in a note. Your cooperation is much appreciated.




Random Favourites

Kaleidoscope by jyongyi Kaleidoscope :iconjyongyi:jyongyi 221 20 I love you Peter... by daekazu I love you Peter... :icondaekazu:daekazu 4,911 253 Disaster by JMFenner91 Disaster :iconjmfenner91:JMFenner91 557 30 TF:Ignition - Slipstream (Cybertron Mode) by KrisSmithDW TF:Ignition - Slipstream (Cybertron Mode) :iconkrissmithdw:KrisSmithDW 168 39 TF:Ignition - Slipstream (Cyb Alt Mode) by KrisSmithDW TF:Ignition - Slipstream (Cyb Alt Mode) :iconkrissmithdw:KrisSmithDW 114 8 TF:Ignition - Seeker (Female, Cybertron Mode) by KrisSmithDW TF:Ignition - Seeker (Female, Cybertron Mode) :iconkrissmithdw:KrisSmithDW 93 29 TF:Ignition - Seeker (Male, Cybertron Mode) by KrisSmithDW TF:Ignition - Seeker (Male, Cybertron Mode) :iconkrissmithdw:KrisSmithDW 79 4 TF:Ignition - Seeker (Cyb Alt Mode) by KrisSmithDW TF:Ignition - Seeker (Cyb Alt Mode) :iconkrissmithdw:KrisSmithDW 62 5 CA: Freckled-Ghost by Little-Miss-Boxie CA: Freckled-Ghost :iconlittle-miss-boxie:Little-Miss-Boxie 148 5 THE ONE by Blazbaros THE ONE :iconblazbaros:Blazbaros 83 28 Touch the Stars by BeaGifted Touch the Stars :iconbeagifted:BeaGifted 2,113 65 Happy Valentines DA! by BeaGifted Happy Valentines DA! :iconbeagifted:BeaGifted 93 7 Summoner of Charms by BeaGifted Summoner of Charms :iconbeagifted:BeaGifted 388 7 321-Fast Comics- Pinup by BeaGifted 321-Fast Comics- Pinup :iconbeagifted:BeaGifted 1,096 22
You can find everything I faved so far here since the day I joined Deviantart. (on a side note, I have faved so many thousands of artwork, and since there is more coming in each day, so the exact number of favourites is unknown at best. Anyone can tell me how much I faved?) :D :D

Also included here are my personal collections of many types of artwork, ranging from traditional to digital to 3D and even anime and illustrations, so please feel free to browse them all. Comments Welcome. :) :)

Random from Artworks that inspire me

Jupiter Ascending Aegis by Kamikage86 Jupiter Ascending Aegis :iconkamikage86:Kamikage86 78 3 Jupiter Ascending Aegis Concept Art by Kamikage86 Jupiter Ascending Aegis Concept Art :iconkamikage86:Kamikage86 26 0 Jupiter Ascending Vehicle zero by Kamikage86 Jupiter Ascending Vehicle zero :iconkamikage86:Kamikage86 20 0 Jupiter Ascending Aegis Zero Hanger Bay by Kamikage86 Jupiter Ascending Aegis Zero Hanger Bay :iconkamikage86:Kamikage86 22 0 Jupiter Ascending Aegis Zero Concept by Kamikage86 Jupiter Ascending Aegis Zero Concept :iconkamikage86:Kamikage86 13 0 Jupiter Ascending ZERO Bay Concept by Kamikage86 Jupiter Ascending ZERO Bay Concept :iconkamikage86:Kamikage86 7 0 Jupiter Ascending Assembly Bay 02 by Kamikage86 Jupiter Ascending Assembly Bay 02 :iconkamikage86:Kamikage86 8 0 Jupiter Ascending Aegis Into the Storm by Kamikage86 Jupiter Ascending Aegis Into the Storm :iconkamikage86:Kamikage86 14 0 Jupiter Ascending zero-space-battle by Kamikage86 Jupiter Ascending zero-space-battle :iconkamikage86:Kamikage86 31 0 Stinger Apini being Court Martialed by Kamikage86 Stinger Apini being Court Martialed :iconkamikage86:Kamikage86 20 1 Colored Pencil Elora by bluessence Colored Pencil Elora :iconbluessence:bluessence 86 12 Martyr's Lament by Longinius-II Martyr's Lament :iconlonginius-ii:Longinius-II 648 70 Darth Vader in the universe of Warhammer 40000 by concubot Darth Vader in the universe of Warhammer 40000 :iconconcubot:concubot 1,016 105 Corrin by hybridmink Corrin :iconhybridmink:hybridmink 990 156 Karma by serenity2200 Karma :iconserenity2200:serenity2200 856 24 Varebecca by serenity2200 Varebecca :iconserenity2200:serenity2200 589 14
Here are some of the amazing artworks that inspire me here on Deviantart. Superbly well drawn and coloured, and many of them are my favourite themes.

Random from Anime Couples Collection

Le Wedding by MonicaMarinho Le Wedding :iconmonicamarinho:MonicaMarinho 35 12 Commision: Lylli Characters by UlielArt Commision: Lylli Characters :iconulielart:UlielArt 18 2 Commision: Alec and Elysa by UlielArt Commision: Alec and Elysa :iconulielart:UlielArt 17 12 Commission KandiKiller Couple by UlielArt Commission KandiKiller Couple :iconulielart:UlielArt 47 12 Lux and Ezreal  by DriRose Lux and Ezreal :icondrirose:DriRose 21 5 Dance for Eden and Xavian by DriRose Dance for Eden and Xavian :icondrirose:DriRose 2 2 Lovely CP : Ironhide X Chromia by SherryCai Lovely CP : Ironhide X Chromia :iconsherrycai:SherryCai 50 16 Contest Entry (Kenshin and Kaoru) by Abremson Contest Entry (Kenshin and Kaoru) :iconabremson:Abremson 23 6 Happy holidays 2015 by sandertulk Happy holidays 2015 :iconsandertulk:sandertulk 16 3 Jon Snow and Ygritte by Almost-Human-Cosband Jon Snow and Ygritte :iconalmost-human-cosband:Almost-Human-Cosband 38 3 UMS: Reach Out by red-winged-angel UMS: Reach Out :iconred-winged-angel:red-winged-angel 32 24 Soulmates by itaXita Soulmates :iconitaxita:itaXita 67 13 Gift - I'm Always Here For You by Dawnrex15 Gift - I'm Always Here For You :icondawnrex15:Dawnrex15 10 28 Beauty and Bioshock by AlexORio Beauty and Bioshock :iconalexorio:AlexORio 22 1 COMM_Tidus x Yuna for Alanna by kura-ou COMM_Tidus x Yuna for Alanna :iconkura-ou:kura-ou 398 30
My Collection of various anime couples found around Deviantart. Have to love each and everyone of them.

My Current Writings and Collaborations List (in no order)

NOTE: Updates on my Writings will be conveyed through my monthly deviant journal pending my current life situations. Thank you for your understanding.


Fanfiction Collaboration with :iconcartuneslover16: POST-MU Life's a Scream!

Current Status: Ongoing. Working on Chapter 14 with :iconcartuneslover16:

Fanfic link:…


Fanfiction Collaboration with :iconjswv: RWBY Destiny of Remnant

Current Status: Ongoing. Working on Chapter 74 (aka Third Arc) with :iconjswv:

Fanfic link:…


Please read and enjoy!!


Vanguard: Dragon Dancer Lourdes by Murasaki-Hoshi Vanguard: Dragon Dancer Lourdes :iconmurasaki-hoshi:Murasaki-Hoshi 716 47 WT: Kaden Antellierre by YOU-cee WT: Kaden Antellierre :iconyou-cee:YOU-cee 168 79 .:Waterfalls of Life:. by StarSophi .:Waterfalls of Life:. :iconstarsophi:StarSophi 113 146 Codename : Black Nova by HyaKkiDouR4n Codename : Black Nova :iconhyakkidour4n:HyaKkiDouR4n 967 171 2012 ID Justart27 by JustArt27 2012 ID Justart27 :iconjustart27:JustArt27 207 54 Elle 2011 by ComiPa Elle 2011 :iconcomipa:ComiPa 3,700 152 The Journey by JaneMere The Journey :iconjanemere:JaneMere 7,094 272 MOON FESTIVAL 2010 by DRA9ONS MOON FESTIVAL 2010 :icondra9ons:DRA9ONS 41 30
This pieces of artwork are those which are excellently drawn and coloured, and in addition those artists spent lots of time and effort on it. Hence this is the reason why they caught my eye when I browse through their galleries, and thus I added it on my personal Wishlist. :D :D

My personal favs of these are those dicpicting worlds from the Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery and sometimes non-fiction and meaningful ones. I am spoilt on choice of prints, as there were many that I liked so much!

How I wish I could get a print of my favourite...I wonder who will get one print for me? :aww: :aww:


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Stuff I like

November Ajax from Pacific Rim Uprising

The Primaris Space Marines from Warhammer 40K

"None can stand in our way, for we are the Space Marines."

Deviants I have met so far...

:iconknight-gawain::iconfireflowerfairy::iconalasse-tasartir::iconpsychedelicmind::iconalexiussana::iconlinlilian::iconnymphsis::iconreddotters::iconnicoltan::icontoonikun::iconkunisaki::iconasuka111::iconxforceflowx::iconsonny123::iconpurplegirlz::iconmisterscourge::iconukitakumuki::iconartgerm::iconpcmaniac88::iconknightcat::iconkidchan::iconsakura0104::iconkamcao::iconreryu::iconkaizeru::iconkuridoki::iconjobichi-san::iconsabrinakbc::iconmandachan::icon7411::iconabarai-san::iconaco2099::iconadelya88::iconadpt::iconaeriim::iconahbenx::iconangelz::iconasfeexiated::iconasianrabbit::iconawenya::iconayurism::iconaz3nwr4th3::iconb-photo::iconblackouthart::iconblak-wyte::iconboattyman::iconcellardoorsky::iconchemicalrubber::iconchrisnfy85::iconchymarariot::iconcloudj::iconcopied-my-style::iconcrossword-love::icondablueman::icondark2::icondcwj::icondeathphage::icondumbalena::iconeccentric-ppl::iconelena162::iconelykyon::iconethereal-wing-ed::iconfatalcrash::iconfemaleclaws::iconfirearm-alchemist::iconfiroe::iconfishkro::iconfreaksville::iconfrenchiis::iconbeverii::iconfushidane::iconhaunter93::iconhenshin2005::iconhexlord::iconhikari-snowflake::iconhipponinja::iconzkcats::iconinexistences::iconirinthony::iconixiy::iconjackellice::iconjoyjoyfultherabbit::iconj0rosa::iconkatainawulf::iconkidviolente::iconkittifiedmeow::iconkolout::iconkunkka::iconkuroyanagiyuuri::iconlachrymosaic::iconlawrenceng::iconlcrest::iconlite-angelz::iconluches::iconlucinehellinson::iconmarazaki::iconmashi::iconmegamanexe4::iconminieye::iconmnanda::iconmptribe::iconnakarie::iconnaughtius::iconnicholasngweibin::iconnight-lock::iconnutcase::iconnymphsis::iconoblivionsoul::iconoceanbubble::iconpotatobandit::iconpurpx::iconqadr::iconqueenfunkyta::iconravisk::iconrealmicsorcerer::iconakai-z: :iconredstoner::iconrh89::iconrikukisagari::iconrocketraygun::iconroyalwings::iconrunawaykid::iconsakiaishida::iconscraps-alchemist::iconsdf-2::iconshh-private::iconshinnii::iconshyeazie::iconsikiie::iconsimbaro::iconsinu::iconsligurl::iconsnowskin::iconspu7n1k::iconspykthree: :iconss-oschawolf::iconstartovver::iconste15t::iconstephen::iconfyrokai::icontailartz::icontaintedbliss::icontanfukang::iconbacktobeingteo::iconterminal-insanity::iconterrawindvampire: :iconknight-gawain::iconthenationmaker::icontimothy-sim: :icontogusa208::icontoilet-rollz::icontrainingartist::icontsukibana-yamai::iconubinboy::iconfurryphotos::iconwackofacko::iconwhenthepartyfades::iconzemotion::iconlightningslayer::icondehog::icongarmmon::iconshokujin-fade::icontintinspartan::iconexpressolatte::iconkanushiyo::iconapotheosi::icongunsndolls::iconklaus-nick::icondaiyaku::iconjenocide::iconcircus-usagi::iconhimachan::iconsuki-luna::iconexwhy::icontt022::iconchauyo::icondekaori::iconchibimeli:::iconwoddee::iconharuningster::iconfireflowerfairy::iconcliodx::iconknightcat::iconyue-iceseal::iconpandabaka::icongutango::iconsukiblog::iconumibassist::iconcherlye::iconmickeymlove::iconblueeyes1345::iconlinlilian::iconsobachan::iconrinabyakuran::iconalexiussana::iconapplepie1989::iconkimurashizuka::icondearyuki::iconkunieda::iconalluno::icontwistedfaiths::iconaiko-kamero::iconbluewingxx31::iconroxaslover1::iconsakuratenshi94::iconcookiesncream::iconjingggg::iconxdead-shadowx::iconelfenna::iconsakachan::iconpiyon-pyon::iconswt-team::iconnightxx::iconexwhy::iconxqueenxd::iconmiu-zy::iconrevenant-wingz::icond-a-i-k-o-n::iconnori36::iconb-eckiee::iconkanaunara::iconkarakuri-nin::iconmaskedphantom::icondanz90::iconkagami-shiro::iconkaedemirumo::iconxiiaoiceangel::iconchurien::iconomiyalotus::iconxenoejin::iconsakachan::iconterracottablue::iconangelyxis::iconblacklashjo::iconrescend::iconfrlivodoes::iconathensis::iconholydust::iconrainer-t::iconkazex::iconzerartul::iconayatenshi::iconcerafi::iconhikaraseru::iconyakukaen::icondearttolife::iconararikku::iconunlimystic::iconhexlord::iconmiu-zy::iconkarakuri-nin::iconpurplegirlz::icongarion::iconalasse-tasartir::iconsgdoujinka::iconayanomasaaki::iconsasuke-dragon::iconchemical7colours::icondeoulve::icontruebenj::iconshiroi-hasu::icono--ni::iconsilkhat::iconvotaraswift::iconyestherdey::iconlt-metamorphose-lt:

Gundam Model Kits I would love to have...

RG 1/144 Gundam Mk-II + HG 1/144 Build Gundam Mk-II Kitbash Build - Custom Build Tutorial by Bandai Hobby Site


[[You are looking at my name]]
Name: Victortky (Victor in real life, tky are initials)
Height: 150 - 160cm tall. (GAH, short...)
Weight: 50 - 55 Kilograms.
Hair Colour: Black, Pitch Black
Eye colour: Black
Blood type: B
Hand Usage: Right Handed
Foot Usage: Left Footed

Interests/ likes: Reading, Writing books, Drawing, Dragons, japanese Anime, Computer games, Console Games, Cycling, Swimming, Badminton, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Romance, Mystery, Supernatural stuff, Anime and Game Conventions, creating OCs, insects, animals, space, sea life, geography, history, general affairs, GI JOE, Terminator, Transformers, Linking Park, T.M Revolution, Needless, Anime Girls, Mecha Girls, James Cameron Avatar, other people OCs (too many to specify)

Dislikes: [[CLASSIFIED]]

Description of Persona Self

Who am I? You may surely ask me. My original name has been lost in the spaces of time, and my age is still currently unknown, and so I lived by several aliases. The shape-shifting Writer, the Supreme Commander, the Stormbringer, the Mega-dragon are to name only a few. Few people know of my existence, and even fewer know about my personality or the number of alternate forms I possess. Firstly, I am not even entirely human, but a mixture of several kinds of creatures from the far ends of the Universes I have been to. I have several forms, which I can morph into any of them at will to suit my needs or infiltrate other worlds and parallel Universes. (My contacts called me the shape-shifting Writer)

A mysterious and powerful boy who is closely and loyally guarded by a Fire Ridgeback dragon, and imbueded with a dragon spirit that allows him to become andy dragon form or animal form he wishes and lastly having his vast army of Republic FSOF (First Special Operations Forces) SPEC-OPS forces and powers at his disposal, that is who and what I am.

Alternate Self:

Persona: Victortky and Doragon.

Victortky - First persona to exist, The Other Self of Victor.
Through his imagination and words, worlds were created and destroyed.

Doragon - Eternal Guardian of Victortky, The Lord Protector.
Through his protection and loyalty, ensures the existence of his master.

Inner Circle of Own Characters:

Victor Keys - KeysTech Coporation CEO and Hidden Seraphim.
Through his will and thoughts, entire worlds will change when he made the right choice at the right time.

Zoe - KeysTech Coporation assistant and Computer Specialist.
Through her brillant intelligence and skills, she has the world at her fingertips.

Comwealth - F.S.O.F. Supreme Commander, Delta Team Commander
Through his valorous actions, the freedom of humanity would be secured and achieved.

Diana - F.S.O.F. Special Operative, Oscar Team Commander
Through her gunnery experiences, she will eliminate those who stands in his way.

Prometheus Zeus - Supreme Dragon Lord Protector, EX-I's right hand.
Through his various powers and abilities, he will bring balance with the multi-verse.

Advocator - Single Robot Battalion, Faithful Autobot Commander.
Through his various weapons and alternate modes, he brings salvation to those he protects.

If you want to be in my DA family, please comment and I will add you in! :D :D :) :)

...My DA family...

My Partner-in-crime, Chaos Space Marine and Space Marine Player : :iconklaus-nick:

My Russian Comrade: :iconapotheosi:

My long-lost brother, Tau and Dark Eldar Player: :icongunsndolls:

My online Brother: :iconryuakira:

My online little brother: :iconsnake30h9:

My online Sisters: :iconexuitirteiss: and :iconnadiakiara:

My Fellow Dragon Sister: :iconkhaoseden:

My fellow Transformer/Anime fan/Brother: :iconsketchfan: and :iconslyer0:

My TF AlterVerse co-author and Sister: :icontaiya001:

My Monsters University co-author and Disney Friend: :iconcartuneslover16:

My Assistant Artist and Brother: :iconheatburnman:

My Fellow Transformers Fan Brother: :iconlt-metamorphose-lt:

My Transpotting photography friend: :icontintinspartan:

My Russian Comrade Newcomer: :iconzskyzx:

Fellow Art helpers: (From Republic Polytechnic)

'daiyaku' artgroup

Fellow SP LIFEARTS deviants:

My Warhammer 40K friends:

My Favourite Transformer Artists, inkers and colourists:

...and more to come...

The Three Laws of Robotics and Law 0

0. A robot may not harm humanity or, through inaction, allow humanity to come to harm.

1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.

2. A robot must obey orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.

3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

Introduce yourself and your interests to me and I shall reply you in return. I am pleased to meet everyone here at Deviantart.

deviantWEAR sizing preference: LARGE
Print preference: LARGE
Favourite genre of music: rock, jazz, classical, pop, and an occasional heavy metal (actually too many to specify)
Favourite photographer: my dad and many other Deviantart Photographers
Favourite style of art: angelic, futuristic,ancient,robotic,weird and mystical (and more)
Operating System: Windows 7 Home Edition
MP3 player of choice: Any MP3 that can play my favourite songs.
Shell of choice: Powered Armour or Dragon Scaled.
Wallpaper of choice: Anything that can inspire me.
Skin of choice: mistral kaleidscope
Favourite cartoon character: Master Chief, Optimus Prime, Tyrael. Char Aznable, The Emperor of Mankind, Rogal Dorn, Roboute Guiliman, Imperius, Asuna, Kirito, Takumu, Ichika Orimura, Cecilia Alcott, Usagi Yojimbo, Black Rock Shooter, Jazz, Smokescreen, Soundwave, Agent Washington, Agent Texas, Agent Carolina, Sanguinius, Amuro Ray, Lockon Stratos, Allelujah Haptism, Woolf Enneacle, Obright Lorain, Zeheart Galette, Asemu Asuno, Kou Uraki, Riddhe Marcenas, Leonardo, Donatello. (Too many to specify)
Personal Quote: Patience is the key to success (and more, may change)

“We do not know what our chances of survival are, so we fight as if they were zero. We do not know what we are facing, so we fight as if it was the dark gods themselves. No one will remember us now and we may never be buried beneath Titan, so we will build our own memorial here. The Chapter might lose us and the Imperium might never know we existed, but the Enemy — the Enemy will know. The Enemy will remember. We will hurt it so badly that it will never forget us until the stars burn out and the Emperor vanquishes it at the end of time. When Chaos is dying, its last thought will be of us. That is our memorial — carved into the heart of Chaos. We cannot lose, Grey Knights. We have already won.”

~ Grey Knight Justicar Alaric.

The Canticle of Absolution of the Grey Knights

Et Templars Mysteria aux Ordo Malleus

Praise the Emperor for his sacrifice,
as He endures so shall we.
We who are Hunters of Daemons,
shall strive in his name eternally.

We the Order of the Hammer,
shall delve into the Dark Shadows.
We shall seek out the Tainted,
we shall pursue the Vilest Evil.

It is we who stand guard,
our Eternal Watch shall not fail.
For we are the Ordo Malleus!

We Grey Knights are the Hammers,
we slay the Darkness without fear.
Founded in great mystery we were,
Chapter six hundred and sixty six.

Though on Titan we be hidden,
yet our eyes encompass the Galaxy.
No Devil shall elude our gaze,
no Daemon shall elude its Fate.

We shall be the Keepers Immortal,
all Secrets shall be our Knowledge.
We are the Guardians of Mankind!

Caution and secrecy are our code,
watchfulness and patience are our way.
Hidden from the Eyes of Chaos,
we strike without warning or dread.

Though we find ourselves in Shadows,
no Blackness will enter our Hearts.
No treachery will touch our souls,
no pride will sully our thoughts.

We shall be Pure amongst Impurity,
we shall be Innocence amongst Guilt.
We are the Imperium’s Hidden Saviours!

We are spread across the Heavens,
our watch is untiring and ceaseless.
The Emperor shall guard our Souls,
as we Guard those of others.

Our will shall be our weapons,
our faith shall be our armour.
Our minds will be secure fortresses,
no Temptation will weaken our resolve.

Though unnumbered lurking perils await us,
our blades will ever be ready.
For we are the Emperor’s Vengeance!

Masters of all weapons are we,
no defence exists against our wrath.
With the Nemesis shall we fight,
with an Aegis to shield us.

In bloodshed shall we save Mankind,
Death shall be our Everlasting Creed.
War Unending shall be our Fate,
in battle shall we be steeped.

We shall be unstinting in Hatred,
we shall hunger for Holy War.
For we are Swords of Justice!

When all flee in hideous disarray,
strong and sound shall we stand.
Cowardice is wholly unknown to us,
our courage comes from the Emperor.

Unbowed and unshaken against all foes,
we shall claim victory with blood.
Steady and surely we hunt them,
those who dare oppose our wrath.

Death stalks us in many forms,
the grotesque and the utterly inhuman.
We are the Bringers of Hope!

Bloody battles unending constantly await us,
redemption the reward for our vigilance.
When Possession rears its unspeakable head,
ours is the blade that descends.

When Empyrean Horrors invade our realm,
our Exorcisms shall hurl them back.
There is no Chaos spawned horror,
which can resist our indomitable anger.

With undaunted courage we shall prevail,
no arcane magicks shall overcome us.
We are the Bearers of Victory!

No corruption shall blemish our Galaxy,
no Immaterial Fiend shall be spared.
No Malevolent Spirit will oppose us,
no Creation of Sin shall survive.

No Unholy Deed shall go Unpunished,
all Blasphemous Acts shall be Atoned.
No Spawn of Misrule shall avoid us,
all are banished to the Void.

Nothing shall evade our Cleansing Fire,
not Daemon or Spawn or Renegade.
For we are Mankind’s Divine Blade!

Heavenly Blessings are laid upon us,
the Warp is ours to Tame.
Though Sorceries shall be against us,
no Witchcraft will bring our Doom.

Though Spell or Incantation blocks us,
the Emperor shall see us Victorious.
No Hex can overcome our determination,
our resolve is strong as steel.

Sigils and wards shall watch over us,
prayers shall serve as our Guide.
For we are the Emperor’s Chosen!

There is much darkness awaiting us,
yet the Emperor lights our path.
Falsehood surrounds us at every turn,
yet no Traitor shall confound us.

No despicable trickery will thwart us,
no Damnation shall bring us low.
There is no peace for us,
for an eternity we will strive.

Though mere mortals in His service,
everlasting shall be our True Duty.
Et Imperator Invocato Diabolis Daemonica Exorcism!

— The Canticle of Absolution of the Grey Knights, known as the Six Hundred and Sixty Six Secret Words. Source: corrupted datafile 0/223/Inq\6a

"One unbreakable shield against the coming darkness, One last blade forged in defiance of fate, Let them be my legacy to the galaxy I conquered, And my final gift to the species I failed."

— Inscription upon the Arcus Daemonica, attributed to the Emperor of Mankind.

"While vile mutants still draw breath, there can be no peace. While obscene heretics' hearts still beat, there can be no respite. While faithless traitors still live, there can be no forgiveness."

— Silver Skulls, Catechism of Hate, Verse I of XXV

In memory of a great man named Stan Lee...

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 14, 2018, 7:21 PM

Image result for stan lee

On Monday 12 November 2018, a great and fantastic man known as Stan Lee, the father of the comic world, passed away. 

He has created wonderful worlds filled with amazing superheroes and superheroines, and made amusing cameos in all of the cartoon and live action movies I loved.

Rest in peace, Stan Lee. You have given us so much and we are eternally grateful for what you have done.

Please share what you remember about Stan Lee in the comments below as well, and I shall share with you mine. Thank you!

  • Listening to: Overwatch Soundtracks
  • Reading: Selected Fanfictions
  • Watching: Game Videos
  • Playing: Starcraft 2
  • Eating: Fruits
  • Drinking: Milk Tea

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Just curious, what are your anime and Western Animation OTP (one true pairing) couples and why? (Comments Appreciated!!) 

3 deviants said Here are my fav anime couples! (Comments Appreciated!)
1 deviant said Tell me yours and I will tell you mine! (Comments Appreciated!!)
No deviants said Here are my fav Western Animation Couples (Comments Appreciated!!)


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Favourite Artists, Fanfiction writers, and Respected Superiors



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