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Amateur and professional photographers from all over the world are encouraged to submit photos to Camera Obscura. The deadline for submissions for the next issue is Nov 25, 2008.

Submission Guidelines
This is the way to submit photos to Camera Obscura:
You have an idea!
If you have an idea about a documentary that you want to take photos about, or you have already worked on a topic, please send sample portfolio to and we will respond back with our comments.

Submission Steps
To submit your photos, please follow the following 5 steps:
Step 1: Decide on a topic
Step 2: Take high resolution photos of the theme (5 to 15 photos), making sure you capture the date, location, and a short information about the individual shots (no more than 10 words, like a caption that describe each picture).
Step 3: Send a low resolution version of all your photos to: or (better).
Step 4: You will receive an email reply requesting specific photos
Step 5: Send the high resolution requested photos to: or
When submitting photos, it is always a good idea to keep in mind how the final set of pictures will end up being presented in the magazine.

Resolution Requirements
In general, the higher the resolution of the picutes, the better. The ideal resolution would be 25cm x 35cm at 300 dpi. However, we do realize that not a lot of you have the equipment or the memory capacity to hold such large file sizes. Hence, please make sure that you set your camera settings to the maximum resolution you could afford. Low resolution files might become pixelized when enlarged. The preferred picture file format is JPEG (.jpg)

If you have any questions, suggestions, reclamations please email me at
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Submitted on
November 19, 2008