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Bion Mare
A dark outfit.

A drawing like this one can cost you only 5! let me know if you are interested
Victor's Modern Life
Simic and I decided to collaborate in a drawing, I made the lines and he the color. Here's the result.
Just a silly idea I had. I wanted to make more drawings before continuing with my comic, but I think my comic will be the next thing, has been four months!

If you want this style with your character can be yours for ten dollars, a sketched reference included for free and you can add a character for half of the price!

you can contact me here or by telegram
Francis Lynx and Victor Squirrel
A friend, my closest friend, we were chatting and sometimes we imagine scenes than it doesn't come true always. He suggested a moment when he was reading out loud and I was drawing.

That kind of things doesn't happen. I see him once per month and chat once a week. He's my bestie and asked me to be boyfriends but I refused (I don't know If I'm capable of those things, I 've never had a boyfriend or girlfriend).

But I made it for the love and friendship day this February 14 (thank God this day join both, love and friendship so I don't need to define this). He loved it. Also, I developed his fursona. Maybe he wasn't furry in the beginning but he's now.

I've seen this russian animated trilogy and I liked. The first time I saw on cable but the channel didn't said how the movie is called. I instantly fell in love with his protagonist Orm and with the pantless design of the furry trolls. Later I could know how it's called and downloaded the three movies.


The first one is Snow Queen: the Magic Mirror. A mirror maker make one with magic and leave it with his little daughter Gerda before be congelated with his wife. Gerda and his brother grow don't know about that in an orphanate. The Snow Queen froze the mirror maker to defeat it. Orm serves the Snow Queen and be instructed to take Gerda and his brother with she to defeat them too, but changes his mind and helps Gerda to defear the Snow Queen.


Orm is magical, transform himself in a weasel, can drink poison without be poisoned (only provoke him gases) and with enough inspiration transforms into a polar bear.


This movie is very different to American movies, they don't sing. Maybe is a little flat for some audiences, and is an adventure but every moment where can be a joke is, with a simple comedy. Orm evolves as character too.


The second movie is maybe the best one: Snow Queen: the Snow King. Orm after defeat Snow Queen, find the rest of the trolls who are frozen and unfreeze them anonimously, only knowing him by his back and ass (and made a monument of it!). But Orm can't say he saves them all so shuts up and work as a miner, but at trying to earn more money to please his forgetful grandmother at taking her to a concert, falls on his job, so he began to lie, to his grandma, to the bank man and his boss, even Luta (a weasel pet) bit him every time he lies. So he decides to say he saved them all from the snow queen saying nothing about gerda (another lie), but she catches him lying again. The king of the trolls believe on him a little and commissioned him and other trolls to defeat the snow queen again who it seems to come back, but it really is a copy of him feeded with his lies. Every body is being frozen again by snow king and then Orm realizes how to defeat him: telling the truth, so the snow king comes back to the mirror. At the end, the king recognizes him by his heroics acts, and ask the hand of Orm's grandmother, and everybody forgives him.


This movie is lovely because Orm goes from humble, and have economic problems. I missed that he became a weasyl, he's more mundane and less magical now. Is nice to see a bunch of cute trolls, many of them with toony design.


The third movie is Snow Queen: Fire and Ice. It began with the story of an Spanish kid who wants to be a legend, he grows and find Gerda and her brother, who live at giving conferences of how they defeat the Snow Queen. He's fascinated with Gerda, who is mad at his brother because they promised don't say that they are the legends who defeat Snow Queen but Gerda say it. Gerda and this Spanish boy who name is Rolland (I had to google it) had adventures together, but looking for a legend they free two demons and be possesed of them, Gerda is possesed for the Snow Queen and Rolland by a fire demon. They ask for help to Orm while they discover they powers, and try to quit thjs possession, they know how to in the magic library and it works, but only for Gerda because Rolland don't follow the instructions, he really wants to be a legend, even being a villain and almost kills Gerda. Gerda is saved and everybody atacks this fire demon until is defeated, at the end the Gerda's parents are finally unfreezed and everybody happy.


This is maybe the worst movie of the trilogy. Maybe, after an unexpected success on foreing countries they tried to make it more occidental, and included mascots like minions (bits of coal).


Orm is not a protagonist anymore, just appears a little. He's babysitting three little trolls, and is nice to see it, but I prefer the other two movies.


After watch any movie, I feel love for Orm because is handsome for me, but also I like his personality. In the first movie is lonely, in the second is poor, misunderstood and only wants to take care of his grandmother (a bit like me) and in the third is paternal taking care of troll childrens (not of him). In the second movie the prize is the hand of the princess but he is not very interested. In the third he got relatives childrens but are not of him and still single, maybe is gay?


Is because it I made him my husbando xD and the plus is not a famous character (I'm a bit of hipster)


I've liked some characters, specially:


Trix rabbit from the cereal xD

Hector from Chaseur du dragons

Horton from Horton and the Who's

Sylvia from Wander over Yonder

Junior from Storks

Bluejay by Zaush

Dinosaur Train from Troodon town

Mr Gus from Uncle Grandpa

and now

Orm from The Snow Queen


I hope you want to see the movies and like them, and for me I going to draw him with my fursona. I draw fanart in my accounts Netzuke on FA and IB, and Netzuke1 on DA and I've drawn Orm


(the same art)……



but now I'll drawing him with my fursona. I hope you like it.


Víctor Leason
Hola LOL


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