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To the waterfall


Here is my personal work done for fun and practise for improving my skill.
The concept is about a little cupid need to go to the waterfall with his friend (maybe myself ). The waterfall is on the back of the creature (tutle + land) it's name is the World. It will come at that place one time per 86 years. So they really need to be there hehe.
I'm not sure exactly where is that place in the picture and I think maybe it is on the heaven (not sure) anywahere it is very happinese place becouse I was very enjoy when I painted this one.

I have add the detail and some process on [link](Imagination of Victorior)
and you can follow me on My [link](Facebook)

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Wow !! Brilliant ! :nod: 
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This is so cool in so many ways! I love the playful, colorful and relaxed ambient of this picture!
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amazing wonderland
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Damn, this is amazing. I get a nostalgic feel from looking at this piece... like something from my dreams as a kid.
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you are my hero
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This is simply amazing.
Your imagination, creativity and drawing/painting skill are outclassing. Awesome work!! :D
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Your work is absolutely astpunding and captivating! What a breath-taking piece and extraordinary talent you have! Keep it up <3
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I like this one too.
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MORE than that. <3
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this is amazing
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I loved your clouds, they're amazing :squee: 
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what an extremely awesome view'!!
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It is like you got it from a mine dream. I love it. Very Good Job.
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Wow just wow its a turtle with an island on its back and its just well its just........ i can't think of a word to describe it :iconawwwplz:
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What imagination!
This is nothing less than amazing: I really like it!
You can bet this is going in my favorites. :dance:
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Adding yourself to this picture is what makes it so loveable.
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:D "Daddy, come on! Let's go, let's go!" LOL! I love it. I can't stop looking at it.
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Really nice :)
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