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Imagination about King of Naga

I had inspiration from legend of Nagas in Thailand and imagine about it while I was swimming in a pool. Concept about Naga lives in the water (sea), when it exhales, breath become cloud in the water and made the sky in the water become a new underwater world. And the boy need to swim with Naga after he found the new world....(There are some temple on the new world that I'm not sure, where is that place) I had inspiration about composition from my old work. Done by Photoshop cs2.

There are some more detail and story behind Here*
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Whoah! So awesome! I'm listening to your interview with Bobby Chiu on Youtube and had to pause to check out your work. Love it! :)
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amazing!!!!Clap Love :D (Big Grin) 
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wonderful amazing
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It's wonderfull ! Your work is really awesome !! *-* 
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It's so hard to decide which one is best, between (Running Rainbow, Making Of Water, Refreshment From The Moon) and this.
Your specialty appears to be the clouds. I can imagine what a Deviation of Super Mario Galaxy might look like, coming from you.
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Looks so amazing, i love it :)
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OMG OMG OMG its like coming to life :O
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Great work on this one too
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OMG that is awsome
i really love your work dude
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Too good to be true
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I'm in Thailand RIGHT NOW and have seen hundreds of nagas all around the wats. They're weird and mystical things, aren't they?
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Sea dragon!!! I love the color work.
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interezante historia
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This is a gorgeous illustration of the myth. Thanks for sharing.
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Thank you, Wnachana!!! Excelent work!!!!
I've published it on a Mahbharata chapter on, with a link to this page. You're awesome!!!!

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beautiful work, love it!
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English isn't your natural language is it.
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OMG! this is fu*king amazing! :O
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