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SSB - Goodbye Despair - Ch 2 - Class Trial
"Let's start with an explanation of the class trial," Monokuma started, "During the trial you will present arguments for who the killer is, and vote for 'whodunnit'. If you vote correctly, only the blackened will be punished and you will continue living your normal life here. But if you pick wrong, I'll punish everyone besides the blackened, and that person will be allowed to graduate."
"I think we should discuss the cause of death," Dr. Mario suggested.
"The Monokuma file said it was poison," Pichu remembered, "In that case, someone must have found poison somewhere."
"Are there even any places where we could find poison?" Mewtwo asked.
"His food might have been rotten," Nana answered, "Maybe that's the poison?"
"We'd be dead too if that was the case," Sheik told the young girl.
"What if Mr. Game & Watch was allergic to an ingredient he used? We don't know what the food on this island is made of," Ganondorf said.
"Upupu! All the food here is organic! Nothing added. There aren't any
:iconvictoriathekitty:Victoriathekitty 1 1
SSB - Goodbye Despair - Ch 2 - Deadly Life
Duncan wished he had been dreaming. But the loud body discovery announcement assured him that this was not the case.
Duncan knew he had to investigate. Everyone's lives depended on it. Duncan looked at the Monokuma pad to learn more about what had happened.
Truth Bullet #1 Mr. Game & Watch's death was caused by some type of poison. He died at around 1 pm.
Duncan checked Game & Watch's body to search for clues. The man's body seemed intact. He showed no cuts or bruises. Nothing that indicated that poison had been injected into his system.
Truth Bullet #2 Mr. Game & Watch's body is intact. There are no signs of any kind of injury.
Duncan continued examining the bathroom. He flew up and noticed the window was closed. Hadn't Sheik installed a trap?
Truth Bullet #3 The bathroom window is closed.
The more he examined the bathroom, the more he noticed that nothing was out of place. It was as though no one besides Mr. Game & Wa
:iconvictoriathekitty:Victoriathekitty 0 0
SSB - Goodbye Despair - Ch 2 - Daily Life
Duncan woke up early. The duck decided to go flying around the island. He passed next to Rocketpunch Market and saw that Popo's body wasn't there anymore. Everything had been cleaned up, it was as though nothing had ever happened.
*Bing Bong Ding Dong*
"It's 7 am! Time to wake up you little brats! Have a nice tropical day!"
Duncan went to the restaurant to get breakfast. Game & Watch had made waffles for everyone.
Duncan sat with Nana and Pichu until Monokuma took a seat beside him.
"I can't believe someone took out one of my Monobeasts!" the bear complained.
"Monobeast?" Nana asked.
"The robot! Geez, kids these days have no respect! I'm leaving, fuck you all!"
The bear left as Monomi appeared. She explained that she had spent the night fighting against a Monobeast and destroyed it. This meant the students could explore a new island.
"Let's go explore this new island!" Pichu cheered.
The students headed to the gate of the second island. Duncan noti
:iconvictoriathekitty:Victoriathekitty 1 0
Dem Fire Emblem Lords by Victoriathekitty Dem Fire Emblem Lords :iconvictoriathekitty:Victoriathekitty 4 2
SSB - Goodbye Despair - Ch 1 - Class Trial
"Let's start with an explanation of the class trial," Monokuma started, "During the trial you will present arguments for who the killer is, and vote for 'whodunnit'. If you vote correctly, only the blackened will be punished and you will continue living your normal life here. But if you pick wrong, I'll punish everyone besides the blackened, and that person will be allowed to graduate."
"You can't just copy and paste!" Monomi screamed as everyone ignored her.
"I think we should start with why Popo wasn't in his room," Sheik suggested.
"Maybe he was kidnapped?" Nana said.
"But how would the killer enter his room?" Pichu asked.
"The killer could have knocked on the door or maybe Popo went out," Ganondorf shrugged.
Hunter knew exactly what was wrong with that statement and didn't hesitate to refute it.
"No, that's wrong! Popo knew that he wasn't supposed to open his door or go out at night."
"So, how exactly did he get killed? Did the killer come in from the window?"
"I'm not sure. Nana,
:iconvictoriathekitty:Victoriathekitty 0 0
SSB - Goodbye Despair - Chapter 1 - Deadly Life
Investigation Time had started. Most of the students were unsure about what to do. Some left in groups and others went alone to look for clues.
Duncan turned on his e-handbook to look for a note taking feature. He found one called Truth Bullet that allowed him to take notes.
Monokuma told everyone to look at the Monokuma File which contained information about the deceased boy.
Truth Bullet #1 Popo died during the night. He fell to his death.
Duncan and Hunter started looking at the dead body which had once belonged to their friend. Hunter found a note in one of Popo's pockets. It was covered in blood and barely legible.
"Meet me?" Hunter read out loud, "Monokuma..."
Truth Bullet #2 Popo had a note in his pocket. The note is covered in blood and the only legible words are "meet me" and "Monokuma".
"We should probably look around Rocketpunch Market," Hunter suggested.
Duncan agreed and the two friends searched for anything of interest. They went to the b
:iconvictoriathekitty:Victoriathekitty 0 0
SSB - Goodbye Despair - Ch.1 - Daily Life
Hunter stared at his e-handbook with contempt. He had been so excited and Monokuma had to ruin it for everyone. The bear had managed to ruin what would have been a great opportunity to make friends and share many great memories. The dog couldn't forgive him, he'd make sure not to allow anyone to kill.
Hunter switched on his e-handbook to see if Monokuma had changed anything. He read the rules section which was new and decorated with many drawings of Monokumas.
Rule #1 The teacher may not interfere with the students unless a rule is broken.
Rule #2 After a body discovered, there will be a period of investigation followed by a trial. Participation is mandatory, unless the teacher gives permission to sit it out.
Rule #3 If the blackened is exposed, they alone shall be executed.
Rule #4 If the blackened is not exposed, the whitened will all be executed.
Rule #5 As a reward, the surviving blackened will be allowed t
:iconvictoriathekitty:Victoriathekitty 2 0
SSB - Goodbye Despair - Prologue
Farewell Despair Academy
Prologue - Back to Despair Academy
Darkness is all he can see.
"Are you okay?" a worried voice asks.
He opens his eyes and sees light. After a few seconds, an image is formed. A worried duck is looking at him.
"Hey? You're opening your eyes! You look tired, we should get you something to eat…"
He starts to lose consciousness again.
"Oh, no! I'll get a doctor, please be okay!"
What's going on? Where am I? What happened to me? Why am I tired? I need to remember!
Hunter's life changed in August. He had woken up to a very happy mother and father. The older dogs told their pup that he had been accepted into Hope's Peak Academy as the Ultimate Hunter. Hunter couldn't believe his eyes when his parents showed him the letter. He couldn't have been happier.
Hope's Peak Academy was the hardest school to enter. You could only enter if the school scouted you. Very few people got chosen. Th
:iconvictoriathekitty:Victoriathekitty 1 0
SSB - Hope and Despair - Epilogue
It's over… It's all over…
I could feel the air getting thinner with every passing second. Zelda hadn't lied about the air purification system.
I looked at everyone and they smiled at me.
We all stood in front of the main gate. It was silent. Nobody could find any words to say. Not that I would blame them, I was speechless.
This hall was where we had all me for the first time during this killing game. The first time everyone from class N64 was standing together during the killing game. When all of us were still alive.
But it was all over. We couldn't just stand in front of the gate forever.
"Link, I think you should open the gate!" Jigglypuff cheered, "If it weren't for you, we wouldn't have made it this far."
Everyone else agreed with the pink puff and looked at me.
I took the control out of my pocket and smiled at them.
"Will it-a really work?" Luigi asked.
"I don't see why it wouldn't," Cloud answered.
"Part of me is scared to see the world outside," Captain Falcon admitt
:iconvictoriathekitty:Victoriathekitty 2 0
SSB - Farewell Despair Academy - Cover by Victoriathekitty SSB - Farewell Despair Academy - Cover :iconvictoriathekitty:Victoriathekitty 1 0
SSB - Goodbye Despair - The Epic Trailer
From the author who brought you The Academy of Hope and the Fighters of Despair. Comes the sequel which is the only reason you even read the original because it promised Melee characters.
"You know… When I came to this academy, I didn't imagine we'd go on a school trip on the very first day," Duck said gracefully.
"Can't complain. It ain't everyday ya get a bonus vacation," Dog replied.
"I just wish…"
"What do ya wish, Duck?"
"I wish we weren't on a deserted island on which everyone agrees that if we run out of food, I'll be the first one they eat!"
But the audience wanted smash 4 characters more.
Bowser was at the beach staring at mechanical parts when Ganondorf walked up to him.
"Why aren't you fixing that thing?" the green man asked.
"It's just… I don't think my real talent is being a mechanic. It's like someone gave us the wrong talents. I've always had servants fix things for me."
:iconvictoriathekitty:Victoriathekitty 1 0
SSB - Hope and Despair - Chapter 6 - Class Trial 2
"… No one wants to join despair?" the mastermind said in shock before laughing, "How despair-inducing!"
"Just what are you planning?" Samus asked but Zelda ignored her.
"You know… You didn't get to do your recap, Link. Why don't you do it now?"
I sighed as I was left with no other option.
"When we entered Hope's Peak. We met Zelda who presented herself as the Ultimate Magician. What we didn't know was that she was the mastermind working with her relative. After the fourth trial, the victim's memories started to return. Zelda decided that she need to act fast. She gave us a motive which prohibited us from sleeping. We all ended up in the cafeteria and Zelda made us coffee with sleeping pills in it. Once everyone fell asleep, Zelda went to the dojo to take a wooden sword. She returned to the data processing room and knocked out her victim. She then thought of how to kill her victim. She rushed to the greenhouse and took a pickaxe which she used to bash her victim's head. Zeld
:iconvictoriathekitty:Victoriathekitty 1 0
SSB - Hope and Despair - Chapter 6 - Class Trial 1
"It's time for the final trial," Monokuma started, "The rules will be different this time. If you find out who really killed Zelda and solve this school's mystery, you win. If not, I'll win and you will be punished with the most despairing execution."
"If we win… Will you execute yourself?" Samus asked.
"I sure will! Now, who killed Zelda?"
"It was obviously you!" Jigglypuff shouted.
"Moi? How dare you?"
"Ignore him, he's an idiot," Cloud sighed, "We should try to figure out who could be the mastermind."
"It could be anyone in here!" Captain Falcon whined, "There's nothing that proves it isn't one of you!"
"Did you-a guys-a forget? There are-a two masterminds," Luigi reminded everyone.
"In that case," I started, "One of them isn't here."
"But-a why?"
Monokuma's here, so…
"Because one of them has to control Monokuma from the control room!"
"I remember!" Jigglypuff gasped, "There was a button to control Monokuma. So, at least one of the masterminds has to be here."
:iconvictoriathekitty:Victoriathekitty 1 0
SSB - Hope and Despair - Chapter 6 - Deadly Life
The room was silent as everyone took in the news about the mastermind's true talent. Jigglypuff was the first to speak up.
"So… Does this mean one of us here is the Ultimate Despair?"
"I'm not sure," I answered, "The mastermind could have faked their death or execution and might be hiding."
"I think we should get out of here before trying to solve this mystery," Kirby sighed.
"He's right," Samus agreed, "I can't stand this disgusting smell."
We all agreed to leave. Kirby took out the Monokuma key and opened a door in the back of the room. We entered another room with a ladder. I was first to start climbing and the others followed soon after.
I felt nervous thoughts fill my head and started climbing faster to ignore them. By the time I had made it to the top, I was out of breath. I looked up and saw a trap door.
I opened it and discovered we were in the garbage disposal room. I helped the others up and started discussing what to do afterwards.
"We should probably go to the gym. Th
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SSB - Hope and Despair - Chapter 5 - Class Trial
"Let's start with an explanation of the class trial," Monokuma started, "During the trial, you will present arguments for who the killer is, and vote for 'whodunnit'. If you vote correctly, only the blackened will be punished and you will continue living your normal life here. But if you pick wrong, I'll punish everyone besides the blackened, and that person will be allowed to graduate."
I guess it makes sense now why he always says that...
"We should start by discussing who could be the killer," Samus suggested.
"Well, we discovered Zelda's body a bit after 7 am," Jigglypuff recalled.
"But if she died during the night, it could still be anyone."
"There's got to be a way to narrow down the suspects. There must be a reason the killer decided to kill her and not someone else."
"Seeing as how the motive didn't target anyone in particular, the killer couldn't have chosen randomly," Cloud noted.
"Maybe it's because she made coffee and the killer hated coffee!" Captain Falcon shoute
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SSB - Hope and Despair - Chapter 5 - Deadly Life
The five of us stared at Zelda's body in confusion. Shouldn't the dead body announcement be playing?
"Hey, there's a weird key here!" Kirby pointed out before picking up a blue key.
"We should try looking for what door it opens," Cloud suggested.
"Aren't we supposed to investigate Zelda's murder?" Jigglypuff asked.
"If there's no announcement, there's no need."
We tried opening all the locked doors we could find in the school. In the end, we managed to open the data processing room.
When we entered, we saw many screens and a Monokuma door. On the screens, we could see every room in the school. It seemed we were in the surveillance room.
"Hey, there are Samus and Luigi. They're still sleeping," Jigglypuff giggled.
"I think this is the mastermind's lair," Cloud said.
"Yeah, in here they can see everything that's happening," I agreed.
"We should search for clues in here," Kirby suggested.
We looked around the room and found many computers. We couldn't access any because they were all pass
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New deviations :3




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Don't do requests anymore (too lazy and unmotivated)

Hi I'm Victoria and I like drawing stuff

My hobby is shipping XD


Countries I've lived in:
Denmark Stamp by phantom Japan Stamp by phantom Germany Stamp by phantom Mexico Stamp by phantom Switzerland Stamp by phantom

Languages I speak:
Language stamp: Sarcasm lvl expert by Alpanu French lang 1 by Faeth-design Stamp: German Language Intermediate by MafiaVamp American English language level NATIVE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Mexican Spanish Language Level: Native by LoveRunsRed Danish language level INTERMEDIATE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy JP Language Level stamp2 by Faeth-design

Programs I use:
Stamp - Paint Tool Sai User by firstfear Stamp - Photoshop User by firstfear Stamp - PhotoshopElements User by firstfear Stamp - Flash User by firstfear Stamp - Tablet User by firstfear Stamp - Pencil+Paper User by firstfear

My birthday badge

Stamp: One Way Speech by 8manderz8 Free Speech by opinionsNstamps Refusing To Use Pronouns Should Not Be A Crime by TheArtFrog Discrimination Is Utter Stupidity by TheArtFrog Sexism Works Both Ways by TheArtFrog Diversity Should Not Be Forced by TheArtFrog

[X] Your favorite color is red
[/] You love the spotlight
[ ] You love to help people
[ ] You dislike reptiles 
[X] You have a twin/younger sibling
[X] You are good at many different things/a good multi-tasker
[ ] You always wear a hat
[ ] Wherever you go, you always run into trouble
[X] People consider you lucky, and are sometimes jealous of you
[ ] You're good with fire 
Total - 4.5

[ ] Your favorite color is green
[ ] You often don't get enough attention
[X] You have a dark side
[ ] You are timid
[ ] You believe in ghosts
[X] You like to tell long, humorous stories
[ ] People often forget your name
[ ] You have a twin/older sibling 
[ ] You always wear a hat
[X] You are often unsure of yourself
Total - 3
[ ] Your favorite color is pink 
[ ] You're very girly
[ ] You're a blonde
[ ] People often assume you're ditzy
[X] You love to bake
[ ] You love romance 
[ ] You wish you were a princess
[ ] You have had a bad experience with a reptile
[ ] You often wind up as the "damsel-in-distress"
[ ] You often carry an umbrella or a parasol
Total - 1

[ ] Your favorite color is yellow and/or orange 
[X] You are a tomboy
[ ] You love gardening
[ ] You excel at sports 
[ ] People often think you're pretty
[X] You know just how to annoy people
[ ] You are a bit clumsy
[X] People often fear you because you're tough
[ ] You are forced to wear girly clothing
[ ] You are often seen as a "clone" of one of your other friends
Total - 3

[ ] You have a strong back
[ ] You're usually hungry
[X] One of your favorite foods is fruit
[X] You love rainbows 
[ ] You're always happy to help
[ ] You NEVER eat eggs. Ever. 
[X] You like dragons and/or dinosaurs 
[ ] You have known someone famous since they were very young
[ ] You are very brave
[ ] You will eat almost anything 
Total - 3

[ ] People are often annoyed by you
[X] People often think you're cute
[ ] One/some/all of your friends look similar to you
[ ] You have someone in your life you try your best to protect
[ ] You like to wear large hats
[ ] You are easily frightened
[ ] You can have a bit of an attitude 
[ ] You wish you could do more to help 
[X] You are capable of more than people would think
[/] You are very peaceful
Total - 2.5

[ ] You have many enemies
[X] You like reptiles
[ ] You wish you could breathe fire
[X] You feel like you never win
[ ] You have a crush on someone who hates you 
[ ] You have people who do whatever you want
[ ] You love spikes 
[ ] You have a very, VERY short temper 
[X] You are/want to be evil 
[X] You hide your true feelings
Total - 3

[X] Your favorite color is aqua
[X] You have really cool hair 
[X] You love outer space
[X] You are very calm
[ ] You are very motherly 
[ ] You have a very sad past
[X] You have younger relatives who live with you
[ ] You love "story time"
[X] You are sometimes very mysterious
[ ] You are kind, patient, helpful... let's just say you're going 
to heaven FOR SURE. 
Total - 6

[ ] Your favorite color is yellow
[ ] Someone has once called you a bully
[ ] Some people think you're disgusting
[ ] You fart a lot
[X] You are greedy or have been called greedy by someone else
[ ] You are obese 
[ ] You have a rival
[ ] You own a motorcycle
[X] You want to have a superhero/villain form
[ ] You run your own company
Total - 2

[X] You love monkeys
[ ] Your favorite food is a banana 
[ ] You like to wear ties
[ ] You wish you lived in the jungle
[ ] You are very strong [ ] You live with a relative that's not a parent or sibling
[ ] You like barrels... for some reason.
[ ] You have a large, close family
[ ] You like to play the bongos
[ ] Some people say you're not so smart 
Total - 1

I'm Rosalina :)

meme 2:

1. Who is your favorite Nintendo character?
Kirby and Link

2. What Nintendo couple do you support the most?
Pretty much everything and anything

3. How many Nintendo Games games do you have?
Over 20 games, not sure of the exact number

4. What Nintendo character would you want to date?

5. When did you first start liking Nintendo games?
The first nintendo game I played was Donkey Kong Country 2 on game boy in like 2005. It was my only nintendo game and console until 2013. Before 2013 I had owned a PSP but never really played it as much. I had a friend who had a Wii and I played at her house a few times, I had a good time but never got to play that much.
I liked to collect some pokemon things that came in packets of chips when I was small. I also watched the anime on occasion. I loved Piplup and Dawn in Diamond Pearl.
Around 2010, I watched a lot youtube speedpaints with cats and pokemon. I liked some of the cute pokemon.
When I was really into smosh my favorite videos where the ones related to pokemon and legend of Zelda.
At the end of 2013, I started getting really interested in pokemon and I watched the original anime in under a week. I started to talk about pokemon and he also started to get interested. I also watched a play through of pokemon xy up to the first gym.
Then in christmas 2013, my mom got me a 3DS XL with Pokemon Y and ever since I've been buying nintendo  games and stuff. But I usually get a game for my birthday and christmas and occasionally one or two extras during some vacations.

6. Am I talking about my favorite videogame too much?

7. How old are you?

8. Which one is your least favorite Nintendo game?
I dunno... Probably Super Mario Bros Deluxe because of the number of times I had to redo just the first level XD

9. Favorite artist on dA?
too many

10. Enjoy doing this?

11. I tag: no one

meme 3:


Coolest: Link, Samus and Red are pretty cool
Cutest: Kirby
Funniest: Link every time Ruto speaks to him XD
Scariest: none
Stupidest: Ruto
Weirdest: Kirby, what is he?


Coolest: Does the entirety of Ocarina of Time count? No... Maybe the battle against Master Hand and Crazy Hand and Master core.
Cutest: The beach in sun and moon with those little sea slug pokemon was so cute. I loved their sounds.
Funniest: playing Kirby Triple Deluxe as Dedede was funny
Hardest: Freaking Thabes Labyrinth. Just when I thought Fire Emblem was getting easy...
Scariest: none
Stupidest: This one level in Mario Maker 3DS its ugh...
Weirdest: Probably some Mario Level


Coolest: Too many. I guess beating the final boss in any game.
Cutest: Every moment that has Kirby in it
Funniest: I'm gonna have to go with the times when something really serious is happening and the MC just has a smile on their face
Scariest: The first time I went against Master Core in SSB4
Stupidest: Every time I pressed the wrong button but forgetting to save in Sun and quitting the game after playing the two first hours...
Weirdest: When Silver wanted to take the Team Rocket Costume off Gold or whatever you called your character


Coolest: Too many. Zelda theme. Song of storms. Gourmet race. Dedede's theme. Melee menu 2 (ssb4 version). Temple theme. Red champion theme. Blue champion theme. Cynthia theme and champion theme, recruitment theme from Fire Emblem VII, one of the themes in Kid Icarus (can't remember the name), Goddess Ballad, ID, Mystical Forest
Cutest: Pallet Town theme
Funniest: The song from the wario ware stage in Smash 4
Happiest: The legend of Zelda over world theme
Saddest: Lost in Thoughts alone once you know what happened to Azura.
Scariest: Lavender Town... Jk. None XD
Stupidest: A lot of Mario Themes
Weirdest: idk


Coolest: Anything the SSB announcer says
Cutest: Pikachu!
Funniest: Hya hya hya!
Scariest: Moans of increasing discomfort. That's creepy dude...
Stupidest: Hey, Link listen.
Weirdest: Yoshi's sound


Coolest: Giovanni is easily the most badass team leader
Cutest: Waddle dee
Funniest: Team Skull
Hardest: Whitney. I know she's not a villain but she massacres all your pokemon. Otherwise Berkut and Medusa.
Scariest: none
Stupidest: Team Flare
Weirdest: Bowser. Kidnapping doesn't work...
  • Listening to: Melee Menu ver. 2 (SSB4 ver)
  • Reading: Fanfics
  • Playing: Super Smash Bros


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