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♥︎I Love Drawing♥︎


[Redraw] References Jyll. by JyllHedgehog367 [Redraw] References Jyll. :iconjyllhedgehog367:JyllHedgehog367 18 2 Alex Witch by AlexRockCat Alex Witch :iconalexrockcat:AlexRockCat 74 1 Raven  Gaby by GabyMogaX Raven Gaby :icongabymogax:GabyMogaX 1 0 .:Red:. by SleepiiRosiie .:Red:. :iconsleepiirosiie:SleepiiRosiie 7 0 Alula the Porcupine by Toketsuu Alula the Porcupine :icontoketsuu:Toketsuu 314 33 Avin by gisellephants Avin :icongisellephants:gisellephants 83 14 yells on top of a mountain by Toketsuu yells on top of a mountain :icontoketsuu:Toketsuu 58 7 .g. Trixie by Toketsuu .g. Trixie :icontoketsuu:Toketsuu 62 6
Peeping Tomcat: Chapter 2 - Itch
“Will you stop fidgeting? You're making me tired just watching you.” Plagg sprawled out along the back of the white sofa in my bedroom. He theatrically yawned to accentuate his point.
“What are you talking about?” I spun in my computer chair a couple of rotations.
“That,” he grumbled, “you haven't sat still for more than ten minutes since dinner.”
“So I have energy to burn. I'm fourteen, what would you expect?” I put my feet up on my desk and pushed hard to jet myself over to my sofa. I then spun around and scooted back to my desk before pushing off again.
“This is more energy than I've ever seen you have. It's none of my business, but it is exhausting just watching you flit all over the place.”
“Don't be so dramatic.” I scooted back to my desk and began drumming against the glass top with my fingers. I got a good rhythm going and grabbed some pencils to really get into the beat. I grooved out for nearl
:iconlycorogue:LycoRogue 6 0
Peeping Tomcat: Chapter 1 - Mistake
She didn’t realize I watched her every night, and, frankly, I probably shouldn’t have.
I’m not entirely sure what it was about that particular night. Murphy’s Law was in full effect. Either that, or the glorious luck of the Black Cat.
I landed within my bedroom just as the last beep sounded, and the last neon-green pad vanished from my ring. Yellow energy sparked around me as the superhero costume of Chat Noir vanished; replaced by the civilian clothes I had on before. My ring spat out my kwami Plagg before returning to its silver color.
“So exhausting,” Plagg dramatically croaked as he spread out in my awaiting hand. The magical being roughly filled my palm, and resembled a black cat with a bulbous head that took up about half his body. His proportions always reminded me of the chibi designs used in anime. It made me wonder quite a few times if the originators of the chibi styling had ever seen a kwami, and got the design idea from them.
“If y
:iconlycorogue:LycoRogue 5 0
Peeping Tomcat: Chapter 7 - Confusion
“Adrikins, are you even listening?” Chloé demanded.
“The jeweler told you that your new custom brooch wasn't ready yet, even though you had already given him three days since placing the order. You wondered how he could blame the post for the delay,” I replied in a bored monotone.
“Oh, I should have known better,” she clung to my arm and nuzzled my shoulder, “of course you'd be listening to me. I mean, I am such a fascinating storyteller. How could I have doubted that you were hanging onto my every word?” She gave a harsh chuckle through her slightly groveled voice. She then fluffed the end of her blonde ponytail before flicking it behind herself.
“Yup,” I replied in the same monotone as before; leaning away from her grip on my arm.
Chloé was one of my oldest friends, and, especially after meeting Louise the day before, I tried to have faith that she was still the sweet girl I knew from when we were little. Ho
:iconlycorogue:LycoRogue 2 0
Peeping Tomcat: Chapter 14 - Announcement
“Welcome home, Adrien.” Nathalie greeted me at the main doors and escorted me into the dining room. A cheese platter garnished with red grapes rested on the corner of the table, next to a plate with a turkey and baby spinach sandwich. I hugged the bagged thermos Marinette gave me closer to my chest.
“Nathalie?” I was almost afraid to offer her the bag; afraid she'd just throw it away. “Could I have this heated up too?” I gingerly pulled out the thermos, and held it out for her to take. “My friends made it for me to help me recover from being sick yesterday. I would really like to have it for lunch.”
Nathalie remained tight-lipped and her posture perfect as she watched me. Her eyes studied me for a moment before she gave a simple, small nod.
“Alright, Adrien. Please get started on the rest of your meal while I have this warmed.”
“Thank you, Nathalie.”
She returned a few minutes later. Plagg had devoured a decent amo
:iconlycorogue:LycoRogue 2 0
Bastet by Yliade Bastet :iconyliade:Yliade 128 20 have a nice dream by carnivalphantasm have a nice dream :iconcarnivalphantasm:carnivalphantasm 86 8 write your way into her heart! by carnivalphantasm write your way into her heart! :iconcarnivalphantasm:carnivalphantasm 348 29 lusamine do not interact by carnivalphantasm lusamine do not interact :iconcarnivalphantasm:carnivalphantasm 91 3
Art I enjoy or Journals I can relate~♥︎



Nightmare (Friend's OC)
       My friend, Gaby, has this story he is making and this is my fav character. Why? Well he seems creepy and dark. His eyes are covered by bangs and he wears a sweater. I like those types of designs. 
100 deviations
139 deviations
When you make a story but realize a bunch of things might not make as much as you thought they would so now you have to change stuff and its harddd cuz you got block :,3
       I noticed that I haven't made a journal in a long while so I decides to make one and update on my life and some other things...

   So it's summer vacation, it's hotter than usual, the days are longer and the nights are shorter. Time to relax and have fun, right? I haven't done anything interesting yet, by interesting I mean going to a far away mall or going to a water park or a turist site, museum etc. I did go to a friend's birthday, which had a pool. It's weird cause I haven't gone to a friend's birthday party or to a pool in a long time, especially at the same time. I also helped out in my church's summer camp, by helping I mean helping them make crafts. Cutting stuff and gluing stuff... But really what I wanna do is see my friends, one of them hasn't been around lately (by that I mean he hasn't texted me in a while). I still have my other friends but I wanted to see him again and I'm not sure I will. Oh well...

 Anyway, apart from not doing much these days, you might've noticed or maybe I'm crazy but I feel like a lazy artist. I don't feel very motivated to draw digitally, I'm not saying I'll stop, but I noticed I take long breaks from it. I feel more likely to draw traditionally with a pencil and I don't even draw much on that either. I wanna change that though. Also, I haven't really talked much about my Sonic fc ideas. I have a COUPLE of characters I haven't talked about or posted at all. But I want to, so maybe I'll start posting sketches of ideas and such...

  I also feel that I've changed. I'm not as shy as I used to be, I feel like I'm more...loud? More open and social, but still...shy and quiet at times. But I feel more likely to talk to strangers, new people at a classroom mostly. But yeah, I think that's for the better.

If you read this, thank you. ^^

I hope you guys enjoy your summer vacation. 🌺

Have a nice day~


Victoriathehedghog's Profile Picture
Victoria Lorrainne
Puerto Rico
Hello there! My name is Victoria but you can call me Vicky, Viku, or Viko. ~


Me expreso mas rapido en inglés :,3


・Puertorriqueña 🇵🇷 :3
・16 year old girl female by DiegoVainilla
・Lately has become a very lazy artist / Se ha vuelto una artista vaga ✏️
・Redish and pinkish colors / colores rojizos y rosados pink heart by DiegoVainilla

・・・~ English Desc. ~・・・

Its obvious but...I mostly draw sonic fcs. Occasionally I draw other stuff, like random anime/cartoon/videogame characters or just things from my head. I like Steven Universe and Star VS The Forces Of Evil. I've watched little anime, I prefer manga, Tokyo Ghoul Re: is currently my fav. I like to play videogames like TLOZ , Sonic, and Pokemon, I'm not very good at it thou :,3 I like metal covers of songs but im not fond of screamo.

I spend most of my time watching gameplay videos from Youtubers like Markiplier, Game Grumps, John Wolfe, etc. Sometimes I look up mythology for inspiration for my fcs, I'm still working on their backstories, designs, and bios. I'm learning to play piano as a hobbie and I've been drawing since I've had memory. I'm a self taught artist, I've had little art classes and I need practice. I draw digitally on my iPad and I usually draw traditional art with an HB2 pencil.

If you read all this, thank you and I hope you enjoy my artwork. 🖤

・・・ ~Desc. en Español~ ・・・

Es algo obvio pero...lo mas que dibujo son fcs de sonic. De vez en cuando dibujo otras cosas, como personajes de anime/caricaturas/videojuegos o simplemente cosas originales de mi mente. Me gusta Steven Universe y Star Vs The Forces Of Evil. No he visto muchos animes, prefiero leer manga, ahora mismo Tokyo Ghoul: Re es mi favorito. Me gustan los videojuegos como TLOZ, Sonic y Pokemon, aunque no soy tan buena jugandolo :,3 Me gusta escuchar versiones metal de otras canciones pero no soy fan del screamo.

La mayoría del tiempo estoy viendo videos de videojuegos de Youtubers como Markiplier, Game Grumps, John Wolfe, etc. A veces leo cosas sobre mitología para inspirarme y desarrollar mis fcs, todavía estoy trabajando en sus pasados, diseños y biografías. Estoy aprendiendo a tocar el piano como pasatiempo y he estado dibujando desde que tengo memoria. Aprendí a dibujar sola, no he recibido muchas clases de arte y necesito practica. Los dibujos digitales los hago en mi iPad y usualmente mis dibujos tradicionales son hechos a lapiz HB2.

Si leiste todo esto, gracias y espero que te gusten mis dibujos. 🖤


I'm not usually the one who starts a conversation but don't be afraid to comment/note me. / Usualmente no soy la que comienza la conversación pero no tengan miedo de comentar o mandarme una nota. laptop pixel by svnoku


tick by DiegoVainilla Requests: Open
tick by DiegoVainilla Art Trades: Open

It's possible I'll have trouble drawing certain things like machinery, gore, and certain poses, but if you want that, I'll try my best.

Es posible que se me haga difícil dibujar ciertas cosas como maquinas, gore y algunas poses, pero si en verdad lo quieres, haré lo mejor que pueda.

pink x by DiegoVainilla I will not draw/No dibujare: Porno, nudes, yuri, yaoi, fetishes, and other stuff...

・・・ ~Stamps~ ・・・

700 - Sylveon by Marlenesstamps Shiny Sylveon by Marlenesstamps Creepy/Cute Stamp by heartsickdreams [STAMP] Christian by Chibie801 Shy Stamp by StampMakerLKJ Dark and Girly Stamp by StampMakerLKJ I love when people draw my characters stamp by Reiirin hibiscus stamp by eelteeth Ibis Paint user by 6-O-Hundred657 Kaneki Ken Stamp by Kijiree Yugi x Anzu stamp by ZorctheDemented STAMP: I Heart Coffee by zungzwang


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