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My name is Backgammon. My full star name is
Backgammon the Lost Sorcerer. This, is my story:

I was born in a small, poor village that was shrowded
with shadows cast by the large cliffs looming above it.
My mother was a gardener, and my father was a sorcerer
and an alchemist. They treated me with the greatest
kindness and care a parent could ever give. My mother
taught me how to befriend animals and my father taught me
the wonders of using dark elements for good. He also
taught me alchemy. My father and I were very close.

We all lived in a poor village. It wasn't easy as we
would sometimes go hungry. Despite that, my family and I,
along with everyone in our village, were thankful for
what we had. We all worked together as
villagers to live happily. I had many friends.
We were content.

Unfortunately, that all ended for me one faithful day.
It was a day like any other. I was about 15 years old at
the time. I went outside the village to collect alchemy
ingredients. I was on a high hill. The sky was cloudy
with no sun. Just the way I like it. Darknness gives me

Suddenly, I heard the sound of footsteps in the
distance. I looked around, and saw three bright figures
charging at me. Their skin was so bright and shiny, I
knew they were Virtues. I realized I was in danger.
I ran back towards my village to warn everyone.
I screamed loudly that Bestowers have come to take us,
but before I could reach them, I was grabbed by my throat
and knocked to the ground. I lost consciousness soon after.

Next thing I knew, I was being dragged. I was blindfolded, tied up,
and pushed through a small tunnel. I could hear people laughing in an unnatural
and insane way from far away. I screamed loudly for my unseen captors to
let me go, but they didn’t say anything. I only heard their footsteps. They made no
other sounds. It was very frightening. I felt as if they were possessed or
something. Suddenly, after asking why they were doing this, I was hit
on the back of my head, and knocked unconscious again.

I don’t remember much after that. I do not know why. All I know is that
I was in a battle against the Virtues. However, I ended up chained to the ceiling
by my hands, legs, and neck. I was blindfolded again, so I couldn’t see anything.

About ten minutes later, I managed to shake the blindfold loose. I saw I was in
Some sort of dungeon with chains, shackles, spikes, and stone walls stained
with blood and some green plant-like substance. Minutes after, a person with
a pale grey cloak and shiny, bright skin entered through the entrance tunnel.

He approached me slowly with a visibly angry look on his face. He then told me
I was to pay for the horrendous crimes I’ve committed. At first I didn’t know what he
meant, but after he hit me with a large whip a few times, I started to remember.

I fought back against my captors mindlessly with my vapor element.
In case you don’t know, the vapor element is a variation of the air element. It is
toxic, acidic, dark, and a has such a strong force it can blow a wooden house to dust.  
Without a weapon to focus my element, I caused a lot of damage.
I injured many of the Virtues. I realized they had tried to sacrifice
me to their Pure Guardian. I guess they decided to imprison me instead from
all the damage I caused to their death trap of a land.

For the damage and harm I caused, the hooded man told me I was being sentenced
to life in prison for defying their ways and harming their citizens.

I was tortured and held captive day in and day out along with the other
prisoners. I was also forced into harsh physical labor. Unlike the others,
though, I refused to give in to their cruelty.
I would not let my spirits die. As the days turned into months, and eventually
years, I never stopped dreaming of returning home to my village.

After 3 years of torture and labor. Something interesting happened.
A massive thunderstorm hit the Virtue Lands. This is very unusual as the
Virtue Lands never get severe weather because of their Pure Guardian.
Everyone started panicking throughout all the land. I decided to use the
confusion to escape. Unfortunately, I had to break free from my shackles.

I managed to bust off the shackles around my hands and feet, but the
one around my neck only had its chain snapped. I used my vapor element
to blow the panicked people out of my path. In the pounding rain and thunder
I ran for my life. All the while praying I would not be caught in any of the
flesh eating Pure Guardian traps.

I don’t know how, but I made it out of the Virtue Lands. I was so happy.
I knew now I was truly free, and I could go home to my village at last.

Sadly, when I got there, I was met with a heartbreaking surprise.

My village had been completely destroyed.

There was nobody around. I had no idea what happened. I then saw my house,
burned nearly beyond recognition. When I headed towards it I called out to my
mom and dad. I went inside, and found a sight I will painfully never forget.

My parents’ charred remains in the alchemy room. I was heartbroken beyond reason.
Everything I wished to return to, all my hopes I held onto while being imprisoned
in the Virtue Lands. They were all gone. I dropped to my knees and cried.
I didn’t know what to do.  

At one point I even considered taking my own life, but then something
unexpected happened. I heard, for just a second, a voice that said,

“No. Live.”

My crying stopped, as I looked off in the distance towards my parents’ corpses.
I felt a strange sensation in my eyes. Then I heard the voice again.

“No. Live. Please. Live.”

My eyes felt so moist, but I wasn’t crying. I didn’t know what
was happening. I then realized something important.
My parents, my friends, my villagers.
They all wanted me to live. They wanted me to live on.
To not give up. To be strong and survive through my will and courage.

I calmed down, and the sensation in my eyes grew stronger.
Then it suddenly stopped, and at that moment,
my eyesight suddenly became a lot stronger.
I could even see in the dark a little bit.
I didn’t know what happened, but at the time I didn’t put much thought in it.
When I looked at my father’s corpse again, though, something even
stranger happened. It was like my life passed before my eyes.
However, the visions were mostly that of my father.
Most shockingly, I realized I was seeing through his eyes.
I saw many incredible feats he had accomplished throughout his life.
Defeating powerful, dangerous foes, making amazing alchemy experiments,
taming and destroying wild beasts, casting spells upon his enemies to
save his loved ones.

The visions only lasted a few moments, then they stopped.
After that, my will to live came back stronger than ever.
I knew what I wanted to do. I knew what I wanted to do for
the rest of my life. I wanted to become a great,
powerful sorcerer. Just like my father.

It was then that I looked to the right of my father. His dark diamond staff was
pulsing with power. I felt a sudden desire to approach it, like it was drawing me towards it.
I slowly walked to it, then grabbed it firmly. I could feel its power coursing through my
body. Even more remarkably, it felt as if my will to live along with my misery, pain, and loneliness
was empowering the staff. I knew what was happening. I was bonding with my father’s magical
staff. I was about to become its wielder.

I allowed the negative emotions to be sucked into the magical weapon.
I figured it would be OK to turn them into power.
Eventually, the power simmered down, and gave a contented sigh.
I had done it. I had bonded with my father’s weapon.
Now I had the ultimate tool to focus and unleash me element.
Which, due to my new negative emotions, was transformed into the toxic,
destructive element of haze. I was now overflowing with an all new power, that
I swore on my life I would put to good use, and become a
sorcerer like my father before me.

Since then, I have traveled anywhere the wind took me.
I had no home, but earned respect throughout the lands for making
powerful alchemy potions, destroying dangerous beasts that threatened villages,
and defeating powerful foes that opposed me. People started to hire me to
destroy beasts that threatened the lands. I eventually became well known as an exterminator.

I didn’t want people to see me as only a beast slayer that is only good at fighting.
To give myself a better name, I decided to venture into the art of taming.
It was a tough process of first, so I started with creatures that were easy to gain trust from.
My skills continued to improve. Soon, I even ended up learning the effectiveness of sound.
With the right self-training, I developed the element of sound.

It was not long after learning the sound element that I sought out to tame a beast I’ve always desired.
An obsidian eagle. A rare, powerful species of predatory bird that lived in forests near volcanic mountain regions. I made my way to a possible location where they might be, and
I soon found an obsidian eagle being attacked by two others. Worried for the young bird, I
drove away the other eagles. The bird was badly injured. I quickly took him to my current hideout.
Over the next few weeks, I slowly nursed the eagle back to health. He seemed to
really begin to trust me. While he was healing I attempted to train him with
simple commands such as “come,” “fly,” or “scream.”

Eventually, the eagle fully healed, and it wasn’t until then that I decided to name him, Screechar.
Since then, Screechar has been a loyal companion, friend, and partner. He is able to
understand what I say, and willingly follows every command I give him. It is enjoyable
to talk to him as he always listens. I feel he does.

He and I have continued to travel the continent of Niaros in a never ending quest.
We continue to live our lives with willpower, courage, and
a desire to become strong and proud.

I’ve been very happy with my life. I am motivated to live with the thought of being
a sorcerer that would make my father proud. I have been doing very well.

However, recently, I have met an opponent that was too strong to defeat.
A naturman with the earth element named Chess the Iron Horn.
His power was incredible. Unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

He seems to have a strong sense of willpower and pride.

I will have to keep a close eye on him.
I'm really excited about Backgammon's first animation.

I decided to write his backstory. Told by himself. 

Hope you think it's good. 
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