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Tear, the capital of Great House Dres

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Well, My Atoxar Dres and his flying pet =)
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'whoa bro ok chill ;-;'

that's what I imagined before reading the desc XD
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X3 I think of weird things lmao
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I love the wall decorations !
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Have you played with the mod Atvir Dres, Last Prince of Tear?…? This is the updated version:…?

I think you'd like it.
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No, I don't like Skyrim =)
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You gotta admit, that Great House has some kickass pets, even if they look so creepy from such close range as this Dres bug (?).
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this is awesome!
I wonder what Tear looks like circle 4E 201...
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Everything south of Vardenfell is rebuilding or in ruins thanks to 1. Oblivion crisis that totally wrecked them, 2. the red year that had Vardenfell explode and send ash and heat waves all over the surrounding areas, and 3. the Argonian invasion in revenge of thousands of years of slavery and to free their brethren.
So a little worse for ware? :)

In any case, I think that we could possibly see Tear be featured in a game set in Black Marsh. Looking at ESO's rumored future DLC, Thornmarsh is a zone encompassing the Dres District and the Black Marsh settlement of Tear. It will likely include the Clockwork City as well. Since nine cities seems to be the current standard, and one of the more interesting elements of Black Marsh is the Argonians' relationship with the Dunmer and the abolished (for now) slave trade, and that the border is somewhat blurry due to number three is your list of events, I could definitely see it being included. Perhaps a power struggle between House Dres and Argonian settlers for control of Tear? Things like the Morag Tong or even the upstart House Sadras could also make some appearance if that were the case.
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Friggin gorgeous!
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All I can say if you've improved a lot. :) 
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Awesome! Fantastic job.
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Oooh, now I headcanon that dunmeri have lots of bug-like pets and cattle
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Wile most head canons are absurd, you are right. Dunmer live and breed bug and other other-worldly looking beasts and make armor out of their Chitin.
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Holy sodding cow. o_o
I'm absolutely in love with this. I literally have no words.
Awesome work!
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Eh wait you drew this detailed column, eyes of this pet and all background ?! (how many time.... x_x ?)
Great work Victoria :clap:
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A very awesome picture.
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