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This is wonderful!
MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Happy 
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very nice artwork of sparklebutt. :)
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Sympa :)

on dirait que t'essaye de changer de style au niveau des tête (ou bien tu l'as fais plus alicorne)

par contre t'aurais franchement pu te défoncer un peu plus pour le shading des ailes, pour qu'il soit un peu plus détaillé.

Ensuite sa pate gauche (celle qui tend vers la CM) le shading a l'épaule laisse pensé bah qu'elle est déboité, genre trop vers le torse.

Franchement tu peux grave amélioré le shading ;)
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mais j'aime pas les ailes aaaaaaaah D:
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The trait of magic is the most prominent and versatile to possess in our world, but the most difficult to truly comprehend.
Magic itself is described as "beyond explanation", a paradox of strength in a mystery.
To the outsider, magic is a 
tremendous influence that can blow holes through mountains or turn birds into fruits.
But it is a completely different 
beast to the one who wields it.
Magic isn't at all about what it does to the world, but instead has everything to do with where it 
comes from.
It comes from within. And that's what makes it so important.

Magic is dazzling to witness, but it is a lifetime of study.
The true magic is the unseen energy of raw thought, and making one's thought transcend to reality.
It's this power that forms a special bond between others. A bond that lasts for all eternity.

But when such potential is provided for someone completely unaware of its existence, what is he expected to do upon discovering it?
Benefit himself? Protect others? Question its purpose?
The number of possibilities will vary, depending on who receives that power, or whether that person truly needs it.

But magic alone cannot bring out one's true self. At least, not entirely.
The unraveling of one's fate and destiny can occur through any shape, form, or choice. From a simple act of kindness to a decision that can unite or save millions.
Through emotion, we are driven to make these decisions for ourselves. Even the smallest urges will persuade us to take our biggest steps.

All it takes is a little faith...

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