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Muin v2

Muin v2

Second winamp skin. This version has many new features including Drawer, 7 ColorThemes and Video Window. You can download Muin v1 here.

Don't forget to comment and fav if you like this. Thanks!

Just extract the archive and install!


Visual Style (XP) --- made by lassekongo83
Visual Style (Vista) --- ported by sweatyfish
Launchy skin --- made by x-spirit

Stay tuned! New skins are coming soon!

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Printer Driver


Zone Driver
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I totally agree with witblitz! I love it, I use it and it rocks!
Thx for sharing!
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This is hands-down the best WinAmp skin in existence. I don't care what anybody says.
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Adore it. ♥ 1000 thanks for it.
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veeeeery nice!
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Excellent. Clean no-nonsense interface with a big display for song title and artist, no more endlessly scrolling titles.
As far as drawbacks go, not many. Maybe I'd like an undockable cover art window, since it's part of the playlist window there's a lot of space wasted if you want to have the playlist nice and long.
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am using this for a long long time! Just formated my system and now--> winampskin? of course this one :) The best :)!
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how do i download it?
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find the download button in the upper-right side of the page.
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my new favorite skin - ever! just what I've always been looking for. THANKS!
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Thanks alot! Hope you enjoy it.

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Best skin ever made! FAV :)
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FANTASTIC!!! (Best Modern Skin so far) :devart:
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hey man, you've got a feature here [link]
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Having a small issue. It seems the text goes multi-coloured for some reason after install.

Any idea why?

Also, great skin, it's pretty much perfect.
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On my machine works fine. Please send a screenshot on my e-mail address.
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That's odd..

It's working fine now. I just installed the cpro plug-in yesterday, turn on the PC today and it's fine now.

Ah well, I'm not complaining!
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Love it! One question though, how do I change album covers if it is displaying the wrong one in the "Playlist Editor"?
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Right-click the file in playlist window, go to View file info..., then click on the Artwork tab.
You can load covers from your computer or download it.

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