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Muin v2



Muin v2

Second winamp skin. This version has many new features including Drawer, 7 ColorThemes and Video Window. You can download Muin v1 here.

Don't forget to comment and fav if you like this. Thanks!

Just extract the archive and install!


Visual Style (XP) --- made by lassekongo83
Visual Style (Vista) --- ported by sweatyfish
Launchy skin --- made by x-spirit

Stay tuned! New skins are coming soon!

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If I may, some minor feature improvements for v3 if ever you get around to making it:

1). Tiny 'lights' on buttons when pressed or activated on.

2). Multiple versions on the skin each with sub colours to compliment the main, dark grey theme (VERY nice as it is though, so good) such as gold, blues, subdued red, rich orange, white, subtle green etc. All proportionately and sparsely used so as not to overwhelm the dark grey theme. *EDIT* - I just had an idea,. maybe, just maybe, you could include a R,G,B colour input field so users could make the visualiser display and Media Library text area have custom colours? E.g. Right now, My Rainmeter desktop and wallpaper is 210,160,15 (a rich warm yellow colour).

3). You have a tiny amount of 'magic pink' visible along the extreme bottom edge of the Media Library.

4). A thin player (by a separate button) for placing at the top or bottom of our screens so it's available but neatly tucked out of the way.

Love the skin - looks very good!! :heart: