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Ryu Vs Sagat

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This looks amazing!

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good lighting effects
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This is so effing cool!!!
I love how it looks like how Ryu is depicted sometimes, showing off his evil side, but it's just some scleral hemorrhaging.
Nice battle damage and a great Ryu regardless.

I would love to see a storyline where Ryu travels to find out the whereabouts of Sagat and what became of him.
Probably striking out on his own (not likely but cool eh?).
This is where I imagine this image takes place but it's probably just IV continuity with better looks.
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I love that he has battle damage.
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Great job! The lighting came out great :D
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Bonnie is a Boss (Chat Icon)

Ryu at his best!!!!
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Very cool and unique
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Awesome and clever. Was this done in photoshop? Did you make your own brushes?
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He really does kick ass in smash if you know how to use him~ xDD
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This is pretty cool! Not in the fandom, but very realistic. I like it. :)
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You gonna do Chun Li soon?
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Amazing, clever way to add Sagat too. :)
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I was about to ask, "Where's Sagat" then I realized you cleverly used his massive silhouette for some awesome lighting on Ryu! Gives the feeling of an underdog fight. Ryu seems to already have a shiner but he's squaring up.
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