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That is a strong one :-) I love Chun-Li ^^

I want to ask in a humble way, if I could
- print and
- recolor this artwork (with credit to the artist) to learn more and do my actual best to do justice to your artwork and the scenery?

You can see some examples in my own 'gallery'.

Best wishes
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Great art that reminds me that ^^

Cammy vs. Chun-Li - 014 by Musclelicker
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Instant masterpieces!
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Looks like she didn't skip out on Leg Day..
Squat squat squat <3 
dagame2578's avatar
Nice the original Boss Girl of fitness
ChanelAthena's avatar
Yo those musclesss 
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LOL appropriate avatar image for that comment.
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Wow.   This is fantastic.  The brevity of the brush strokes give her this great combination of motion and mass.  Also the shadows across her back and her butt, despite their simplicity, really make those muscles clear.  And then of course her face in the mirror is just so damn tough.
This is too cool.
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....and THATS how you become the Queen of StreetFigheters!  Work it!  Work it!  Work it!  Great artwork!
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Yeah, that's badass :D
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Oh man
Awesome work, this looks great!
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I love the utter simplicity of the picture, the brush strokes seem quick and geometrical throughout most of it, but the details are in the areas that truly count, like Chun Li's face in the reflection. Wonderful work!
VesaiasTheValiant's avatar
A-ha, so this is what Chun Li has been doing. Who to thunk it? :) (Smile) 
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well damn. didn't know chun li did cross fit lol all them squats that's why where she got dem thighs XD
gabrielwillames's avatar
no pain no gain haha
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Gotta work those weapons into shape! :D
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