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Steinmen Woods Recon
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Published: November 8, 2009
2007:Investigation team discovered twenty-two bodies of both genders and various ages impaled on broken tree branches in a radiating circle pattern with chest mutilation as often noted with Slender Man. Upon confirmation, lead investigator ********* called for an immediate evacuation of investigation team at 1700 hours. Bodies first discovered at 1100 hours. Deadline for safe evacuation of team with only viewed physical evidence of Slender Man approximately 1730. Lost contact of team at 1725. Safety procedures fell well within established protocols. Reason for abnormality is unknown. Second team recovered camera equipment one week later. Slender Man safety procedures require this incident's physical photographic evidence to be disposed of by no later than 10/20.

I honestly don't get what half this shit means. I'm done with this Slender Man stuff. It's starting to make me uneasy. It's like reading the GBS ghost story threads before I go to bed. Why do I have to look at this stuff while it's super late?

Luckily my friend is coming over.
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KeVinTGKStudent Artist
slendy wud u duin there
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So The artist afraids of the mademyth Himself created ?!

Looks like Frankenstein is out for his doctor... Grab popcorn...

This İs going to be real fun :)
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matthew122521Hobbyist Digital Artist
I saw slendy
sluggernaught's avatar
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i wanna meet him though .
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iStealUrCandyStudent Traditional Artist
ohhhh i see him this time xD
redman217's avatar
Realy spooky pic victor. Nice job
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ShadowTheHedgehogX13Hobbyist Photographer
he... is... FLYING! *W* xD
AnonWesker's avatar
oh dear god...... Slenderman can fly now? now he is unstoppable
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I don't think he's flying here. Pretty sure he's being held up and walking on his long tentacular appendages that protrude from his back, like he's Doc Ock.
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Victor. Did you shoot this photo and if not, could you provide a resource? Thanks, CO2P
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Shot it and then manipulated it, I assume.
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Angel62599Professional Writer
Do yuo know if this pic is real?
Sidwreck's avatar
Dude. Of course it's not. The photo maybe. The extra-dimensional being in the background? Read up on Slenderman. You're already on the internet.
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NettleheartHobbyist General Artist
The idiot. It hurts. _-_
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FoxfireflamesHobbyist General Artist
I *love* things like this. I think that I am screwing myself over with the whole if-you-think-about-him-hes-real crap though. Good luck sleeping everyone! :)
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See, this is why you ARM your investigation teams and train them tactically for Slender Man situations. And NEVER get separated from the group.
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How do you train for Slender Man situations?
DolphinSilverwolf's avatar
MP5's, smartphones, and IR goggles.  Always keep distance from the target.  Move in pairs or squads.
Aqua311's avatar
We don't know if the Slender Man gives off a heat signature, so IR goggles might not be that effective.

And keep distance from the target? He can teleport wherever he wants so trying to avoid him isn't easy.

I agree that it's best to stick together.

What's an MP5? A machine gun? Bullets don't do squat.
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Has anyone ever TRIED shooting him?
Aqua311's avatar
Right here:…

Skip to 8:43 if you want to get to the part in question.
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stealing-Hidans-tofuHobbyist Traditional Artist
Its two in the morning. . . My door is open. . . . And I swear to god I just heard a noise. . . .
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