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So.....are you the one who created this guy? Or are you simply a fan?
latteTheKxkichiKin's avatar
I think they're the creator.
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It´s Creepy and funny
ThedeadMockingbird's avatar
So creepy and awesome!!!!!
YukariMegpoid's avatar
This ''Slenderman'' is more creepy than the actual :T 
r9specter528's avatar
Technically, it means that this is the "actual" Slenderman.
rockerapegasister's avatar
Omg! this is amazing, i love slenderman <3
werslon's avatar
the first Slender Man is more terrifying than the actual one scared.... &quot;the 2nd&quot;
kittyocat's avatar
nice to meet you to slendy cx
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I saw this in a book called Slenderman: From Fiction to Fact by Robin Swope
AnonWesker's avatar
yeah, Slenderman is often thought to be a tulpa now
AnonWesker's avatar
Slendy will always be best creepypasta
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Asuka: *says something incoherent to Akira*
Akira: HWA HWA HWA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
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bs. so freddie kuger. wow!
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it looks like if he is saying: "LOOK AT THAT SHIT GO!" D:
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It is impossible that there is such a man
noobyzgir350's avatar
this creeps me out! GOOD WORK! NOTHING CREEPS ME OUT!
createjc's avatar
Epic Photoshop work.

Yeah, its Photshoped, kinda clear to see.
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Officially cant sleep.
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